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  1. nousername

    Conditions A question on red eye guinea pig

    I understand guinea pigs do not have good vision. But they have strong smelling and hearing? What about red eyed piggies? One of my guinea pig is blonde and white and he has red eyes. I have this feeling that he is very confused for my presence. Usually albinos do have weak vision. To my point...
  2. nousername

    General The NAME game

    Precious =D
  3. nousername

    Behavior my guinea pig doesn't drink?

    casey's mommy, Yes I do, one for my old boy, one for this new boy. If I use syringe, I would need to force to hold him down and open his mouth? The little guy is not gonna be happy abut it, but I will definitely try. Can I use dish cleaner to clean the bottle and bowl, or just rinse them with...
  4. nousername

    Behavior my guinea pig doesn't drink?

    Thanks for the fast reply. The new guy is in a different cage in the living room. He was adopted 6 days ago from a rescue. He is still on his lice treatment. Do I need bottle water, or boiled cold water or just tap is fine? If I don't shake off the water from the veggie, should I put the...
  5. nousername

    Sexing Never had a female

    Do you work in a pet store? That's a lovely piggy=D
  6. nousername

    Behavior my guinea pig doesn't drink?

    I have never seen him drink. Every time he comes close to the water bottle, he would try to touch it but still he would never drink out of it? I change the water about every three days? Is that ok? His pee was cloudy white, but now yellowish? Since he doesn't drink too much water, I got him...
  7. nousername

    what to get for chew toys

    1st is the hardest, then it goes softer after each cut.
  8. nousername

    Hay Has anyone tried Kaytee Supreme Pellets?

    I've heard negative comments against the Kaytee brand. Well, mostly against their "Timothy Complete pellets". But has anyone tried their Supreme Pellets? I read many comments and recommendation online saying that it is very good. And piggies love it. Is it true? Or should I buy other brand...
  9. nousername

    Behavior Question about taming, frustrated

    mine does the same thing. He would hide in his house all day long and always wants to sleep. He only comes out when it's dark and no one is watching. But, if I put treat in front of him, he would comes out and bite it. Then he runs and eat in his house. He is very odd and sometimes depressing...lol
  10. nousername

    Where to Order? Where to buy hay in NYC?

    I was actually planning to buy from sweet meadow farm, I heard a lot of good reviews of them and their price is about 10 to 20% cheaper. I'm checking around my neighborhood tomorrow coz I think there's a bird seed store. Not sure if they carry hay. And y r you throwing away uneaten hay everyday?
  11. nousername

    Introductions Meet Punky!

    That looks YUMMY!
  12. nousername

    General What kind of music do piggies like? :)

    my old cavy loves Adele, the young one is not so into music...
  13. nousername

    Where to Order? Where to buy hay in NYC?

    Hay is very expensive in NYC, especially in Manhattan. 6lbs of hay costs me around 30 dollars. Check on the internet, a website called KMS sells 9lbs for 12 dollars plus a 16 dollars shipping. 3 lbs more but the price is pretty much the same. Does anyone live in NYC and know a place to get...
  14. nousername

    Behavior Depressed guinea pig

    I recently adopted two guinea pigs from a rescue. One is around 1 year old and another one is a Senior, 6 years old and last night Senior passed away. And ever since, we removed Senior's body. The other has acted all depressed. He just sits in the corner for hours and not eating nor drinking...
  15. nousername

    Coroplast Free sources to get coroplast?

    I couldn't find any in the neighborhood or anywhere close. I did my research online and notice that people are able to to find the used one for free. Electronic store and grocery will constantly throw them out. Does anyone wanna share their free coroplast story, it would be helpful for...
  16. nousername

    Skin Problems Scabbed sore/mites

    My guinea pigs are new from a rescue. I'm thinking to purchase this Amazon.com: Ivermectin Pour On, 250ML: Home Improvementust try to be safe. And this stuff is supposed to help us saving money. Dosage is mentioned for guinea pig in one of the review. "Our guinea pig had mites and was...
  17. nousername

    Skin Problems Scabbed sore/mites

    Mites can flare up when they are under stress? Does it mean guinea pigs always have mites? Therefore, the medicine we use can only oppress mites and not cure it?
  18. nousername

    General Summer concerns!

    I thought the pigs like it cool. Some owners even place ice pack under bedding during summer.
  19. nousername

    Behavior Separation anxiety?

    In Sweden. However, the law mentions that there are exceptions, for example if the individual is aggressive and there is a risk of injuries. If the pig is happy on his own, there's no need to push his owner to get another one.
  20. nousername

    Diet Can guinea pigs eat rice?

    I'm talking about white rice like we usually see in Chinese supermarket or diner. If they can eat it, should be raw or cooked? I have a whole bag of white rice at home:ohmy: