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  1. allycat

    Photos What does your piggie look like

    My little easter bunny
  2. allycat

    Urine White Urine.

    here is a great website that may help you wtih some more info. http://www.guinealynx.info/normal.html#urine
  3. allycat

    Tell Me about your Piggies!

    My piggy is Nala and she is two years old. She is a rescue from the ontario SPCA that i got last July. I went to get a cat and came out with her as well because she was just too sweet to leave there. Her favorite food is green peppers and will got nuts for carrots when she get's them for at...
  4. The Easter Bunny

    The Easter Bunny

  5. allycat

    Sick White solid peed out

    Is it a mucus plug maybe?
  6. allycat

    Pellets Pellets for sale in Canada, what are good options other than Oxbow?

    when I got my piggy from the shelter and she was on the martin mills. She had major bladder sludge and I switched her to the oxbow. She also poops better on the oxbow. So needless to say my vote is for the oxbow by far. I now how a healthier and happier pig. We are limited in Canada. To make up...
  7. allycat

    What are the noises my ginny makes?

    My pig makes the same noise. Usually when she is stretched out on me and relaxed so i am going to say it is because she is happy. If not then my piggy is never happy on me.
  8. allycat

    Treats Which Oxbow ones are safe for GPs?

    I use the oxbow dried strawberries as a treat but only occassionally like after a nail clipping
  9. allycat

    Pellets how to switch to better pellets and have her accept them

    we have success! She is now eating scarfing them down like no tomorrow. So cold turkey was the way to go. I am happy she is off that other crap! Of course she still gets lots of fresh veggies twice a day and unlimited hay
  10. allycat

    How do you talk to your Pigs?

    I am guilty of using a baby voice and dragging out my syllables like hiiiiii naaaalaaaa who is a gooood girl.
  11. allycat

    Adopting Spent all day waiting to get two guinea pigs......

    Names what about molly and maya
  12. allycat

    New to guinea pigs, learning quickly, need help

    my tip to you as a newbie myself is use the search button and type in a keyword ie. types of hay. You will get past posts with awesome info!
  13. allycat

    Pellets how to switch to better pellets and have her accept them

    thanks for all the tips. Started her cold turkey today. I will see how it goes
  14. allycat

    Pellets how to switch to better pellets and have her accept them

    Very good point kim37040. I thought about switching her cold turkey and maybe will try that.
  15. nala


    Miss Nala
  16. allycat

    Pellets how to switch to better pellets and have her accept them

    I have rescue who was on Martin's Guinea Pig pellets. I know those are garbage and got some Oxbow Essentials Adult Guineg Pig pellets. I started the oxobw 3 days ago and have followed the directions have mixing a 1/4 new food wtih 3/4 current food (to make up a total of 1/8 cup). She is not...
  17. allycat

    Sounds Is she happy/mad or is something wrong?

    my girl does this now and then and have put it down to her being in heat.
  18. allycat

    Popcorning my piggy has started to popcorn!

    I was sooo happy yesterday! i have had my guinea pig since july. She is a rescue from my local SPCA and was over a year old when I got her. She was in an environment where she was constantly bred and in a very small cage. Usually when I let her out to exercise in a nice large area wtih tunnels...
  19. allycat

    Sick Large Poops?

    have you checked her bottom to see if there is some fecal matter stuck in the anus? I saw somehwere a video on how to help guinea pigs who are impacted but think this was more for males
  20. allycat

    General Bathing and brushing hurts (literally)

    There are things we do with humans to help desensitize scars. not sure if it would work on guinea pigs but here is a link with some info Patient instructions desensitization