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  1. SquigglyPigs

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Possible Chronic Respiratory Problems

    Hi! I recently acquired a new female guinea pig from someone giving her away on NextDoor. She is 3-4 years old and has lived on low-quality pine bedding her entire life. I have had her quarantined from my other pig for about 3 weeks. She occasionally makes small clicking sounds when breathing...
  2. SquigglyPigs

    Aggression Introductions are not going well!

    Okay thanks. Yes I did clean absolutely everything and had the fleece draped in a way that it seemed like a hidey across the area. It’s hard to find a time to do it for 8 hours because I have to supervise constantly because the bites happen so fast. I’ll try to find a time this week.
  3. SquigglyPigs

    Aggression Introductions are not going well!

    They were in the neutral area for 4 hours today. I thoroughly cleaned the entire cage with 50/50 vinegar and water solution. They didn’t have any hideys - just fabric draped over areas. I had step stools as hideys at the beginning but they were still getting trapped with multiple entrances so I...
  4. SquigglyPigs

    Aggression Introductions are not going well!

    I have a 3.5 year old female pig, Bean who lost her friend several weeks ago. I adopted another female that is the same age, Apple, and introductions are not going great. I did a 2 weeks quarantine of Apple and introduced them in neutral territory. There was lots of chasing, rumblestrutting...
  5. SquigglyPigs

    Tumor Experiences with Senior Guinea Pig Surgery?

    My 5 year old female guinea pig, Mu, has been losing weight fairly quickly and may have a tumor (possibly ovarian but that's just my guess from feeling). She is otherwise acting very healthy and happy, but I have had guinea pigs and rats in the past with tumors and I know how quickly they can go...
  6. SquigglyPigs

    General Loads of fruit flies

    Another good way to get rid of fruit flies is put a piece of banana in a jar and then attach plastic wrap to the opening of the jar with a rubber band. Then stab the plastic wrap a few times with a fork. The flies will go in to eat the fruit but won?t be able to get out. This will only work if...
  7. SquigglyPigs

    Conditions How can you tell if a guinea pig is in pain?

    A big indicator of pain is being puffed up and hunched into almost a ball, not wanting to move. They will also not eat food if in lots of pain.
  8. SquigglyPigs

    Fleece Making a Kitchen

    It should be fine to cut the edges. I like to use this edging around cut coroplast to protect sharp edges as well as discourage chewing: https://www.guineapigcagesstore.com/candc-edging
  9. SquigglyPigs

    Pigsitting Separate or together

    They will likely need to be re-introduced if you separate them for vacation. I would look for a sitter that will take both.
  10. SquigglyPigs

    Eyes/Non-crusty Fatty Eye Tissue - When to see vet?

    Hi everyone! My piggy, Nim, has had fatty eye tissue under one of her eyeballs for about a year and it hasn't caused her any issues. Recently, she started getting fatty tissue also coming down from the top of that eye as well. It still doesn't seem to bother her at all but should I see a vet...
  11. SquigglyPigs

    I'm craving some pictures of piggies today

  12. SquigglyPigs

    Herbs Is this herb mix safe for piggies?

    Okay thanks. That's kind of how I was leaning too. I work at an animal shelter so I'll just give it to the birds there.
  13. SquigglyPigs

    Herbs Is this herb mix safe for piggies?

    I bought some chew toys off of a bird website for my guinea pigs and got a free bag of dried herb salad. This is the list of ingredients: red clover blossom, echinacea, chickweed herb, dandelion leaf, plantain leaf, garlic flakes, oat straw, yarrow flower, licorice root, milk thistle seed, kelp...
  14. SquigglyPigs

    Skin Problems Does this sound like a fungal infection?

    So I work at an animal shelter and I showed the in house vet some photos and described the issue. She said it looks like dry skin and if it were ringworm, it would have most likely caused some hair loss or lesions by now since they've been itching for months. I always have a humidifier in the...
  15. SquigglyPigs

    Skin Problems Does this sound like a fungal infection?

    I use fleece with uhaul under it. I wash it once a week.
  16. SquigglyPigs

    Skin Problems Does this sound like a fungal infection?

    We're on day one of applying monistat and I felt so bad. One of my pigs, Mu, has had dry looking skin on the bottom of her feet and when I gently rubbed the monistat on them, she made little cries of pain. :( I will keep doing this twice a day and I really hope it helps!
  17. SquigglyPigs

    Skin Problems Does this sound like a fungal infection?

    Okay thanks! They were treated with the durvet pour on liquid for 3 weeks on two different occasions (the most recent being 2 weeks ago). I treated them all once a week for 3 weeks using the Guinea Lynx instructions.
  18. SquigglyPigs

    Skin Problems Does this sound like a fungal infection?

    Let me start off with saying all pigs have been treated for mites recently so I don't believe mites are the problem. My three pigs have been itching more than usual the past couple of months. I thought it was dry skin because we live in a dry climate so I hooked up a humidifier that runs...
  19. SquigglyPigs

    Flags Please flag breeder

    Another breeder that wants to trade all of her baby Guinea pigs for a chinchilla :( http://denver.craigslist.org/pet/5467424460.html
  20. SquigglyPigs

    Behavior My Guinea pig is acting strange, does anyone know why? PLEASE HELP!!!

    I have one guinea pig that HATES having her back pet. She kind of bucks her back legs like a horse to get my hand away from her and makes an annoyed sound. She's been treated with ivermectin twice but we've now come to the conclusion that she just doesn't like us touching her spiky hair on her...