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  1. Neocavyowner

    Our Boys

    Just thought I would attach a few pictures of our pigs. The brown one is Tucker and the white and grey one is Sisco. I also included a picture of the cage I built. I hope you all enjoy.
  2. Neocavyowner


    That is it! I just put fresh hey in their cage. Thank-you!
  3. Neocavyowner


    I have heard what sounds like a couple of sneezes from one of my boys. I was not able to identify which one did. They are both active and seem to be fine. Do I need to worry, or is this normal?
  4. Neocavyowner

    What are the benefits of having two guinea pigs?

    A second cavy will give your little guy some company. Show your mom this link. Guinea Lynx :: Companionship
  5. Neocavyowner

    Cage question

    A 4x3 willl not work. The sheet of coroplast is not wide enough. A 5x2 will work. Since most grids are 14'' long and not 12''. I have my two guys in a 5x2 and they love it.
  6. Neocavyowner

    Floor time space

    I block off my kitchen for floor time. This is not a whole lot larger than my currnet pen of 2x5. Is this ok, or do I need to find a larger space? It is larger than my cage, but not by a lot. Thank-you for your help.
  7. Neocavyowner

    Watery eyes

    It could be minor. Your pig my have scratched his eye on some hey. I would take Eli to the vet. It is better to be safe. Here is a page that I came across. Guinea Lynx :: Eyes
  8. Neocavyowner

    Intro Question

    My girlfriend and I have been going through the introduction process. Our pigs did not fight. I have heard that is harder to introduce an older pig into a younger pigs environment. You might want to introduce them on neutral ground. Clean your cage, and after a proper introduction put them in...
  9. Neocavyowner

    Super Exicted!

    Ah thank you, why does the gramar mean alot here? I thought it was something basic like discussion of the pigs?
  10. Neocavyowner

    Super Exicted!

    Ah yea, We built a 2 by 5 cage and we have coplast so that type of thing i guess its a bit bigger than two mim needed, so but eventually we will make a second level or make it a bit bigger, but i hope till that comes, it will be in the bigger place cuz i dont think i need them to take up MORE of...
  11. Neocavyowner

    How do I find out what breed they are?

    Hey, Im just begining to be so drawn to check out a bunch of sites and such, but what is the best site to find out what breed is tucker and sisco? tucker seem to have two different shades of brown i guessn common short hair and i know sisco is a mix, hes white and grey. I will have to post a...
  12. Neocavyowner

    Super Exicted!

    oh i meant about the drops, it isnt for water * i dont think* its a treat. my friend who had one and she made a mistake not giving her enough vitamin c she eneded up losing all her furr and she had to be put down since she couldnt even control her self or move such on. and was supposed to have...
  13. Neocavyowner

    Super Exicted!

    Hey you guys! Oh man, when I was surprised with Tucker (five month old pig) I'll admit i was scared! I didnt know what to do because i never taken care of animals like cavies in general i was the basic person knowing about cats and dogs and rabbits in general *thro a friend* so we got him a 4...
  14. Neocavyowner

    Reference Pigs Not For Kids: True Story

    Thank you. That brought a tear to my eye. I agree with an ealier post. You should take up writing. You have a real tallent. I will not let my young child have a pet like that.
  15. Neocavyowner


    I just got my 2nd cavy from the same person that I got my first one from. We introduced them for about 30 minutes on flor time. They were chirping and chasing eachother. I read the page on social life and they are deffinately doing the dominance game, but have made no threating behavior. I...
  16. Neocavyowner

    I need help with my guinea pig!!!!

    I just got my pig, and built the cage. It is pretty easy. I got two orginize it Kits from Target and some zip ties. If you can your local sign store they should have the cloroplast. I bought mine for $13.90. It took a little trial and error, but it is a pretty easy. Take a look at the directions...
  17. Neocavyowner

    What does it mean when he jumps?

    Hey, Again me and my boyfriend had this lil guy for less than a week, we been trying to tame him (he is 5 months old) getting a buddy tmr, but we are pretty sure we are gonna keep them seperated for a few weeks since the new guy will be 4 weeks old, but we are checking around. Ive finally...
  18. Neocavyowner

    Noises and popcorning

    How do I tell a good noice from a bad one? Also, What is popcorning? I have heard the phraze but don't know what it is. Thanks for the help!
  19. Neocavyowner

    kiln dried pine shavings?

    Check around for a farm supply store. I payed $6.99 for a bag that expands into 10 cubic feet!
  20. Neocavyowner

    Some advice for a newbie?

    I don't know. I responded to a craigslist add. My pig is 5 months old. He came with a small cage for free and she refered me to this site for a better cage. She gave me an older book on caring for him. She gave me all this for free and is charging me $10 for a baby that I will be picking up on...