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  1. pigsforlife

    Liners Piggy bedspreads vs cage liners

    I've been using piggy bedspreads, but these ones have taken a bit of a beating and are look a little old. So I'm weighing up my options; - Disposable bedding - have used carefresh for the past week and it has been fantastic but is very costly - $40 for 2 cages. - Cage liners - have never used...
  2. pigsforlife

    Rabbits Need a crash course on bunnies ASAP please

    Thank you for taking him in :) Cage - I'd keep his tiny bunny cage and use it as a home base. If you have a spare room that he could free range in that would be optimal. The bunny cage can be used to store his food/litter box (if he is litter trained; most bunnies train easily) and general...
  3. pigsforlife

    Rabbits Building a C&C for my sisters Bunny! Tips?

    Kudo's on doing such a great thing for your sister's bunny! Does he get much free range time? How big is he? I'd probably go a 2x5 at least, with free range time for 4-5 hours on top of that. If you can build up so he has some levels as well, that would be fantastic. 2 grids high is definitely...
  4. pigsforlife

    Grids grids in Australia--where can I buy them?

    I got quite a few packets of grids at Bunnings in Cannington, WA.
  5. pigsforlife

    Other Do you like the cage I built?

    I think it's great as a home base but would never ever shut him up in it. There is no where near enough floor room for him to move with ease. As a minimum, it should be four times the length of him stretched out. The house rabbit society recommends at least 8sq ft of cage space coupled with 24...
  6. pigsforlife

    General GP care compared to rabbit care

    I've had rabbits for 2 years now, and guinea pigs for 5 years. In my experience guinea pigs are far easier to look after!! Differences; - Rabbits shed bucket loads of hair, guinea pigs shed hair but it doesn't seem to be in the same sort of quantities. Guinea pig hair is also coarser so doesn't...
  7. pigsforlife

    Rabbits Planning a C&C Cage for a rescued rabbit.

    She is gorgeous! Once she's all settled, you might want to consider getting her a friend. Bunnies are sociable critters, and like guinea pigs, do enjoy the company of a same species animal. Often male/female combos work best (so long as both are neutered and spayed) but female/female works...
  8. pigsforlife

    Rabbits Rabbit c&c cage help!

    84" x 56" is a good starting point. It provides roughly 7ftx4.5ft of space which comes to 31.5sq ft. The general rule of thumb for two (small - medium sized) rabbits is at least 36sq ft. So I would strongly encourage adjusting the size of your cage so that overall it provides a minimum of 36sq...
  9. pigsforlife

    Comment by 'pigsforlife' in media '3 level 2x5 C&C cage'

    Yes, they are incredibly handy. The time it takes to clean the cages is considerably reduced with the piggy bedspreads.
  10. pigsforlife

    Comment by 'pigsforlife' in media 'Rosie'

    Yes. I just chuck them in the washing machine with the other piggy washing. Once finished, I do a rinse cycle before washing human clothes.
  11. pigsforlife

    Comment by 'pigsforlife' in media '3 level 2x5 C&C cage'

    The fronts completely folded down. This is actually our old cage. Our new one is much improved!
  12. pigsforlife

    Blog A sad end and a new beginning and a bunch of stuff inbetween!

    Thanks :) See part 2 for the rest of our update!
  13. pigsforlife

    Blog A sad end and a new beginning and a bunch of stuff inbetween! Part 2!

    The other 3 pigs are going well. Rosie and Lily will be 4 this year, and Acorn will be 3 (as will Ella). They plod along as usual, enjoying the extra space in the new cage, sleeping and eating as guinea pigs do. Lily; Acorn; Rosie; The bunnies are going well too. Charlee...
  14. pigsforlife

    Blog A sad end and a new beginning and a bunch of stuff inbetween!

    Since my last update in October, quite a few changes have taken place. Towards the middle of November we found out that our house (renting) was going up on the market, so we had to find a new place. Cue weeks of seeing many houses. We found one in a quite little suburb opposite a dog park (the...
  15. pigsforlife

    Fleece Piggy Bedspreads: Worth it or not?

    Definitely yes! I have two at the moment, and hope to get another two soon. They have made cleaning time so much easier as it has cut down dramatically the time it takes to clean the cages. There is no hassle mucking around with towels, it goes in easily and comes out just as easy. Works...
  16. pigsforlife

    Cage One cage above of the other?

    We got aluminium tubes in 180cm pieces from the hardware store. Using a hand saw, we cut the tubes to size (was easy to do), and then used 3 way and 4 way corner pieces to join the whole thing together. The grids are ziptied to the frame.
  17. pigsforlife

    I can no longer post pigtures.

    Maybe that is the problem. I have been trying to post a cage photo. I haven't tried a pig photo.
  18. pigsforlife

    Cage One cage above of the other?

    My cage is made with an aluminium frame and is incredibly sturdy. It is also on wheels so mobile. The guinea pigs are in the top two cages, and the grids along the front fold down for easy access. The rabbits use the bottom as their home base but are never shut up in it.
  19. pigsforlife

    Scheduled Chats

    7pm EST Saturday in the US is the same as 8am WST Sunday in Western Australia. If I am up early enough I might pop in. I used to live in chat, but life has kinda got in the way since!!
  20. pigsforlife

    I can no longer post pigtures.

    I used to be able to but now I get a similar thing pop up when I try to upload pictures. My pictures are .jpg too.