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  1. Dinochick


    Thanks :) It is Teebo jumping up. He had just taken a bath and was popcorning all over the place. Its a bit bright from the flash.
  2. Dinochick


    I have not learned to make movies yet, but here is the first animated gif I have ever tried to make (last night at 3AM too): http://www.dinochick.com/pets/Teebo.gif
  3. Dinochick

    How should I clean my cavy?

    I have put teebo in the sink with a towel and just used the spreayer from the sink. He gets a bit nervious at first then calms down and purs. He likes to grab the sprayer and get a drink :)
  4. Dinochick

    Travelling with Toffee

    I am also moving to Montana in two weeks, weird! I was going to ask the same questions. I am going to have 3 cats and the piggy with only myself in a Blazer (that will also be full of computers and tv and other electronics) so it is going to be cramped. I was thinking of leaving Teebo in his...
  5. Dinochick

    Where do you keep your Guinea Pigs?

    I keep Teebo in the dinning room, but it is a very open room betweent he kitchen and the living room, so he can almost always see one of us (or a cat, since he thinks he is a cat anyway). He had a place next to a window so he can see out, the cats can lay next to him and he can lay inthe sun. It...
  6. Dinochick

    Poop clots

    Thanks everyone! Impaction was the word I was having a hard time rembering. Teebo is only a year or so old and seems to be very healthy. I will keep it all in mind incase it happens again. Thanks!
  7. Dinochick

    Poop clots

    Thanks! It fell out on its own, he is running around the floor very happly
  8. Dinochick

    Poop clots

    I was wondering if anyoen has ever had a problem with there pigs getting "ppop clots" as we call them. Every now and then I have noticed that Teebo will get one, just a build up of poop stuck in his butt, as if it is to hard/thick to be forced out, making him constipated maybe (plugged up)...
  9. Dinochick

    looking for a home in OK area

    I know that some of you do and I am not trying to start and argument, but rather trying to find a home for her piggys. If it were a school, I know of several teachers int he schools I have worked in that take their pigs home on the weekends, and theya re very well loved and very happy. As...
  10. Dinochick

    looking for a home in OK area

    Ok. I have a male and I am looking for another male. I will ask around to some people I know in that area to see if anyone is interested. Have you thought about seeing if a local school or childerns home (*Gasp* I know some of you dissagree with this sort of living environment, but they are not...
  11. Dinochick

    sneaky way to clip nails

    Thats a great idea. I can just stick a carrot that is too big to fit between the bars though the rough and Teebo will do the same thing. Great thinking, thanks for sharing!!
  12. Dinochick

    looking for a home in OK area

    Where do you live in Oklahoma? How far are you willing to travel? How many pigs do you have? Male or female?
  13. Dinochick

    Pictures of other Pets

    Here is a link to some pictures of my other pets: http://www.dinochick.com/pets/pets.htm
  14. Dinochick

    Post pics of your cavy!

    Here is a picture of Teebo: Here is a link to more http://www.dinochick.com/pets/teebo.htm
  15. Dinochick

    Anyone have websites?

    Wow! Thats you are all so nice to say such things! I really appreciate the compliments! Treen, you have so many cute piggys! Do you run a piggy motel for people when they go on vacation? It sure looks like you have taken care of alot of other pigs. Very cool website!
  16. Dinochick

    Anyone have websites?

    Thanks! Yours are all so cute too!! You are so lucky to have so many!! I hope to get Teebo a friend after we move next year.
  17. Dinochick

    Anyone have websites?

    Here are some pictures of my piggy from my website: http://www.dinochick.com/pets/teebo.htm
  18. Dinochick

    Gourds for hidey house?

    I am sure it would be ok, and cute. Besides, gourds taste horrible (!) and I am sure your piggy would take one bit and decide that 'he' did not want to chew on it anymore.
  19. Dinochick

    leaky water bottle

    Re: leaky water bottle That is the same brand of bottle I have. The washer still looks good, I have only had it a few months. ahhh confusions and gravity
  20. Dinochick

    leaky water bottle

    Re: leaky water bottle I am also having a problem witha leaky bottle, same complains as above, mostly. I have just stuck an extra food dish under the leak and empty it everyday, but Teboo seems to like drinking outof the bowl anyway. Is that ok? He lays with his head on it allt he time and I...