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    Canada Skinny pig

    Please go take a look at your nearest rescue for piggies
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    Weight Loss Guinea pig losing weight, vet can't find anything

    Sounds like u lov your pet a loooot did you also have his teeth looked at?
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    Genitals Impaction or normal boy junk?

    It’s called a liner. It’s bio material you can wipe with qtip tho it’s fine n normal
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    Diarrhea Squeaking while pooing and diarrhea

    There’s also a fiber squeeze tube you can buy but since you said money is tight grass is free!
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    Diarrhea Squeaking while pooing and diarrhea

    I think if you take him outside and sit him in grass, the fiber will help regulate!
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    Hay Never been fed hay

    I find it very hard to believe they tried hay and didn’t like it but still try again. I swear they’re gonna eat it
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    Hay Never been fed hay

    The point of feeding hay is more Dental than Dietary but still! Very very important! Hay helps grind teeth down and I mean the molars that you can’t see:) Edited by bpatters: @omgitspiggies, it is NOT true that the point of feeding hay is more dental than dietary. It's very important for both...
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    Chat Remembering Pooper

    Rip poopers!!! Weeeeeek!
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    Fleece Fleece liner

    Sounds like you could benefit from watching a how to fleece for piggies on YouTube!✌🏼
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    Weight Possibly overweight?

    I assume she’s young based on those feet. She’s fine! Pigs sorta regulate their weight. They don’t get fat. They only eat enough then they are fine:)
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    Conditions Casper's Medical Thread: lesion on testicle

    I wish I could see it, however it sounds like a sebaceous cyst that popped. That’s common if it is.
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    Lipomas are common. Fat filled cysts. I bet it’s that.