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  1. skoolmarm

    Behavior What funny/cute mannerisms do/does your piggie(s) have?

    I'm loving all of these stories and hope people will keep them coming! Along with the normal wheeking and standing on their 2 back legs against their corral when they know it's veggie time, 1 of my 4 girls, Penny will ring her toy bell like mad and will not stop till the veggies are served...
  2. skoolmarm

    General Poops, Poops, and more Poops!

    I was only shocked for about the first week! Now, I have learned to live with the poop that happens between my 2 daily spot cleanings. There is no such thing as having a poopless GP corral! They eat, drink, sleep, poop, and popcorn in their corrals constantly, so I know they're happy and that's...
  3. skoolmarm

    Piggymum from New Zealand

    Hello there! It seems we are both in a FULL house! My wife and I have 4 children (ages 7-16), 3 mini-doxies doggies, and our 4 piggies! We often joke that we need to get rid of the kids to make room for more pets! We love our furry babies, but we too know our limits! All of this makes life worth...
  4. skoolmarm


    I got my first two girls a few months ago and have been hooked... or rather obsessed ever since! My first 2 girls were from a student of mine who had become a little overwhelmed with all of her pigs. Then about a month ago, I was browsing Craig's List and found an ad for 2 unwanted piggies from...
  5. skoolmarm

    General Which Pet Stores to Support?

    I already have my 4 girls-- 2 from a student of mine who could no longer care for them and 2 from a neighbor who plain didn't want them any more, so I'm happy to report that my aren't from any pet store. And I am not looking to get more! LOL-- Also, I get my pellets and hay from a local farmer...
  6. skoolmarm

    General Which Pet Stores to Support?

    That's the problem though. If that's the case, I don't know of any pet stores that do not sell any animals in my area. Even my local, non-chain store sells fish, turtles, and small critters. I was hoping somebody had ideas though.
  7. skoolmarm

    What's your cost per guinea pig?

    I just wanted to add that I'm glad I'm not the only one who spends time searching "guinea pigs" on CL "just to see"!! ;-) My wife teases me about it, so now I can tell her I'm not the only one who does it!
  8. skoolmarm

    General Which Pet Stores to Support?

    With all the information available to us about the major pet store chains inhumane practices, which pet stores should we be supporting? I am a fairly new piggy momma, so I would like to be confident about where I purchase my piggy supplies. *Luckily, I live near many farms and farm suppliers...
  9. skoolmarm

    General Nightly Chores.

    I am new to all of this and I am glad to know that I am not the only one. I was beginning to think that I was simply neurotic about my girls! I spot clean, refresh pellets, water, and hay, give them their salads, and vacuum around their corral before and after work. Floor time, treats, and...
  10. skoolmarm

    Pet Stores Petco and Petsmart supplier

    I am a new guinea pig owner and have quickly become obsessed with learning how to take good care of my little girls. I got my first 2 sisters from a student of mine that had an accidental litter. I got my 2nd set of sisters from another family that could no longer care for them. I am happy that...
  11. skoolmarm

    Adopting Identical Twin GPs?

    So far, I haven't noticed any physical differences. It's too soon for me to know about differences in personality. But I will keep you posted! I love all of your ideas-- but I am really liking Anastasia and Drizella! I like people names for my pets, I think it gives them more personality! I'll...
  12. skoolmarm

    Adopting Identical Twin GPs?

    I just picked up a pair of little sister GPs today. They are adorable, but my only problem is that they're identical! They are sold black Abyssinian with a small white stripe on their head- almost like a mohawk. I cannot tell them apart and so I'm having a hard time naming them. Any ideas...
  13. skoolmarm

    Behavior Shake shake shake shake a shake it!

    I have yet to give mine a bath, so I can't wait to see them shake it!
  14. skoolmarm

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) I'm totally hooked!

    It's nice to know that I'm not the only one that hooked so hard and so fast! I just recently got my 2 baby girls and I find myself looking for more constantly! I have also become hooked on reading up on everything I can about GPs. What fun!