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  1. NIUHuskieFan1

    RIP Paulie

    My dear friend Paulie died about an hour and a half ago. I started to notice that his eating and drinking habits changed on Thursday. He saw the vet on Friday, and she discovered a large buildup of gas in his belly. I took him home Friday night with some medications, but when I woke up Saturday...
  2. NIUHuskieFan1

    Have you ever seen your piggie's eyes closed?

    Paulie sleeps with his eyes closed quite frequently. I snapped a few pictures of it when I first saw it, thinking I wouldn't see it again. Now I see it often as he has his head on a piggie-made mound inside his hidey. He's a lazy but content pig. A few times I have sat down next to his cage and...
  3. NIUHuskieFan1

    Caring for Paulie

    Thanks for your advice. The vet (a different vet obviously than made the initial prescription) is fairly certain that even though it's been more than two months, the amoxicillin most likely played a predominant role in Dexter's death. The last two months have been a major roller coaster. I...
  4. NIUHuskieFan1

    Caring for Paulie

    Hi guys, I have a question for all of you. I recently lost my younger piggie Dexter after a long battle with GI problems that resulted from a vet prescribing him amoxicillin (some of you may remember him). However, I have an older pig by the name of Paulie. They were cagemates, although not...
  5. NIUHuskieFan1

    RIP Dexter

    My guinea pig Dexter died Sunday afternoon at just 2 years, 2 months old. Some of you may remember Dexter as I posted on here a few months ago about how a vet prescribed him amoxicillin and about the battle to keep him alive. He fought so hard the past few months through seven medications and...
  6. NIUHuskieFan1

    Thinking of Dexter

    I guess technically it's just five medicines since the sixth is simply vitamin C. His medicines include Metoclopramide (0.5 cc), Cisapride (0.27 cc), Baytril (0.22 cc), Metronidazole (0.43 cc) and Diphenhydramine (0.9 cc). Some of these medications are twice a day, others are just once a day...
  7. NIUHuskieFan1

    Thinking of Dexter

    Hi guys, Just posting a very positive update on Dexter. I got a call from the emergency vet this afternoon, and she said he was eating well, he was a bit more active, and he had passed a dozen or so stools since the previous night, all of which were in good form. Also, they said it was safe for...
  8. NIUHuskieFan1

    Thinking of Dexter

    He is being handfed currently at the animal hospital. They are giving him some syringe feedings as well as some other supplemental food. I just hope to see an increase in his droppings today.
  9. NIUHuskieFan1

    Thinking of Dexter

    Thank you all so much for your warm thoughts and prayers. There's not much to report on his condition. The vet at the emergency hospital said he is nibbling at his greens on occasion and did pass one dropping that had good form, but that was it. We all know how guinea pigs can poop, and they...
  10. NIUHuskieFan1

    Thinking of Dexter

    Hi all, I posted a thread yesterday concerning my guinea pig Dexter and wanted to give people an updated. First of all, thank you to those of you who helped me try and solve this current problem. In short, I took Dexter in for a vet visit about a week-and-a-half ago because his normally loud...
  11. NIUHuskieFan1

    Concern about medication

    Hi guys, I'm not a normal poster here, although I do read a lot of the posts from time to time. I'm very concerned about my youngest pig, Dexter and a medication that was prescribed to him. Just over a week ago, I noticed that his squeaks were very muffled, and he was wheezing a bit. I took him...
  12. NIUHuskieFan1

    Building new cage

    I want to build a new cage for my pig, Paulie, with the cubes and coroplast. I have a concern that I might be able to afford the bedding for a big cage. It's expensive with a smaller cage now. For those with the C&C cages, how often do you have to get new bedding? How much do you spend on...
  13. NIUHuskieFan1

    Looking for a male pig near Chicago

    Yes, I did. The only problem is the nearest location on Petfinder is at least 2-3 hours from me. There are still a few shelters that I haven't tried yet. I'm going to give them a shot. But let me know if anyone knows of a pig around Chicago. Thanks!
  14. NIUHuskieFan1

    Looking for a male pig near Chicago

    I'm looking for a younger male guinea pig to go along with my current male guinea pig, Paulie. I've had Paulie for almost two-and-a-half years now and would really like to get him a friend. The nearest place I've been able to find a pig for adoption is about 2-3 hours from here and all were...
  15. NIUHuskieFan1

    My pigs have gone crazy!!

    That is hilarious! I laughed for a good two minutes! Gotta love guinea pigs! Who says they're not "real pets!" They know what they're up to! lol
  16. NIUHuskieFan1

    Snowball is fat

    I've had the same problem with Paulie. He's had a small cage ever since I've gotten him. In the beginning it was OK because I had a townhome with an upstairs. His cage was upstairs, so he would run around a little bit downstairs and when it was time to go upstairs, I would catch him and put him...
  17. NIUHuskieFan1

    Yet another newbie

    Hi all! My name is Andy, and I live with my buddy, Paulie. He's a 2 1/2-year-old boar and is as cute as the dickens! I hope to have a picture up here soon, but he's all brown with a white spot on top of his head and a white beard. He's sitting here, wanting to type on the keyboard. He's a feisty...