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  1. Amethysta

    Flags Flag CraigsList Breeder Ads

    Just an FYI, this post is mine, I'm not a breeder, please do not flag it: Guinea Pigs - babies to adults.
  2. Amethysta

    Blog Ever so slowly...

    Making progress with my piggies. Three went to great homes this past week... one that my husband wanted to keep. He took it in stride. Now he has his eye on Biggler... I swear, I have NEVER seen a pig this big after delivery. I swear he was the same size as the 2 week old trio. He is taking...
  3. Amethysta

    Blog A blog post I have not been looking forward to.

    :( I am so sorry... you gave her a great life, and I hope that she finds peace over the rainbow bridge.
  4. Amethysta

    Blog In over my head?

    I'm not as freaked out by the amount as I was. The kids have taken on the roll of helping Mom water and give hay.... my 8 year old is special needs, and he really has taken the initiative to help me care for them. Shocking because nothing usually seems to move him to do anything. He's talking...
  5. Amethysta

    Blog In over my head?

    Sorry it's taken so long to respond, I've been dealing with issues with my oldest daughter that doesn't live with me. lissie: I have them all listed by birthdate, mother and such now in my spiral notebook. Males are being separated as they hit 3 weeks old, I have four enclosures right now. One...
  6. Amethysta

    Blog In over my head?

    I have really tried to do the best I can with my herd. It's been a real challenge for me to not get very attached to "All" the pigs. I am not a breeder, and I am really concerned for how I will begin to re-home a ton of babies that I took the responsibility of when I brought their Moms here...
  7. Amethysta

    Skin Problems Does anyone know what this is?

    The top picture looks like it's a scab that healed than got picked or scratched off. (It looks like there is scabby type tissue on the hair next to the black patch). The other two - look to me like various stages of healing.
  8. Amethysta

    Behavior Guinea pigs are weird!

    Mine are just... weird all the way around. My kids can go into the "piggy room" and they'll all be wheeky screaming at them... until they realize it's not me. If you have to go anywhere in the house, you have to tip toe, they wheek like crazy at any noise around their room... sad because our...
  9. Amethysta

    Sexing Help with sexing?

    He looks like a she to me... however, the area is kinda blurry, and I've been wrong before. :o
  10. Amethysta

    Wood Pellets/Chips So.. I decided to make the change today.

    So far it's okay.. I haven't noticed much of a smell, have been taking zyrtec so allergies aren't clogging me up for a change. I will be watching their feet. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Amethysta

    Wood Pellets/Chips So.. I decided to make the change today.

    I decided this morning that I was going to clean the cages, and see how I like the pellets over shavings. One thing I didn't really take into account was how LOUD they would be walking :D ... so far we've used them under leaky water bottles, but today was the first time we are doing entire cages.
  12. Amethysta

    Flags Now this is just sad

    Yeah, it's the same person posting repeatedly. She's had her ad up since before Christmas when I was looking for a female cage mate for Pepper. Also, flagging you just have to click a button for why you are flagging, you'd click prohibited. They don't ask for further information. It takes a few...
  13. Amethysta

    Hay How long will 25lbs last?

    We had 12 guineas before the baby boom, and we had bought a 3 string bale of timothy hay (approximately 100 lbs) and still had about half a bale left 30 days later. We tend to feed lots in big piles, my pigs love to play in it, nest in it, eat it.. lay on it and eat it... pull it around their...
  14. Amethysta

    Paprika - 3 babies.

    Here is my introduction that kind of explains things. My blog is mostly pictures and boo-hooing about my life. :D https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/introduce-yourself/69565-i-apparently-forgot-introduce-myself.html I haven't blogged about how we got Nibbler, Velvet, and Sparkplug yet.. I...
  15. Amethysta

    Paprika - 3 babies.

    I have a link under my avatar.
  16. Amethysta

    Paprika - 3 babies.

    The only ones I know exact birthdates of are the 6 that were born here. I couldn't get exact birthdates for Muddy and Sapphiera out of the "Breeder". The week before Christmas is the best estimate.. so in order of who came first: Pepper (female) we were told she was over a year old when we got...
  17. Amethysta

    Paprika - 3 babies.

    Genders I'm not 100% sure on. I think there are 2 girls and a boy. One I am sure is a girl.. the other two, not so much.
  18. Amethysta

    Paprika - 3 babies.

    They were all rescues from Craigslist, with the exception of Paprika who I got from a pet store. I was expecting to have to deal with babies with Velvet and Nibbler because their previous owner had them "free for all" style in a room with no sexing or cages. Phoebe and Smudge came here in a cage...
  19. Amethysta

    Paprika - 3 babies.

    I do... with the last three born on March 2nd, we now have 18 total. I'm wanting them in a larger space, so I'm discussing with Ben (my hubby) the pros and cons of moving them to the garage. If our living room was bigger, I'd stick them in there too. Luckily we all seem to be attached to the...
  20. Amethysta

    Introductions questions!

    I use binder clips to attach things, that way it's easier to pull apart to clean and I'm not having to invest in ducktape every month.