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  1. LuisaSpike

    Mattress Pad Mattress Pad vs. Uhaul

    Oh, good, I'm glad I found the right ones. I found a website (I think it's called Vitality Medical) that has the ones that I assume they use in hospitals, as it is a medical website. I figure, if they work in hospitals, they'll most likely work in a guinea pig cage, and they have a bunch of...
  2. LuisaSpike

    Mattress Pad Mattress Pad vs. Uhaul

    Thanks, Traysea! So, like these? http://www.walmart.com/ip/Reusable-4-Ply-Quilted-Underpad/7079359
  3. LuisaSpike

    Mattress Pad Mattress Pad vs. Uhaul

    Hi! So, I am hopefully going to be getting a 3rd set of fleece liner/pee pad/etc. for my pigs for their birthday (Thursday lol they will be 1 year old) and I also want to get a new absorbent layer to go with the new fleece. I have been using uhaul pads which seem to work just fine, but I was...
  4. LuisaSpike

    Neutering/Spaying I feel like this is all my fault

    So glad that he is on the mend, keep us posted! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Jack
  5. LuisaSpike

    Cage Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    gatorgirl HOLY COW! I wanna be one of your piggies! That cage looks AMAZING!!! How many pigs will it/does it house? And here is (hopefully, as my computer doesn't reliably upload pictures on to this forum) my humble attempt at a cage for my 2 baby girls <3. Sorry for the mess, somehow they...
  6. LuisaSpike

    Eyes/Non-crusty Pink/Cloudy... Help!

    I managed to get her into the emergency vet today, she has an ulcer on her eye, he prescribed eyedrops (Neomycin, Polymyxin, and Gramacidin). She's tired after her trip in the car but she seems happy and otherwise healthy.
  7. LuisaSpike

    Eyes/Non-crusty Pink/Cloudy... Help!

    It looks like there is a small spot on her eye that is rough or raw, so I think it might be an abrasion. The soonest I can get her in to the vet is Monday, as our vet is not open on Sunday. Is there anything I should do in the meantime?
  8. LuisaSpike

    Eyes/Non-crusty Pink/Cloudy... Help!

    This evening, I noticed something strange about my guinea pig Spike's left eye... I've attempted to attach a picture, but I don't know if it will work. Basically her eye is normal except for a cloudy-ish spot, and the white part of her eye is bloodshot. I'm thinking she poked herself either...
  9. LuisaSpike

    Upper Levels How high can piggies step up?

    I have two girls in a 3x4 with a bunk bed placed at 1/2 grid, they have no problem getting up there and it is their favorite place in the cage. But I would make sure that if you don't have a closed cage, you make a top for the bunk bed as I have seen my girls eyeing the edge of the cage where...
  10. LuisaSpike

    Rabbits Building a cage

    If you have a SABIC Polymershapes near you, I got my 4'x8' sheet of coroplast for $15 there.
  11. LuisaSpike

    Upper Levels Please Help with Cage Expansion

    Thanks, Traysea, that is perfect! Now, with just a little brainstorming, I should be able to figure out how to make that work with an overhanging loft. Still, that is brilliant! It will make cleaning sooo much easier.
  12. LuisaSpike

    Injury One Cloudy Eye :(

    Could you post a picture to help us get a better idea of what you're talking about?
  13. LuisaSpike

    Upper Levels Please Help with Cage Expansion

    Hey everybody, I reeeeally want to expand my girls' space, but I don't really have anywhere to go but up. I've heard that 1x_ lofts are no good because the piggies don't have enough space to move around each other, and I know that would be a huge problem with my pigs, as Luisa starts bucking and...
  14. LuisaSpike

    Hay Help! Ran out of Hay!

    Thanks, Artista. I was not able to get hay today, but I almost certainly will tomorrow. If not, I will use the corn husks suggestion since the grocery store is much closer than the pet store.
  15. LuisaSpike

    Hay Help! Ran out of Hay!

    So, I ordered a new box of Small Pet Select Hay, but it doesn't get here until Friday! I'm completely out of hay! I might be able to pick some up tomorrow, but in the mean time, what should I do? We literally just treated our grass yesterday, so I can't supplement with grass. Please help! I have...
  16. LuisaSpike

    Kalila's Pregnacy thread

    Oh, goodness! She looks about ready to burst! Poor baby. I'm just glad she's in your hands now. Keep us posted :)
  17. LuisaSpike

    Play First (well second time) time piggie owner + name help

    I WAS ABOUT TO SAY ROLO TOO, littlenme! Great minds think alike! But yes, I suggest Rolo also, especially since its a sweet, like Coco. Or, you could go with Caramel/Carmel, Twix, Snickers, Toffee, Truffle, Nougat, Rocky Road (Rocky), or Moose Tracks (Moose). Those are some names I considered...
  18. LuisaSpike

    New Guinea Pig Owner And I Don't Know What I'm Doing

    Haha, I know exactly what you mean :). Just try to make your argument convincing and logical, and have a response to any counter argument she might put forward. Also, as for your roommate, well, I too have a friend who was absolutely terrified of my pigs the first time she saw them, but I...
  19. LuisaSpike

    Sneezing Hay Dust or Something Else?

    So, I know I posted about my other pig Luisa having a lot of weight loss a couple of weeks ago, happy to report that she has been steady around 2 lbs 2 oz, but this is about my other pig Spike. Today, she was over in her hay corner, and started sneezing. She sneezed 6 or 7 times within a few...
  20. LuisaSpike

    Behavior Tugging?

    My piggie Spike also tugs on my shirt when I pick her up, but she also chews on her cuddle sack when she's in the cage. It does seem to happen more when I'm holding her, though. I try to only hold her for a little while because I can tell after a few minutes she has had enough and will start...