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  1. Amy262

    Sleep well Pearly-Girl

    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. You gave her a good, loving home while she was alive.
  2. Amy262

    Cage Green Dreamzzz Litter - has anyone tried this?

    I decided to order 2 bags of the crumbled paper litter you mentioned spy9doc, and 2 bags of the Green Dreamzzz. It appears to be new. The only reviews I found for it were on Amazon, and they were both positive reviews. I'll post back here after I use it and give my own review. :)
  3. Amy262

    Cage Green Dreamzzz Litter - has anyone tried this?

    Thank you for this info! I will check out the one you mentioned and give it a try. Thank you for your input about Yesterday's News. I didn't even think about the noise factor. They are in our bedroom (my husband and I), and we certainly don't want a noisy litter. LOL
  4. Amy262

    Cage Green Dreamzzz Litter - has anyone tried this?

    I have fleece throughout the entire cage for our piggies, but use litter in the kitchen area and in one litter box (that they actually do use). However, I really do not like CareFresh. It stinks. I clean their cage twice a day, and scoop out the areas where they have "gone", but I just don't...
  5. Amy262

    My Piggies and their cage

    They are adorable! Paige looks like she is saying "CHEESE!!!" :)
  6. Amy262

    Play How do you keep your Guinea Pig entertained?

    Our piggies have really enjoyed the willow twig tunnel I just bought for them a week or so ago. It's almost completely torn apart already!! They love chewing on it and it keeps them really busy. I like the fact that the tunnel is open on the bottom so they can't make a mess in it. I have...
  7. Amy262

    Joy poo poo everywhere!! lol

    @Brian - they poop constantly! It would be like the equivalent of us pooping 80 times a day. Lol One cup of veggies a day, in addition to their pellets and UNLIMITED hay and water. Strange places I've found poops? In my shoe. Hehe!!
  8. Amy262

    Coughing I think Cuddles ate some packing tape, now she's coughing

    I would think that because it is not digestible that it should pass right through her...kind of like when a kid swallows a penny. Keep us posted!!
  9. Amy262

    Skin Problems Coconut oil - is this brand ok?

    LOL!!! Oh my...I thought you meant that was the name of a website or brand for coconut oil for guinea pigs. There is a actually a website called Gorgeous Guineas. Hehe!! I don't know if they sell coconut oil....I should check. And yes, our piggies are very pampered!!
  10. Amy262

    Skin Problems Coconut oil - is this brand ok?

    Do you have a website link?
  11. Amy262

    Skin Problems Coconut oil - is this brand ok?

    Long story short...one of my guinea pigs had dry flaky skin that we have been treating for fungus using micazole lotion 1%. The fungal culture came back negative, but the vet had us treat her anyway, just in case. It cleared up the spot on her ear, and then the spot on her foot. However, I'm now...
  12. Amy262

    Cleaning Best way to disinfect cage after fungus issue?

    I'm now wondering if it is fungus at all. The culture came back negative, but the lotion cleared it up. I'm thinking it might just be dry skin. Neither one of the other pigs have had anything show up, so maybe Cinnamon just has severely dry skin. It is just flaky skin, that we thought MAY be...
  13. Amy262

    Behavior Rumbling...

    Going by the chart, I have the 10.5 square feet minimum for the bottom floor (for 3 girls it is 10.5 minimum and 13 preferred, which is 2x4 grids minimum and 2x5 grids preferred) and an additional 7.5 square feet for the second floor. I cannot expand the bottom floor, which is why the second...
  14. Amy262

    Behavior Rumbling...

    The constant rumbling is making me nuts! We have three girls who have been together since we got them at the end of November (and for all I know, they might be from the same litter). There had been some rumbling in the past, mostly Cinnamon bossing the other two around. But lately...holy moly...
  15. Amy262

    Fleece About to start using fleece.. but..

    I used to have fleece throughout the cage, with a separated kitchen area with fleece. I just changed that to have carefresh in the kitchen area. I actually like the new set up much better. I also changed their cage from three stories to two stories, with a larger two story area. The piggies do...
  16. Amy262

    Teeth Guinea pig got teeth caught on C&C cage

    Oh my goodness!! So, was she born without bottom incisors? Wow...great job taking good care of her, piggie momma!! I'm sure she is going to be very spoiled with veggies for the next few weeks!!
  17. Amy262

    Diarrhea Mushy poops?

    Just a thought...could the mushy poops be caused by the amount of water they are drinking? That is a lot of water per day. I know you don't want to restrict water, but I would ask a vet about that.
  18. Amy262

    Behavior Just need to vent it out

    Our Cinnamon is VERY vocal with her begging. Cocoa and Marshmallow beg, but not like Cinnamon. She associates food with my voice, so if it is close to veggie time (like within a couple of HOURS), she will start her wheeking. She does stop if I leave the room. But, as soon as I step back in...
  19. Amy262

    Autism Awareness!

    Yes, my son thrives on routine and schedules, as well. I'm the same way, and I have self diagnosed myself as being slightly OCD (some would say more than slightly LOL). He does well with change, though, and never had any meltdowns if our schedule changed. We have been very lucky in that he has...
  20. Amy262

    Autism Awareness!

    I'm sure it is different for everyone...just like all people are individuals in every respect. I have since asked my son why he sometimes won't look at my eyes when he talks to me, and he said it was "just hard to". I never push the issue. He is still pretty young, and for the most part, his eye...