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  1. ItsAmandaYall

    Behavior Guinea Pig right for me?

    I'm looking for a cuddly companion, or more like an animal that would enjoy sitting in my lap and letting me pet him/her. I can't get a dog/cat. And I have thought about a rat, but they're too active for me and I hated constantly being peed on. Do guineas poop as much as rabbits? I heard rabbits...
  2. ItsAmandaYall

    Cage How many piggies in 2'x2' cage?

    I figured four piggies was way too many in that space, but since a newbie thought I'd ask. This may sound dumb, but what are the dimensions of a 2x3 c&c cage? I'll pass on the breeder, and look at the rescues. I'm located in Houston, if there are any suggestions?
  3. ItsAmandaYall

    Cage How many piggies in 2'x2' cage?

    I know cage size via square feet, but that's gibberish to me. Would I be able to house any piggies in a 2'x2' c&c? I talked to a breeder close by and she said it would be perfect for four piggies. I'd get your thoughts/opinions too. Thank you.
  4. ItsAmandaYall

    $25 craigslist female, memorial city hall, tx?

    Adorable female, she's in a tiny carrier cage b/c she's fighting with their other female gp. They're asking $25 so she doesn't become snake food but in her current cage it's heartbreaking. I do not have supplies/cage yet otherwise I would take her in. guinea pig with cage
  5. ItsAmandaYall

    *$10 on craigslist* Houston, TX? 1 month old female guinea pig

    Was browsing craiglsit and found someone selling a super cute gp for $10 she is asking $25 for the cage, and of course the cage is TINY!! I would adopt but I don't have the $ or cage yet :weepy:, here is the link: 1 month F baby Guinea Pig ($10) to rehome, cage available
  6. ItsAmandaYall

    Litter box training.

    Sorry to intrude but I thought that was hilarious. Also, I would like more info on litter box training and if I find any helpful tips I'll send them your way..
  7. ItsAmandaYall

    General Decorating food/water dish?

    I've been looking for a cute pink food bowl and am not having luck, the ones I have found or too large or too deep. So, I found a Martha Stewart article on decorating a dog bowl and I figured I could do it for it with the gp's bowl but am worried about using the wrong paint or it flaking, should...
  8. ItsAmandaYall

    Reference Cage: Fleece Forest

    EEEEKKK so cute!!! Thank you for the tip, I need all the ideas I can get to make show off my cage theme, lol.
  9. ItsAmandaYall

    Nutrition Questions..help pretty please?

    Alright, so I just want to make sure I have everything right. I've been surfing through the boards and took notes but some things I can't find an answer on so I apologize for the common questions I may ask. I probably will be getting two males under 3mo old and I think I've read that they get...
  10. ItsAmandaYall

    Cage Decorating guinea pig cage?

    Wow, everyone seems so nice here. I want a fleece liner so flipping bad but it would cost like $60 and I would sew but I don't have a sewing machine..I didn't think about changing themes for seasons, thanx for the thought. You're right about colors, just worried about people picking on me for...
  11. ItsAmandaYall

    Adopting On My Way!!

    Ugh, that just makes me sick! I cannot stand when people go out of their way to help and they get crapped on. I was in another forum for birds and a member decided to adopt another members bird. The member selling the bird claimed the bird was in perfect health etc, etc. but when the member got...
  12. ItsAmandaYall

    Howdy Yall..

    When I heard about Texas Rustlers I was knee deep in till I seen their location it would be a 4hr drive so I am upset about that. I also looked into Petfinder and checked out Nutmeg and Percy, I am in love with Percy but Nutmeg doesn't "call to me" and they're bonded I didn't think it fair to...
  13. ItsAmandaYall

    Cage Decorating guinea pig cage?

    Awww TCTrun you made my day! I'm jealous of your popeye the sailor fleece, I bet the cage is not hideous but artistic, lol.
  14. ItsAmandaYall

    Cage Decorating guinea pig cage?

    Am I the only one who's weird about everything matching and a theme? I would LOVE to have girls and everything would be pink but I chose to go with boys so I have a few boy themes I like sailors and pirates..I'm thinking hammocks, cuddle cup, fleece liner etc.) Am I weird or are there others...
  15. ItsAmandaYall

    Adopting Say Hi to The New Guy!

    I don't have advice, but he's gorgeous. Phew, so glad you could rescue him!
  16. ItsAmandaYall

    General Guinea pigs in clothes/costumes?

    Well, I'm new here and have been browsing through the forums thinking of how to get some posts under my belt. I didn't want to keep asking the same questions over and over. So back to the question..would you or have you ever dressed your guinea pig? I'm just curious because I came across this...
  17. ItsAmandaYall

    Howdy Yall..

    Well my name is Amanda, I was born and raised in WI but am currently living in Houston, TX with my fiance whom was originally born and raised in TX. I had a guinea pig when I was 8? I don't remember the sex but do remember it's name was Multi, he/she was multi colored white, brown, and black I...