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  1. GeekPrincess

    Fresh Food Example veggies you give?

    Daily: Green pepper, red or green lettuce (whatever looks best when I go to the store honestly), a baby carrot each, a cherry tomato each. Once or twice a week: a treat, usually some apple, strawberry or an orange slice. That depends on the fruit I have for myself for the week. They also get...
  2. GeekPrincess

    Chewing Question on wood for cage?

    According to the ikea website there's a clear acrylic coat on the bed. roduct description Main parts: Solid pine, Clear acrylic lacquer Bed base slats: Solid pine Panel: Fiberboard, Foil, Acrylic paint I'd make any kind of insert you were planning on putting in the bottom high enough to...
  3. GeekPrincess

    Hay Standlee hay?

    I've gotten the 10lb boxes of Standlee brand for the last year. It was hit or miss this fall and I'm currently getting oxbow because my local pet store has it fairly cheap. My boys don't care the brand as long it's green and soft. They prefer orchard over Timothy which is fine with me. I wish...
  4. GeekPrincess

    Fleece Fleece from Joann won't wick.

    Care fresh sticks to fleece like there is no tomorrow.
  5. GeekPrincess

    Fresh Food Can I freeze fresh peppers?

    Drat. That's what I was afraid of. Oh well. It was good idea in theory. Thank you!
  6. GeekPrincess

    Fresh Food Can I freeze fresh peppers?

    My local grocery store is having a decent sale on peppers right now - if I were to buy a bunch, slice and freeze them would that be ok? Obviously I'd defrost before feeding. Thanks!
  7. GeekPrincess

    Sounds Are Julia's constant little sounds normal?

    My boys both make little noises as they go about their piggy business. I think it's cute
  8. GeekPrincess

    Diet First time for corn husk

    My boys were bummed when corn season ended since it mean no more husks or silk. They have forgiven me for now, but I know they'll be so excited come summer.
  9. GeekPrincess

    Play Watching tv with your guinea pig

    I frequently watch tv with a pig on my lap, they never seem bothered by it. They can also hear the tv from where the cage it. Once and in a while they'll wheek at a noise on the tv (the tardis dematerializing specifically) but they wheek at my radiator so I don't if the noise bugged them or if...
  10. GeekPrincess

    Photo of the WHEEK! contest: Piggy Noses

    What's a "phone" mom? Can I eat it? No? I I should smell just to be sure.
  11. GeekPrincess

    General What have you called your guinea pigs please???

    Sir Carlton of Bacon and Sir Pumpkin of Sweet Potato. Or just Carlton and Pumpkin.
  12. GeekPrincess

    Chat Do you do anything special for your piggies over the holidays?

    I'm going to this year - At least with their liners
  13. GeekPrincess

    Genitals Need **URGENT** help-- Burst testicle and weight loss????

    It's a guinea pig not a dog, why would it stop eating because it missed you? I spent a month in the hospital in January and my boys ate quite well. I'd see if you can find another vet.
  14. GeekPrincess

    Chat How old are you as a guinea pig owner?

    I'm 25 and they are my babies.
  15. GeekPrincess

    Hay Oat hay - a nice treat or terrible idea?

    As I said - a treat. I know oats are a grain, and I would never think I could replace it for Timothy or orchard grass. I just wanted to make sure it would hurt them if I gave it occasionally. but thank you, for answering my question.
  16. GeekPrincess

    Hay Oat hay - a nice treat or terrible idea?

    I recently found a local pet shop that just sells supplies, no live animals. They have a nice small animal selection and their prices are better than petsmart. In the hay aisle they had smallish bags of oxbow oat hay. I was wondering if that might be a good idea for a hay treat? The bags were...
  17. GeekPrincess

    Conditions Inch-long white squishy thing?

    Always ask your vet about weird things that come out of your pets bum. It could be tape, could be a parasite, may even be string of some kind. If it is a parasite I think all your pigs might have to be treated, I'm not sure on that one though.
  18. GeekPrincess

    Keeping Warm c&c cage in basement?

    When we had a mouse this spring it bypassed the pig cage in favor of the cat food. I watched it. (From a distance, cowering in fear). As long as you don't have hay all over the floor you should be fine.
  19. GeekPrincess

    How Many? How much do you spend per month on your piggys?

    $15 for veggies, $20 on hay, $5 on pellets (a $10 bag lasts me 2 months, they aren't big pellet eaters) $8 at the laundry mat. $48 a month, maybe less, I'm estimating the veggies. But between them and kitty litter/kitty food we spend about $80 a month on animal care, and it's split almost down...
  20. GeekPrincess

    Hay Large amount of hay

    I'm looking into finally being able to buy bulk hay. What I'm wondering is can I store it in a properly ventilated storage bin on my balcony? Like holes in the side with mesh over it? Or am I asking for creepy crawlies to get in? I know I'll probably have to bring it in the dead of winter/during...