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  1. danav

    Cleaning Washer, fleece, and hay a bad mix?

    You don't put the fleece in the washer until you've gotten the hay off by vacuuming, brushing, shaking the fleece, etc. I have fleece in my entire cage, even under the hayrack. Hay does get all over the fleece there...but I pick it up and throw it away, then vacuum whatever is left (or if I'm...
  2. danav

    Spraypainting grids?

    It might work to paint the grids, but your connectors would still be gray...I don't think it would work at all to try to paint them. I personally think the gray grids (which I also have, by the way!) look nice with the fleece and accessories you have. Brown would look cool, but I've never seen...
  3. danav

    General Question's from a newbie!

    Just wanted to say that I tried a 1x2 kitchen loft a while back, and my girls did not do well with it. It seemed too small and they appeared to feel cramped and cornered when more than one was up there at a time. But then again, if you are starting out with that set up with babies, maybe...
  4. danav

    Fleece Fleece strips for bedding

    I'm thinking it would be much easier to make fleece/blanket pads to fit in the kitchen box, then change those every day or two. I don't see how the strips are doing anything but making it harder to clean out the poops since they don't absorb anything anyway...and with the fleece cut into strips...
  5. danav

    Blankets Review: UHaul blanket

    I've only been using the blankets for maybe 3 weeks or so now. Mine shed a LOT - the dryer lint filter is covered in a thick layer, and there is lint on the inside of the dryer & door whenever I have dried them, plus balls of lint all over the blanket. I washed some fleece with a blanket once...
  6. danav

    Reference Cage: Fleece Forest

    I made one of these tonight and all three of my piggies very curiously explored it as soon as I put it in the cage and spent quite a while checking it out. One of them is now resting comfortably inside their new forest. :)
  7. danav

    Hay Who's tried this season's Kleenmama's?

    I just wanted to mention that I got a box of KM's 2nd cut Timothy a couple of days ago and it is indeed awesome. :) Just gorgeous hay - the only stems I've found have been very thin, soft stems, it has a good amount of seed heads (which my pigs think are treats), and it's long, very green hay...
  8. danav

    How Much? How much hay to order

    A 25 lb box of hay from Kleenmama's lasts about 3-4 months for my three girls.
  9. danav

    Reference Cage: Fleece Forest

    That's cute!! I have a corner "room" in my girls' cage, with fleece curtains on either side. I'm going to get new fleece soon and I just might make a fleece forest to switch out with the curtains, and try alternating them with every cage cleaning for some variety. Thanks for the idea! :)
  10. danav

    How Much? How many lb of hay

    I usually get a 25 lb box from KM's and we use a hayrack, too. It lasts my three girls right around 3 months.
  11. danav

    Hay Who's tried this season's Kleenmama's?

    The bluegrass I had from KM last year was spectacular. What I got this year (late fall) is really nice hay, except that it's FULL of very hard stems, of all sizes (I've had some an inch long, some upwards of 15 inches long, some very thin and some super thick). I have to sit and pick out stems...
  12. danav

    Painting Coro

    Would paint even stick to plastic coroplast? I'm thinking it wouldn't work at all. I currently use fleece sheets that I made that come up and over the sides of the coroplast, completely covering it. Looks great. I know you said you don't want to do that, you like flat pads better...but I'm...
  13. danav

    Hay Does hay have to be green to be good?

    I asked this question on another thread and it seems to have gotten lost there, so I'm starting another thread to ask. Does hay need to be green to be good for the pigs? We usually use Kleenmama's hay, which is wonderful. But I thought we'd try to find a local supply to save some money...so I...
  14. danav

    Hay Bales Of Hay?

    Ugh, my husband got home a little while ago from making the trip to pick up the hay, and it's NOT green. The entire bale is very much brown/yellow. It IS soft. It doesn't smell bad, but it doesn't have that nice smell I'm used to from KM's hay. Can I even feed this to them since it isn't...
  15. danav

    Hay Do we have any definitive info on safety of fescue?

    I've been looking around for local hay to cut costs (LOVE Kleenmama's hay but if I can get local hay for a fraction of the costs, I need to do that). There are several places nearby advertising grass hay (orchard and timothy) but they mention that it is mixed with fescue (and many of them, with...
  16. danav

    Fleece Getting hair off fleece

    I vacuum my fleece - that helps.
  17. danav

    Hay Bales Of Hay?

    I've just seen a few posts around here about problems with fescue (some kind of mold issue, I think) - so I'm not sure about it and would rather stick to something without it.
  18. danav

    Hay Bales Of Hay?

    I had never thought to look for hay at area farms until I read this thread yesterday...so I checked around and found a few places listed on craigslist. One farmer I just talked to this morning says he has 2nd cutting orchard grass - he says it's very clean and nothing but orchard grass (I...
  19. danav

    Blankets Review: UHaul blanket

    How did these do when you cut them? Did you need to stitch the edges to keep them from unraveling or to keep insides from coming out? Or are they more like felt or fleece in the way they are constructed?
  20. danav

    Mattress Pad Better, cheeper mattress pads

    Thanks for answering! Yes, batting would be the fluffy layer between the fabric layers (like in a quilt). I'm intrigued...I would love to give these a try!