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  1. mamattorney

    Eyes/Non-crusty Losing Fur around one eye - no other symptoms

    I haven't posted in awhile - mostly just lurk and learn from others, but now I have an issue where I could use some help. Marshmallow is losing fur around one eye. Other than this she is acting completely normal - eating, drinking, pooping. Here eye is not at all crusty and she has not lost...
  2. mamattorney

    Mites Please Confirm my Mite Treatment Plan

    Lily is showing signs of mites: I bought ivermectin pour on and have a needleless syringe I confirmed the current weight of my pigs: Lily - 1.261kg *.2 = .2522 ivermectin Marshmallow - 1.251kg *.2 = .2505 ivermectin I give this dose once a week for three weeks and I clean the cage with...
  3. mamattorney

    Fleece Does Fleece and/or U-Haul Pads have a "life expectancy"?

    I've used the same four fleece liners for about 16 months (rotated every two days). I've stripped them several times (every few months), but despite not having a smell when they come out of the washer, for the past month or so they seem to smell by the second day. Is there a point where fleece...
  4. mamattorney

    General Smelly Fleece Bedding

    My cage is the equivalent of a 2x3 and I change the fleece every other day.
  5. mamattorney

    Fleece How do you clean your fleece?

    Our washer never smells either. I shake the fleece out first, wash it in HOT on the longest wash available with detergent and pour vinegar in the fabric softener reservoir (so it is used during the rinse cycle). Maybe every other time or every third time, I wash it a second time with no...
  6. mamattorney

    Introductions Meet Lilly, Marshmallow's brand new cagemate

    I've been reading your thread and prior to getting a new pig, I was worried about a stressful introduction like you've had. I think it went well for a couple of reasons - first, Lilly is just a baby, six weeks old today. I'm sure that made a big difference. Second, both pigs were used to...
  7. mamattorney

    Introductions Meet Lilly, Marshmallow's brand new cagemate

    Marshmallow's cagemate passed away in early November. Today, I answered a craiglist ad seeking to rehome a baby girl guinea pig (born 10/27). We did a half hour introduction at her house with some spinach on a big fleece blanket - all went well. Not a chatter, a rumble or even an offended...
  8. mamattorney

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Adding a Cagemate: Baby or Adult

    Thanks for your thoughts. Our local rescue doesn't do "first meets", and two of the adults were from that rescue. The other I actually haven't heard back from, so it looks like any adoption I would do at this time would be "blind".
  9. mamattorney

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Adding a Cagemate: Baby or Adult

    Thanks for your response. I'm leaning towards the baby, too.
  10. mamattorney

    Bonding Do Introductions Often Fail?

    I didn't realize anyone had responded to this post - thank so much! I saw it fall off the top list of postings with no responses and never saw it come back up. Sorry about that. The 1 year old pig at my local animal control was adopted so she's out of the picture. But I'm still looking...
  11. mamattorney

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Adding a Cagemate: Baby or Adult

    Which is better/more reliable for a stable relationship? I have a female @2+ years old. I'm feeling out some possibilities for a cagemate. Three potential pigs are adults. One is a baby (born end of October). All are girls. Would the dominant/submissive nature of a pig be evident in the...
  12. mamattorney

    Bonding Do Introductions Often Fail?

    A questions for those who do this a lot (rescue owners, volunteers, etc). How often do introductions fail? My local rescue does not do "first meets" as the owner does not think they reflect what may happen two or three weeks down the road. What looks like an OK match doesn't sometimes doesn't...
  13. mamattorney

    Cage Coroplast in Midwest cage

    I made a bottom liner out of plastic flexible cutting boards (thin ones, almost like a plastic placemat), some tape and clear contact paper. I found the cutting boards at Aldi for less than $5 and I had the rest at home. Coro might have been easier, but I find cutting coroplast to be a pain in...
  14. mamattorney

    Behavior Torn about what to do about loss of guinea pig

    Our family is very sad today. One of our guinea pigs passed away this morning. She had been sick on and off since July, no conclusive diagnosis, just GI stasis. She'd get lethargic and stop eating, I'd nurse her back to health and think we were in the clear, and in several weeks the process...
  15. mamattorney

    Cleaning POLL: Do you like cleaning your piggies' cage?

    It's no big deal to me, but I clean my cage every morning when I feed them; the whole thing including new hay, water, food and veggies takes about 10-12 minutes. I might spot clean during the day, but to be honest, spot cleaning and "full cleaning" are virtually the same thing to me. I have a...
  16. mamattorney

    Adopting Difficulty adopting.

    I don't disagree with you OP. I have issues with how involved some adoption applications can be as well. You can rationalize almost any question, with the concept of "we're just trying to protect the animals" but some of them are just very invasive and overreaching and really make you feel...
  17. mamattorney

    Photo of the WHEEK! Contest: Messy faces!

    Doesn't everyone snuggle up with their strawberry tops before they eat them?
  18. mamattorney

    Owning a Pet store

    You could continue with your pet sitting and offer free delivery of products for your clients.
  19. mamattorney

    Hiding Best hidey houses?

    My girls really liked their willow branch tunnel - until they ate it!
  20. mamattorney

    What breed? Breeds/Varieties

    That's incredible - thanks! She sounds so complex and fancy!