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  1. PinnyGig

    C&C Are we just cubes impaired??!!

    I also zip tied pretty much every possible spot on my cage. It is made from wire shelves, and has a lid, because my cat is quite rambunctious sometimes, and I wanted Margaret to be safe as possible, so the zip ties are the only thing holding it together. There are at least five on every joint...
  2. PinnyGig

    Canada Where to leave GP while traveling?

    We once brought our piggy to my grandma's house, from Edmonton to the Okanogan, which is between 8-10 hours (at least when we used to do it, but we were little so mum made lots of stops). We had a Jeep Cherokee, which has an open hatch-back, so we put the whole cage and everything into the back...
  3. PinnyGig

    Behavior I Think My Boys Know We're Snowed In

    We had some real problems with the cops in Alberta this summer because we didn't get enough snow last winter... the price of hay doubled, or more in some areas. The climate is definitely changing... If your piggy is overheating, we have something in the stores here called a chin-chiller... it...
  4. PinnyGig

    Fleece What can I use instead of towels under fleece?

    Has anyone ever tried re-usable puppy pads? I've seen them at the pet store and they seem like they would work...probably similar to a reusable incontinence pad...they come in several sizes, and would probably be both less expensive and more environmentally friendly
  5. PinnyGig

    Behavior I Think My Boys Know We're Snowed In

    You've never seen real snow? Ever? :eye-poppi That's amazing. Colorless Slushy juice is a pretty close analogy of snow in more humid areas like Vancouver, but on the prairies its much more dry and powdery... If its been a windy winter there will be a hard crust of ice on top, and the snow...
  6. PinnyGig

    Fleece Prefer?

    I have seen a few cages where it looked like the fleece was Velcro-ed to the sides... has anyone tried this? It might be a little more work in the beginning to sew the Velcro on, but I would think that a good strong Velcro would stick too well for the pigs to pull down and burrow under.
  7. PinnyGig

    Fleece The PIgs are stinky lately, what gives?

    Have you changed the piggies diet at all lately? My piggies always used to get really smelly whenever we gave them broccoli
  8. PinnyGig

    Bedding Sponge??

    i think a part of the problem with kitchen sponges is what they are used for. The foods we eat tend to be quite rich in bateria, and sponges are indeed an idea breeding ground for microbes. However, most urine is nearly sterile, and if the sponge were wrapped in fleece so poop could not get into...
  9. PinnyGig

    Hay Hay Cubes??

    ok, this reply is based on horses, but horses are evolved from small roden't like mammals (wierd, i know) and have many similarities with small herbivores, especially in the fact that they are not ruminants. Anyways, here we go: hay cubes are the same as hay, they are just involve a little...
  10. PinnyGig

    Rescuing, Buying, Breeding

    no, there are absolutely no laws in my area about keeping unaltered, unvaccinated animals contained, and i know this because i have been over them. We live in a rural area, in alberta, in canada, and we do not waste legislative powers creating dumb bylaws. Pets here don't even have to be...
  11. PinnyGig

    Rescuing, Buying, Breeding

    How do you people think cats survive in the wild? cats are one of the few domesticated animals which can actually survive in the wild with absolutely no intervention from humans. Millions of years of evolution has turned them into very self sufficient creatures. There are thousands of feral cats...
  12. PinnyGig

    Rescuing, Buying, Breeding

    I know there are local guinea pigs for adoption. At the humane society some of them are called itchy, scratchy, funzo... simpsons names. i have been checking. I also have seen the kijiji pigs, most of whom were bred by hobbyists (which you all also seem to dissaprove of). The thing is, None of...
  13. PinnyGig

    Rescuing, Buying, Breeding

    thank you! the only primary sources for guinea pigs are pet stores or breeders! even if you adopt all of your pigs, they started off, or their parents started off, at a pet store or breeder. Yes we should all endeavour to adopt unwanted pets, but if we get the stores to stop selling them, and...
  14. PinnyGig

    Rescuing, Buying, Breeding

    i can take the heat you do not have the power to offend me, only i have to the power to be offended by you, and i am not. You cannot forcibly change someone's way of thinking, you can only control yourself. It is both pointless and cruel to try and force your beliefs on others, especially by...
  15. PinnyGig

    Rescuing, Buying, Breeding

    In perfect world, there would be no unwanted animals. People would all be responsible and take good care of their pets. In a perfect world, no humans would suffer either. there would be no orphans, no one living in poverty. no wives abused by their husbands, or children by their parents. There...
  16. PinnyGig

    Comment by 'PinnyGig' in media 'Candy and Cherry'

    I love this cage! i am going to try to build mine like this. is the fleece velcro-ed?
  17. PinnyGig

    Rescuing, Buying, Breeding

    thank you Scarlett, for not attacking me and for providing the link to the PETa page, as well as the bit about guinea pig care... no one else has brought that up yet... Personally, I have always had good experiences with petsmart, all the animals i got there have been healthy. However, I live...
  18. PinnyGig

    Rescuing, Buying, Breeding

    Wow people, that is harsh. I was not trying to start an argument here. Yes, I know there are many posts on this topic already; many of them started off attacking people who have bought store pigges, and anyone who tried to present another opinion was quickly and mercilessly shot down by others...
  19. PinnyGig

    Rescuing, Buying, Breeding

    Adoptions, Breeding, and Buying...This seems to be a very hot topic on this website, and having opinions about most things, i think i will add my two cents here. I think we can all agree that adopting a guinea pig from an abusive or unhealthy situation is probably one of the best ways to...