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  1. cielo

    Adopt vs. Buy Getting a newborn in about 2 weeks

    With all respect Snowflower. She came here before buying. Most likely she knew about adoption already and choose to support a breeder or mill. Nobody is attaking her though. This forum is to educate people in all areas, not only in GPs care...
  2. cielo

    Biting Biting Grouch

    Did you treat him for mites? Sometimes they bite because it is painfull for them to be petted...
  3. cielo

    Cage My cage is totally stressing me out!!

    I love my cage! I have an L-shape 2 x 7 C&C cage. The base are grids and eventhought I thought that was not strong enough it hold my dogs paws pushings...WoW!!! I would have loved a wood base, since my weist will appreciate it more, but my handyman hasn't shown any interest on doing...
  4. cielo

    Comment by 'cielo' in media 'Penny, Chimicuino & Chibi's cage'

    Sorry, I just saw this coment... You can PMed me of still need help...
  5. cielo

    How does this person compare circumcision of infant boys and tail docking in dogs?

    The circumcision is not purelly cosmetic. It has the benefit of cleanness and not future possible infections because they are not taking care properly. Unless you spend 18 yrs remembering your kid to clean it and a lot of years doing it yourself. Good Luck trying to touch your 13 or 14 yrs old...
  6. cielo

    Pellets bugs in food?

    Go to walmart and ask for your money back! Insects in food doesn't sound good. You should check to get great quality pellets as it was stated before.
  7. cielo

    How Many? 3 or 2?

    If you can get her, is great! The shelters usually don't know a lot about GPs. I have 2 girls and 1 neutered boy. Introductions are different for every piggie, some are easy and some are very hard. Ask for the piggie temperament and be ready on how to introduce them. Remember to quarentine...
  8. cielo

    Pet store or rescue?

    If you leave your guinea pig there, they will take it to an unexperience vet. Never leave your piggei, if you don't know who is taking care of him/her. They can euthanize it and then give you a new one... The easy way out for them of course.
  9. cielo

    Pet store or rescue?

    For the people who thinks that buying fro PetSamart or Petco is good, Please, see this: http://www.petsmartcruelty.com/video.asp Then, please let me know, what do you think?
  10. cielo

    Pending adoption for 7 guinea pigs Need Help and Opinions

    Hey! I would suggest that you start with 2 or 3 piggies. They are great, but you need to get settle and see if you can actually handle more. There are people that have 20 + and they do great, but I can only handle 4. I started with 2 and then added 2 more (lost one along the way). There...
  11. cielo

    Pet store or rescue?

    If you want to save a life go to a shelter and rescue a piggie!!!
  12. cielo

    Is it possible?

    Weight her everyday. A sudden raise in weight indicates pregnancy.
  13. cielo

    Veg*n Confessions of a meat eater.

    Ground Beef is a mixed of parts. What is left from the cuts if you preffer. I don't mind eating anything that comes from an animal. But, if it looks gross I wouldn't have eaten it too. Hot dogs are another scary thing.
  14. cielo

    Hi from Weeki Wachee Florida

    Welcome to the forum! I pretty much see 2 big mistakes. For starters I would have not go to the petstore to get my GPs. There is a huge overpopulation problem and I am sure that you could have give a great house for any 2 in a shelter (waiting to get euthanized for lack of adoptive parents)or...
  15. cielo

    Answers from a breeder, And yet still no Answers?

    I think that is a great answer! If she share her knowledge to the new owners there is no way those piggies are happy...
  16. cielo

    Cutest think ever!

    It is that hope what I just felt!?!
  17. cielo

    Comment by 'cielo' in media 'Wet Pigs'

    I know those backs anywhere!!! Specially wet...
  18. cielo

    Feet What do NORMAL guinea-pig feet look like?

    Hey! The harness are really bad for their backs. We do not recomend it...
  19. cielo

    A Letter from a Shelter Manager: Sad, but totally true.

    ...I burst in the 11 millions kill every year!!!
  20. cielo

    Overwhelmed and Struggling

    I haven't read the responses sorry if I repeat, just breath and take it easy... Most people make a lot of mistakes and then fixed them, one by one. It took me several months to buy the grids for the C&C cage. Currently my hubby is without work and my income is not that great, but we just...