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  1. GusGusandOreo

    Lump Urgent...

    I would but it's not noticeable through picture, his hair covers it up and it just kinda blends. My best guess is that he strained himself somehow when he was "screaming". He was incredibly loud and was sucking his belly in a lot and was doing a lot of abdominal breathing. I just hope he doesn't...
  2. GusGusandOreo

    Lump Urgent...

    I hope it's not needed, I really don't have that much money. Anymore advise is much appreciated.
  3. GusGusandOreo

    Lump Urgent...

    I just took a picture, it's too hard to tell in it though. It seemed like at first that it was just his right side, now its kinda the whole area.
  4. GusGusandOreo

    Lump Urgent...

    Okay, so, I was just upstairs getting my guinea pigs their veggies. My one dog, who never comes downstairs (scared of the fireworks so I guess that why), came downstairs and I believe got a hold of my one guinea pig. The top level of the cage collapsed and he was squeaking SUPER LOUD. I checked...
  5. GusGusandOreo

    Ramps I could use some ramp help!

    Yes, she said the ramp was a gift from someone who is handy with making things, which is why I posted a thread just in case anyone who might have made something similar.
  6. GusGusandOreo

    Ramps I could use some ramp help!

    Hi! So I was browsing the photo galleries and came across this ramp picture: And I would like to know if anyone has any tips, references, or ideas on how to make a ramp similar to this one. Any information you could offer is greatly appreciated :) Thank you!
  7. GusGusandOreo

    I got a kitten :D

    Very beautiful kitty :)
  8. GusGusandOreo

    General The boys are here :)

    We put carpet on our ramp for traction, and poops just roll down off of it!
  9. GusGusandOreo

    General The boys are here :)

    Jealous of the ramp, that's exactly what I want for my piggies, hopefully my boyfriend can make one soon!
  10. GusGusandOreo

    Rescues Please Vote! Donating prize to rescue

    Voted! Good luck! :)
  11. GusGusandOreo

    Bonding amazed!!!!!

    How high is the bunk bed off of the ground? I'm curious as to how high guinea pigs can jump to get into one.
  12. GusGusandOreo

    Comment by 'GusGusandOreo' in media 'Candy Cherry home'

    Where did you get that cute orange tent?
  13. GusGusandOreo

    Joy You know you're a "crazy cavy lady" when…

    So true, my boyfriend and I just bought a very big bag of hay online and we laugh at the pet stores who charge $10 for small bags!
  14. GusGusandOreo

    Joy You know you're a "crazy cavy lady" when…

    I thought of this the other day when I opened my psychology book (away from home, at college) and out rolled a guinea pig poop! I thought it was the cutest thing ever, although my roommate thought otherwise :)
  15. GusGusandOreo

    Behavior can't get my guinea pigs out of the cage!!

    I always clean my cage around my guinea pigs. We have a little dustpan and brush to clean the poops between fleece-changes. The piggies don't mind me in their cage at all. Mine also don't like to be picked up either. :(
  16. GusGusandOreo

    Treats Timothy Hay blocks?

    Of course. They have unlimited hay. I just bought 25lbs of hay from KMS that should be here tomorrow!
  17. GusGusandOreo

    Treats Timothy Hay blocks?

    Thanks! I've actually never heard of hay cakes. I googled it and I think that I'll get some of those over they hay blocks I have now since they are Kaytee brand. Thanks again.
  18. GusGusandOreo

    Treats Timothy Hay blocks?

    Hello everybody, I was just curious if anyone else has given hay blocks to their piggies. I bought them when I first got my guinea pigs and then realized they had alfalfa hay in them as well. So, I stopped giving them to them until a few days ago, I gave them one just as a little gift and I...
  19. GusGusandOreo

    Sites- help please

    I've purchased from FuzziesKingdom.com and although it can get pretty expensive, I definitely recommend them. Their products are really high quality and their priority shipping costs only $1 more! Plus they give you free samples with every purchase!