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  1. GuineaMom

    Diet Can Guinea Pigs eat dried up Madrone/Madrona/Arbutus leaves?

    I don't have a leaf blower, but I will pick them out of the run twice a day (before I put the piggies in) until I find out if they are safe. I definitely don't want to take the risk of them being bad. Thanks for replying! lol
  2. GuineaMom

    Diet Can Guinea Pigs eat dried up Madrone/Madrona/Arbutus leaves?

    I know it has many different names, so I hope I covered them all. My yard is filled with those leaves and it's hard to get them all out of the Guinea Pig run, so I was just wondering if it's safe for my piggies to eat them? Thank you!
  3. GuineaMom

    Behavior Guinea pig peeing constantly during floor time

    Hi, So I recently made a new room the "floor time" room, and since I made that change one of my piggies has been peeing every 2 minutes when she is in there. At first I thought it was just because she was scared of the new area but a few days later she is still doing this. I would appreciate...
  4. GuineaMom

    Hi!!! noobie here :D

    I don't know how you could expand a pet store cage, I would say just make a C&C cage. Is your mom worried about a bigger cage because of the added cost? Just tell her that they are pretty cheap if you make it yourself. If she is worried about space, then tell her you will rearrange your room (or...
  5. GuineaMom

    Hi!!! noobie here :D

    I looked up the food you are feeding, and it doesn't look very good. There are seeds and colored bits in it, which aren't good for Guinea Pigs. They just need straight up pellets. I would recommend Oxbow (Which you can find in pet stores) or Kleenmamas (Which you would need to buy online). That...
  6. GuineaMom

    General Guinea pig and hamster cages side by side?

    Thank you for answering! I'm glad to know they will be okay beside each other. lol
  7. GuineaMom

    General Guinea pig and hamster cages side by side?

    Hi, I own Guinea Pigs, but tomorrow my cousin is coming to stay with me for a while and she is bringing her hamster. The most convenient spot for the cage would be right beside the Guinea Pig cage, but I was wondering if this would stress either out at all? They won't be touching, but they...
  8. GuineaMom

    C&C Alternatives Hutch used indoors?

    Thank you for the replies! I don't know it's exact measurements, but I have seen it, and it is definitely big enough for my piggies (There is no way they could be cramped). I know downsizing doesn't mean a cage won't fit, but I meant I don't even use a cage right now. They have their own Guinea...
  9. GuineaMom

    C&C Alternatives Hutch used indoors?

    Hello! I am downsizing into an apartment, which means my piggies are going to have to go from their own room to a cage. I was offered a large hutch by my friend to use, so I was just wondering if it would be a good idea or a bad idea to use a hutch indoors? I know C&C is the absolute best, but...
  10. GuineaMom

    Hopefully soon to be slave in Connecticut saying "Hi"

    Hi! Welcome to the forums. I really can't help with your ramp questions, because I myself do not keep my piggies in a cage (they have a piggie-proof room), but I wish you luck in finding out how! Perhaps you could find a video or something that shows you how? A fun thing most piggies love is...
  11. GuineaMom

    Comment by 'GuineaMom' in media 'Dakota (Day 1)'

    Very cute piggy! :D
  12. GuineaMom

    Hello Everyone

    Wow! That setup is great. Those pigs are very lucky. I do not see anything wrong with the way you are housing them as long as the temperature is okay. Welcome to the forum!
  13. GuineaMom

    General How many Guinea pigs do you have?

    I have 2 Guinea Pigs. Their names are Carly and Jamiee... I am looking into adopting two more from my local shelter, though. Carly and Jamiee have their own room. They enjoy having all that space to run around in.
  14. GuineaMom

    Sad boys have gone

    Aww... That would be hard. I'm sorry about your boys. It sounds like you did what was right for them. I'm sure they will realize that.
  15. GuineaMom

    Injury Bleeding butt

    That could be the problem. When you go to see his vet, make sure to take a sample and to mention that you have flies around. I hope the problem clears up! :)
  16. GuineaMom

    C&C Alternatives Plastic Storage Tub Cages

    We have a store that sells grids near us. I have a shower curtain I just bought that she can have... I will help her make the cage in a few days. Thank you all for your help!!
  17. GuineaMom

    C&C Alternatives Plastic Storage Tub Cages

    Okay, I will tell her about the poor ventilation and lack of space. I'll try and help her find an alternative to coroplast.
  18. GuineaMom

    C&C Alternatives Plastic Storage Tub Cages

    My friend is getting a pair of Guinea Pigs in two weeks. She is planning to make the cage out of a giant storage tub. She said she would drill holes in it for air and not put a lid on because it has high sides. Would this be suitable for her to use, or should I advise her to use something else...
  19. GuineaMom

    Comment by 'GuineaMom' in media 'Archie'

    Adorable!! :D
  20. GuineaMom

    Teacher encourages guinea pig outside!

    Aww, poor Guinea Pig! From what I have been reading, it sounds like the Pig needs to get out of there ASAP. I think the best idea would be to call the Animal Rescue. I'm not sure what the laws are where you live, but I believe in most places Animal Rescues with the proper authority would be able...