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  1. bunnyguinea21

    Comment by 'bunnyguinea21' in media 'pen area'

    Thank you :D
  2. bunnyguinea21

    Rabbits How do I help this person to understand that guinea pigs and rabbits/bunnies.........

    I went in the petstore here in town and they had housed 2 guinea pigs with a rabbit and everytime I've went in there, they have a different rabbit in there. I think that was their way of trying to sell the guinea pig. You know, showing that they can house together. I'm in the middle of a...
  3. bunnyguinea21

    Rabbits Rabbits vs. Guinea Pigs...comparing the two pets

    I like the fact that Rabbits can litter train, although there was a litter under my GP's hay, food and water, so a lot of the poop went into the litter. Guinea pigs definately bond fast with you and eachother. They are both adorable when they are happy (binky and popcorn) The Neuter/Spay thing...
  4. bunnyguinea21

    Rabbits cage size limited space

    Ok thank you.
  5. bunnyguinea21

    Rabbits cage size limited space

    Ok, it doesn't get too hot where I'm moving. It does rain a lot, I understand Rabbit don't like to get wet. Maybe I can get a canopy of some sort. I'll try my best to get them out as much as I can for floor time. We're staying with family for a few weeks, so I hope to make them as comfortable as...
  6. bunnyguinea21

    Rabbits cage size limited space

    Hello, I have 2 bunnies and will be moving to a home with VERY limited space. It will only be a few weeks. I know I can build up! How small is WAAAAAY too small. I'll be tending to them all day everyday until we get into our new home. I'm looking for a home to accomodate them as best I can...
  7. bunnyguinea21

    Blog Moving

    awwwww thank you so much :) it's hard but exciting.
  8. bunnyguinea21

    Comment by 'bunnyguinea21' in media 'Two-story c&c cage, three cages total'

    Wow! I love it :D Very nice and doesn't look crazy cluttered. Lucky piggies!
  9. bunnyguinea21

    Blog Moving

    I'm moving in a few days and it's kind of a big move. I'm taking a break from sorting all my things for a Moving Sale. OMG! What a job and a half. I really am fine with selling my stuff for cheap, only because I love starting over. I'm scared but I think it's going to be a good move. I have a...
  10. bunnyguinea21

    Rabbits bonding rabbits

    Wow! I think they'll do great :) Congrats on the new bonded pair :)
  11. bunnyguinea21

    Blog My Wild household!

    I have two that are very different as well. They are both the same age too. Once is very social and will go crazy when she knows she'll be fed and the other will hide away as well. I would just keep doing what you are doing. Depends on how long you've had them as well. If you've just got them...
  12. Bunnies' cage.

    Bunnies' cage.

    Happy is on top and Fluffy is on the bottem.
  13. bunnyguinea21

    Rabbits bonding rabbits

    I am a little worried about putting them in together only after one bunny date. They do good on neutral territory. You might want to wait at least one more. It's just my suggestion. Mine did great their first bunny date but the older one was shooing the younger one away from everything she was...
  14. bunnyguinea21

    Rabbits bonding rabbits

    Sounds like they did great. It's a good thing they are both spayed. It would help if there is two of everything too, of course the vinager, a few new things and of course monitered. I've tried to bond but held off until they are both spayed. Mine are still babies (under a year). I hope it all...
  15. bunnyguinea21

    Comment by 'bunnyguinea21' in media 'My Piggy Carrier'

    I love this idea, I came on here trying to find this and then couldn't use it because it was a carrier for my bunny at that moment. But I'm sure I'll use this idea for my piggies when I need a carrier. :)
  16. bunnyguinea21

    2 girls on Vancouver Island B.C.

    Ok, thank you so much. Someone said not to.. DARN petstore.. They said we shouldn't do that (they don't recommend it), it would be way to hard on them. That makes me mad. Ok, it would be harder on them to get used of a new home. :) Thank you all for making this so much easier one me. Me and my...
  17. bunnyguinea21

    2 girls on Vancouver Island B.C.

    Their names are Gizmo and Hammy. I love them dearly. I would love to take them but I'm not sure how they would be for the 24 hour drive. Not including the ferry ride. I live close to Victoria B.C. I would love to see them go to a loving home.
  18. bunnyguinea21

    2 girls on Vancouver Island B.C.

    This is really really hard for me to do. I've only had my girls since February and I'm torn. I'm moving and the trip is 24 hours long. I'm not sure if my guinea pigs and bunnies can make the trip. I was going to take my bunnies, but I'm afraid it would be too stressful for them as well. :sad...