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  1. Janani.R.S

    Helloooo! I'm new :)

    Welcome! I love those names you gave your guinea pigs and hamster and I'm glad you are SO excited about them! I hope to see you post some more!
  2. Janani.R.S

    Two baby male guinea pigs for adoption (New York City)

    They are both adorable! I am very happy you found them a good home! They are too cute to forget about!
  3. Janani.R.S

    7 guinea pigs in need of a home

    I would open up a new home for them but I am really far away from there. I'm really sorry, I mean it! I hope you find them a good home! 2 days have passed, has anything happened lately? Keep us updated for the first few day, I really do hope your sweet piggies will find a home!
  4. Janani.R.S

    In Memory of Giney

    I am so sorry. Giney is a sweet little guy. Always keep him close to your heart.
  5. Janani.R.S

    General Wanting to get a second guinea pig

    The earlier you get a friend the better, with a friend they will both feel like they are not alone and they will become braver to approach you with their friend. Also, if one of them is braver than the other, the brave one will approach you and the shy one will realize you are nothing to be...
  6. Janani.R.S

    Hello!! Meet my babies and my little angel💚

    You're pigs are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!
  7. Janani.R.S

    Pregnancy Pregnant pig won?t walk.

    Yes, you are right, we can see the babies wiggling inside the stomach. I think Soecara is right, she does look like she is about to give birth in a few weeks. Get ready!
  8. Janani.R.S

    In memory of Margaret

    I'm so sorry you lost her. She achieved something really big! She reached the age of 7, ( she actually lived more than that ) be happy! You took such good care of her! She is very special, don't forget that. She will always live in your heart. I really hope you feel better. Rest in Peace, Margaret
  9. Janani.R.S

    Pregnancy I rescued a pregnant guinea pig and I?m worried sick about her.

    So glad that she made it!!!! I knew she could do it!
  10. Janani.R.S

    New in New Zealand

    Aww! Your pigs are so cute! Chloe looks like an American while Randy is like Abyssinian in the front and Teddy in the back, Randy is like a mix while Chloe is just American.
  11. Janani.R.S

    Pregnancy I rescued a pregnant guinea pig and I?m worried sick about her.

    Awww! Feel better soon, always believe that your piggy will make it!
  12. Janani.R.S

    Hello! First time owner

    It could be that you are giving her too much food, she might see that she has a lot of food so she will know that she will have a lot to eat later so she isn't eating it, that's a problem with my piggy, Pebbles, if he sees a bowl full of food he wants to save for later and do something else but...
  13. Janani.R.S


    https://pethelpful.com/rodents/5-Most-Common-Guinea-Pig-Owner-Mistakes I highly recommend reading the article I posted above, it is very helpful. Hopefully, you won't make the same mistakes!!!! :)
  14. Janani.R.S

    One little piggy soon to be two. Not great luck so far.

    Awww! She is so cute! I hope she gets better soon and I hope you feel happier!
  15. Janani.R.S

    Feet Tips for nail clipping

    https://www.wikihow.com/Cut-Guinea-Pig-Claws I posted a link above, hopefully it will help you!
  16. Janani.R.S

    Play High jumping guinea pig!

    Awww! Rex is so cute! Rest in peace Rex, warmest wishes to you and Rex.
  17. Janani.R.S

    Play High jumping guinea pig!

    Oh, guinea pigs.... THEY CAN JUMP ALL RIGHT! �� Pebbles jumps everyday he once banged his head on the cage from jumping so widely!!!!
  18. Janani.R.S

    Diet what veggies should by piggies be eating?? overeating?? schedule?

    There is never too much hay, hay makes up 80% of their diet. You can put as much hay as you want, if the hay finishes, put more, guinea pigs need fresh hay all the time and anytime.
  19. Janani.R.S

    New GP owner. Scared piggy

    It is fine to pick him up with a soft blanket, he will probably feel more comfortable because he hasn't been held by hand too much. Don't let him go when he wiggles because he learn that every time he wiggles you will let him down, you don't want him to learn that. When he wiggles try to comfort...
  20. Janani.R.S

    Joy Share Your Favorite Guinea Pig Treat Recipes

    Re: Share Your Favorite Guinea Pig Recipes Um... YEAH! Don't wanna scare anyone here.....