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  1. 5 littlepiggies

    Fleece snow days and a sewing machine.

    As a brand new sewer I can say it is fun. I'm just startng to learn to sew semi strait. I will pics soon I just cleaned the cage and put my new stuff in already couldn't wait.
  2. 5 littlepiggies

    Fleece snow days and a sewing machine.

    The snow.daysbhave given me some good extra time. I managed to make it work for me. I was able to sew 4 pads and one tunnel. I'm ready for more... I even think I'm getting better at it. I love fleece its so fun.
  3. 5 littlepiggies

    Connectors Gifting one lucky person.

    Ok, nevermind. No one is interested.
  4. 5 littlepiggies

    Connectors Gifting one lucky person.

    Ok, so I just read a thread with someone asking where they could find connectors. I emediatly though I have some. So I'm trying somthing new. I would like to gift someone who is new toc&c cages and needs conectors. I have a good sized bag with extras in it to pay it forward so to speek. I...
  5. 5 littlepiggies

    Cleaning What kind of laundry detergent does everyone like?

    I use what ever I pick up, usually the cheapes at that time. I throw in a cup of viniger and dry when done. Some times I run another rinse cycle. I been thinking of using dreft we used that on our kids cloths when they were babies and I tell nothing had a chance when that was used. Korey
  6. 5 littlepiggies

    helloo (:

    Hey Lucy Welcome! You will learn a lot here. I like your piggies names. Fleece is so easy to transition to not to mention cheaper. My favorite thing about fleece is all the colors. Plus now that I have a sewing machine I keep coming up with projects. Right now i just make pee pads and dable with...
  7. 5 littlepiggies

    Liners Made a cage liner!

    Good job. Looks piggerific.
  8. 5 littlepiggies

    Liners made some fun stuff.

    HI i like the ha bag i made one too out of my sons old pj pants. yeah they like to sneek in and hide amongst all the hey pretty cute but i get worried that the piggy will pee and poop on alll the good hey. but its so cutee.
  9. 5 littlepiggies

    Fleece fleece sale

    Good evening peeps, Thought u folks in the sothern stateswould like to know that Food Lion hasfleece throws on sale for 1.50$ good buy for solids. Anywho, korey.
  10. 5 littlepiggies

    General For apt people, how many guinea pigs?

    We have five piggees and I store my stuff under the cage in a stand made of gids. Plus I store things in bins under my couch.
  11. 5 littlepiggies

    Hey!!! :)

    Welcome to the group. Sit stay and pick the brains of these long time experianced pig masters.
  12. 5 littlepiggies

    Hello from newbie

    Welcome to the forum. You should check out some of the prenancy threads so u know what to expect. I'm sorry your in such a perdicament. Read much and be a very informed cavy slave.
  13. 5 littlepiggies

    Hay hay get out of there.

    I made a hay rack out of grid. I made the v shaped one. The piggies thaought it was so cool. In fact they seem to think it makes a resting spot. Ugggg. How can ikeep them out of it? Silly pigs they do look cute.
  14. 5 littlepiggies

    Liners made some fun stuff.

    I got a sewing machine from a thrift store last week for 14.95. The only thing it needed was a bobbin case. Done easy day. So I draged it out yesterday and faced my fear of sucking really bad. Yep it took me for ever to thred it and wind a bobbin but I finaly got it. Thank you youtube. I tried...
  15. 5 littlepiggies

    Liners made some fun stuff.

    I used hemming web. Basicaly I ironed them together. It takes a while and u need to make sure tthat its holding very well befor washing again. Now that I have a sewing machine I just may be using that nexy time.
  16. 5 littlepiggies

    Hello. New here :)

    Welcome to club.this is by far the best place on the web to be. You will learn a lot. Glad tohave u around. Korey
  17. 5 littlepiggies

    Joy Updates on new cage and bigger herd! And Questions!

    I have two 4 month old sowa with two 1yr to 2 yr old sows and they get along well. It will take a little time for them to sort out the herd dnamics but as long as long as there is no blood shedd they figure it out. There is the acasonal ruble struting but no teeth chatering or anything more...
  18. 5 littlepiggies

    Cage Buying a c&c cage?

    +1 with traysea. The other place you can check for grids is sears or bed bath and beyond . Sears has a six cube set for 21.99 and bb&b has four for 19.99 plus two extra shelves that I used for bunk beds. It realy is up to you which way you go if it's only a bottom ur after go wth a coraplast...
  19. 5 littlepiggies

    General read mep

    I was woundering if there was a good book out there about piggies. I have a fav site that I liketo buy my books from. So if you have one that is upbto date and in line with our practices pleaselet me know. Btw the sight is abebooks.com . If you all ever need a good place to get books.
  20. 5 littlepiggies

    Liners made some fun stuff.

    I agree apparently it wasn't wicked right as my bride found out. I guess its time for a couple morewashes.