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  1. LauraBean

    Parasites Black Bugs On Coro and Bedding

    Sunday is cage cleaning day at my house. It's usually very uneventful. Strip and wash blankets, wipe coro, replace blankets. Today was a whole different story. While rolling up the fleece and padding, I noticed tiny black bugs crawling and jumping on the random bits of poo that had gotten...
  2. LauraBean


    Welcome! Best of luck with the impending birth. Nice to see an NC local. I'm originally from Wallburg :). Let me know if you need help locating sources for cage materials, vet, etc.
  3. LauraBean

    Hay sweetmeadow brand hay?

    I just got a shipment of it earlier today. I'm accustomed to KM's, but the thought we'd try Sweet Meadow, since it's closer. We got the Guinea Pig Grab. It consists of three sacks of timothy, two of meadow, and ten pounds of pellets. The hay does have a fair few brown pieces in it, but for the...
  4. LauraBean

    Neutering/Spaying Post Neuter Intros

    My Bubba was neutered on Feb. 9. By the next day, he was back to his usual self... popcorning to amazing heights, killing his salad, trying to get through the ceiling of his cage, which is the floor of the bottom level of the girls cage! Getting through is next to impossible, but he doesn't...
  5. LauraBean

    Anyone in Tennessee?

    I'm not in TN, but I'm not too far away in central NC! I've actually been to Knoxville before :)
  6. LauraBean

    Need another Male piggy in NC

    He adores the ones we have, especially our PEW, Mary. I took in three CL pigs to foster earlier in the year( two were pregnant, all three were lice-y), and he just remembers the astronomical costs for the vet, veggies, etc. That's his big beef. I'm glad I am! Just think of that little fluffer...
  7. LauraBean

    Need another Male piggy in NC

    His coloring is awesome! i've seen cream pigs before, but nothing quite like that guy. I wonder what it would be like to pet him? That cage was terribly small. I think it would even be too small for rats. There's some cool modified C&C's in the gallery for rats though. The poor little guy...
  8. LauraBean

    Need another Male piggy in NC

    i think he's beautiful! I don't believe I've ever seen a Satin before. His story is terribly sad too. I didn't realize that Satin's can have so many extra health issues, so that's something to consider too. Personally, I always lean toward adopting CL piggies (all four of mine are from there)...
  9. LauraBean

    Need another Male piggy in NC

    I just looked on CL, and there's a fluffy male for adoption in Burlington. There's also a very reputable rescue in Morrisville called All Creatures Rescue and Sanctuary. Another member here has adopted from them several times. I've also heard nice things about Carolina Pet Rescue in Durham...
  10. Spiffy Cage

    Spiffy Cage

    Here is my current cage. It was originally to be a four level cage, but the basement has been sectioned off into a "bachelor's apartment" for Bubba until he can be neutered. Mary, Yvonne, and Thea share the top three levels. I didn't use traditional ramps, but took the idea of bunkbeds and
  11. LauraBean

    Problems signing on - HELP

    I'm afraid I can't help you, but the same thing happened to me when I tried to upload pictures from my mother's computer a few days ago. Really wanted to share those pics! :( Hopefully it's something simple that we can fix once we know what's going on!
  12. LauraBean

    Our first piggies!

    Welcome, and congrats on the new piggies! It's always fun to see people here so close to me!:)
  13. LauraBean

    Fleece K-Mart One Day Sale On Fleece Blankets

    I was looking in the K-Mart sales paper today, and saw that they are having a Thanksgiving Day Sale! Among the deals are Cannon fleece blankets for $1.99 each! They come in assorted patterns and colors. I've been using a set of these for about two months, and can speak highly of them. They are...
  14. LauraBean

    Any red flags in this ad?

    I actually E-Mailed this lady a week or so ago to ask about any potential homes she might know of for my four foster sows. I never heard back from her, but her ad gave me a good vibe, if that makes any sense. I would ask to come see her pets, just to check and see if they are truly as well cared...
  15. LauraBean

    Would you adopt from these people?

    I just wanted to add that they refuse to allow potential "clients" or adopters to come to their home, which is where they have their rabbitry/rescue. They prefer to meet them in a public place. This would be perfectly fine if they were trying to sell a purse, but seems very fishy when live...
  16. LauraBean

    Would you adopt from these people?

    I've seen their CL ad before. They seem extremely sketchy....breeder and rescuer are two terms that don't really seem to go together. I wouldn't adopt from them. I would bet anything that they use the so called "rescued" animals for more breeding.
  17. LauraBean

    Hello from Western NC

    Welcome! I always like seeing fellow North Carolinians here! This really is the best place to go for anything you could ever want to know about caring for guinea pigs. Your piggy is so handsome! I adore that long hair. How do you resist the temptation to put bows in it? :D
  18. LauraBean

    Two Adult Females, Three Babies To Rehome In NC

    Around two months ago, I decided to adopt a fourth piggy. I searched CL, found the perfect piggy! Long story short, I went to pick her up, and left with three sows, two of whom were pregnant. One, Deirdre, has long since delivered, and her babies have been rehomed. Heather's babies will be...
  19. LauraBean

    Sooner then 21 days?

    I second cfoster... I would think that as long as they're eating and drinking from the water bottle, it should be fine. It's better to be safe than sorry!
  20. LauraBean

    Fun time for the pups!

    Awww!!! Looks like those piggies are having such fun! I bet your Little Man is really good with them! It's amazing how much info those little boogers(meaning children!) soak up, isn't it? My son, who's two and a half, likes to help with the pigs too. He's constantly bringing me the little broom...