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  1. QuadB

    Behavior teeth chattering?

    I guess my main concern is do I put him back in his cage? Or continue cuddle time? I want to respect him and I'm unsure of the gesture.
  2. QuadB

    Behavior teeth chattering?

    I hope it means they are relaxed and content. That is the way he appears but then I would get so concerned he is chattering at me so I would get concerned! But I do notice it when I'm rubbing his nose bridge which he loves. His eyes always close. Hoping it wasn't a bad sign!
  3. QuadB

    Behavior teeth chattering?

    I know of the teeth chattering to other pigs showing dominance but do they do a very milder version to us mommas? A couple times bevo will start chewing although he's not chewing on anything and its lightly but it reminds me of the chattering. And he has done it while just laying on my chest. He...
  4. QuadB

    Joy poo poo everywhere!! lol

    Yep, find them everywhere. My puppy scruffy loves to eat the boys poos and at first I wouldn't let him but now that I know some can be nutrious I figured it won't hurt. So now if I see a poo I will call scruffy to clean it up for me
  5. QuadB

    Bonding Introducing 2 babies to already bonded young boars

    Thank you! Yes I am excited, and just hope all the boys get a long! A house full of boys!! I have 3 sons, 1 daughter, 4 boars, 1 male puppy and 2 male gerbils!! My daughter and I are the only ladies! ha I think the boys will do just fine and create such a handsome herd.. they are sooo...
  6. QuadB

    Bonding Introducing 2 babies to already bonded young boars

    I have 2 4 month olds and 2 4 week old, so they are barley a month. No adults yet so hoping since both pairs are still babies they can bond successfully.
  7. QuadB

    Bonding Introducing 2 babies to already bonded young boars

    Hello, I have read a ton on introducing boars... I currently have 2 young bonded boars (shortly bonded, only for a few weeks, but went very well) and they are about 4 months old.. I also have 2 4 weeks boars.. they are from the same litter, so they are bonded.. I have the two pairs spearated...