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  1. SurfingPigs

    Fleece Our Guineas loving their new fleece!

    At around 20 washings each, both of my original U-haul pads are still working (started using them around July). They have shrunk a bit and you can see thinning in the fabric from how much it sheds in the drier, but they're pretty hearty and still last me a week between changes.
  2. SurfingPigs

    I'm knew! (I know that's not how you spell new.)

    I love your naming scheme and your gorgeous pigs!
  3. SurfingPigs

    Pip seems to have a problem breathing - she's rasping

    You may not need hypotheticals, but you need to understand that this website, and our posts, become references for others. This website is flooded with children on a daily basis looking for advice, and hypotheticals help younger crowds understand distinctions, at times. I'm sorry if you took...
  4. SurfingPigs

    Allergies I have a piggy in a paper bag full of hay

    Hay in a bag is the favorite "toy" of every pig in my house, too!
  5. SurfingPigs

    Pip seems to have a problem breathing - she's rasping

    They are, but just because they are contagious does not mean that they will be transmitted. If your sibling/parent/child is sick do you go and pop antibiotics?
  6. SurfingPigs

    Pip seems to have a problem breathing - she's rasping

    Which is why you wait for a sign of illness to show or your vet sees a sign of illness. How can one deem an antibiotic necessary with zero sign of illness?
  7. SurfingPigs

    Pip seems to have a problem breathing - she's rasping

    Vets all differ in their opinions, such is the nature of all medicine. With many animals an unnecessary antibiotic treatment wouldn't be an issue. However, with our piggies, they are just far too reliant upon their gastric function to warrant prophylactic antibiotics. Imagine having to force...
  8. SurfingPigs

    Fleece Our Guineas loving their new fleece!

    Step one: I am powerless over fleece and my life has become unmanageable. Yep, that about covers it. I need a sponser.
  9. SurfingPigs

    Fleece Washing

    The one time this happened to me the fleece still worked fine. I would just pour a little water on part of the fleece and find out.
  10. SurfingPigs

    Pip seems to have a problem breathing - she's rasping

    Yes, definitely not the case that they will all be given antibiotics. That would almost assuredly cause more harm than good. It could be prudent to have them all seen, but if they aren't showing signs of illness, treating them with antibiotics would be a mistake.
  11. SurfingPigs

    Wheezing Harley has allergies

    Pigs can have Children's Benadryl only. From a very reliable GuineaLynx source: See here for more info: http://www.guinealynx.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=37522&highlight=diphenhydramine
  12. SurfingPigs

    General Addition to the Midwest Habitat cage.

    Very creative and cool. What are you using as the "floor" of the loft? (not bedding, but actual structural support)
  13. SurfingPigs

    Sick Breathing problems/not as active

    The vet should perform an x-ray to confirm heart disease. If heart disease is found, it can be treated with a variety of drugs, I believe Lasix being the most common. You also should start reading the following, it has lots of info about heart pigs: http://www.guinealynx.info/heart.html
  14. SurfingPigs

    Medications Probiotics and Vitamin C with Baytril

    First and foremost, Frank looks quite regal with his crest! That vitamin C powder seems like it would be difficult to dose the proper amount. It says on the bottle that it is 2500mg of vitamin C per serving. Guinea pigs need 1/100th of that amount, 25mg daily. I don't know what the "serving...
  15. SurfingPigs

    Skin Problems Scabbed sore/mites

    Do not bathe a guinea pig that has a severe mite infestation, it will cause a lot of pain to your pig. Mites can flare up when a guinea pig is put under stress, and the moving about during adoption can definitely set this off. Mites are invisible to the naked eye and mite infections are barely...
  16. SurfingPigs

    Diarrhea HELP - SEVERE DIARRHEA mushys poops

    What amount of lettuce are you feeding daily, and have you ever tried completely eliminating veggies from her diet? I have noticed that my boar will get wet, soft poops if fed too much lettuce. All I can say is good luck and keep it up! If she maintains weight and is happy being back home with...
  17. SurfingPigs

    Pigsitting Going away- what do I need to tell the pigsitter?

    I wouldn't have my pig live in the same cage as hers, but perhaps in the same room with a nice view of the other pigs? This is assuming, of course, that she is an exceptional caretaker and is well aware of the health of her pigs and she hasn't adopted any other pigs recently. Otherwise, I just...
  18. SurfingPigs

    Diarrhea HELP - SEVERE DIARRHEA mushys poops

    I was so excited to see that update and all the good poops, only to find this picture at the bottom. Bummed for you, big time. What has her diet been? Did anything change between the good poop and the... well... mess?
  19. SurfingPigs

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection What can I do differently to prevent this in the future?

    An apparently knowledgable user on GuineaLynx, Josephine, said the following about Orbax: Quote pulled from the original post in the following thread: http://www.guinealynx.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2111 The fact that it doesn't touch any Pseudomonas is enough for me to not bother wasting...
  20. SurfingPigs

    Adopting Yay adopting! :D

    Re: Yay the pigs are here! :D (And some chaos) No, it sounds quite dangerous. When Ro Dah gets a little bigger, she will get her head stuck in the space between grids trying to get through. When pigs get their heads stuck in the grids, they panic, and broken necks can very easily occur in this...