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  1. laylahzoemom

    RIP Laylah

    My baby girl Laylah passed away today. She was acting fine when I went to bed last night and ate a bowlful of veggies. When I got up this morning she was not using her back paws, flopping all over, and not eating/drinking. I called my vet who told me to take her to the emergency room at UPenn. I...
  2. laylahzoemom

    Water Ice cubes

    I give my piggies ice cubes and have never had a problem. They lick them, but will lose interest after awhile and I just take it out.
  3. laylahzoemom

    I'll miss my little snowflake

    Oh no! My heart aches for you. So sorry for your loss!
  4. laylahzoemom

    Nails/Nail Trimming Crooked nail? How to calm during nail cuttings?

    I put a towel over my piggies' faces (not tightly, just laying on top) when I cut their nails. It seems to disorient them enough to get it done quickly. Has never taken me more than 5 minutes per pig. My girl Zoe doesn't mind because she likes to be under the towel anyways. She's always trying...
  5. laylahzoemom

    Conditions Weight Difference

    Good news!!! The lump is a benign cyst. They aspirated it and it was clear fluid so there is no infection or cancer. The risk of surgery outweighs the benefits at this point, so she shouldn't get it removed unless it grows big enough to interfere with her eating. She was my normal wild child at...
  6. laylahzoemom

    Conditions Weight Difference

    Yes, the kennel she goes to is at the vets so they can take care of her. I don't want to leave her for emotional reasons but she'll be okay with them. I will update when she gets back from the vet on Friday.
  7. laylahzoemom

    Conditions Weight Difference

    I was giving the piggies a bath last night and actually found a lump on the throat of the piggie who weighs less. I have noticed an increase in her drinking so I'm thinking maybe she has a thyroid cyst or something that would link all her symptoms together. She goes to the vet on Friday! I am...
  8. laylahzoemom

    Conditions Weight Difference

    I have two female guinea pigs who live in separate C&C cages because they do not get along. They are given the same amount of food a day (1/4 cup timothy pellets, fresh timothy hay, and 1-2 cups of vegetables/fruits). I am confused because their weights are so different. My one girl is 1.4...
  9. laylahzoemom

    Behavior What do your guinea pigs do to you?

    I have two girls, Laylah and Zoe. My girl Laylah (who is 4) sits in the hood of my sweatshirt so she can hang out with me while I'm on the computer. She climbs up there herself. Both of my girls love to kiss (lick) my hands and my face. They yell for food whenever I'm in the kitchen and greet me...
  10. laylahzoemom

    Infection Snowed In w/ Possible Ear Infection

    Sorry to hear about your problem. We're stuck in PA under inches of ice which isn't much better. My brother lives in Madison, WI but is on business in LA... lucky guy. I don't really know what to do about an ear infection, but I thought I could offer some moral support. Hope your little girl is...