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  1. Supporting the Upper Levels

    Supporting the Upper Levels

    Thanks to an idea I saw in one other members cage, we used wooden beams to hold up the upper levels without any need for support grids. I am glad! Over the years and previous designs, me and support grids don't see eye to eye. :)
  2. The other unit (May 2010)

    The other unit (May 2010)

    This unit comprises two 2x5 levels, and one 3x6 + 2x2 L-shape. Each 2x5 holds 2 pigs, and the L-shape holds 5 pigs.
  3. One of the two units - May 2010

    One of the two units - May 2010

    3 level 2x5. Each level houses two pigs.
  4. cavy-cool-crazy

    Comment by 'cavy-cool-crazy' in media 'Cages for 14 (Jan 2010)'

    Why so many piggies...lots of rescues round here. I didn't think I could extend the previous design but turned out I could, hence the two new pigs. No more room now! Another new cage design in the pipeline though. :D
  5. Cages for 14 (Jan 2010)

    Cages for 14 (Jan 2010)

    Upper Left - 2x4 for 2 Upper Right - 2x4 for 2 Lower Left - 2x5 for 2 Middle - 2x5 for 2 Lower Right - 4x5 for 6
  6. cavy-cool-crazy

    Comment by 'cavy-cool-crazy' in media 'Cages for 12'

    crazycarrot, all the cages provide more room than the minimum guidelines on this website! Small would be 2x3 per pair of pigs, these have 2x5.
  7. Cages for 12

    Cages for 12

    In this cage - current design (Sept 09) - I have: 2 pigs in top 2x5 2 pigs in left 2x5 2 pigs in mid 2x5 6 pigs in 4x5 No more piggies now, 12 has to be it!!
  8. cavy-cool-crazy

    Comment by 'cavy-cool-crazy' in media '6x4ft Run'

    I have 12 pigs, she was definitely not alone!
  9. cavy-cool-crazy

    Comment by 'cavy-cool-crazy' in media 'Fun Toy Line-up'

    The carpet gets washed every 6 months or so, though veggie stains are a much bigger problem than urine! Poops are easily swept/vacuumed up. :)
  10. cavy-cool-crazy

    Comment by 'cavy-cool-crazy' in media 'Tuppence exploring new cage'

    Thanks all. Sadly she died on 4 January. I miss her beauty and attitude, she was a truly unique pig.
  11. cavy-cool-crazy

    Comment by 'cavy-cool-crazy' in media 'Divided Cage'

    It is divided because I have two separate groups of neutered boys and girls. They don't get on when all six girls are involved, plus one of the girls does not get along with other girls. So I have one neutered boy and one girl in the 2x3, and one neutered boy and five girls in th 4x3. Very...
  12. cavy-cool-crazy

    Comment by 'cavy-cool-crazy' in media 'Cages for 7'

    The lower level did get dark, I eventually had the larger number of pigs in the upper level with just two pigs at the bottom. Less mess, less dark. This is an 'old' cage design though, the current one is an open divided 3x7.
  13. cavy-cool-crazy

    Comment by 'cavy-cool-crazy' in media '6x4ft Run'

    I bought it from the rescue I adopted from, it's held together with brackets but it just 4 individual panels, with a hinged lid. I let the group of 6 in this run and the group of 2 in a smaller run. The pig in the photo is Tuppence, we lost her in January 09.
  14. cavy-cool-crazy

    Merlin, my beautiful coronet

    You know Merlin was a favourite of mine Trina. Rest well, sweet Merlin. xxx
  15. Divided Cage

    Divided Cage

    Two pigs in the 2x3 with 1x3 top. Six pigs in the 5x3 with 1x4 top. Soon to be extended to a divided 5x6.
  16. Open Divided 3x7 with 1x7 upper

    Open Divided 3x7 with 1x7 upper

    3 pigs in the 3x3 with 1x3 upper on the left. 5pigs in the 3x4 with 1x4 upper on the right.
  17. cavy-cool-crazy


    Tuppence-Poppy 17 June 2004 - 4 January 2009 I know I told you to leave us if you felt you could fight no more. I never dreamt you would actually leave us just hours later, though I knew you were so ill. I did all I could Tuppy Tutu, and I am sorry I was not there right at the very end...
  18. cavy-cool-crazy


    Lottie-Primrose 30th June 2002 - 27 December 2008 We shared three and a half wonderful years with our old lady. She was the most beautiful, loving character, and spent her last few days wanting cuddles. I let her snuggle up with me in my fleecy dressing gown for a while the last couple of...
  19. cavy-cool-crazy

    Goodbye Tanuki

    Bless him. The first picture is beautiful. I'm so sad to read that you have lost Tanuki. I had been wondering for some time how you and your dear little piggies were doing. *Hugs* to you Sari. xx
  20. cavy-cool-crazy

    Comment by 'cavy-cool-crazy' in media 'ogp_016'

    It's the milky discharge which pigs use to groom themselves with.