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  1. Alusdra

    Pet Stores Disturbing

    It's not illegal to sell dogs and cats. Big petstores have switched to adoption partners with local rescues as it gives them good press and it makes less work for them. There is a store near my parents called "Just Puppies" or something like that. Same deal as described. Makes me really angry...
  2. Alusdra

    Veg*n My Rights Shut Down!

    The models they have are pretty cool, but they are certainly no replacement. Even the most sophisticated ones are still plastic and do not have the same feel as flesh. However- I don't think that dissection is needed before professional education. Below upper level undergrad courses, I don't...
  3. Alusdra

    So, we adopted a new dog...

    I agree with Ferndalezoo. Never pin your dog! It will not help and is punishment-based training. There is debate right now if puppies should be in classes before their last shots or not. On the one hand, shots are important to protect you pup. On the other hand, the critical period for learning...
  4. Alusdra

    Veg*n "Happy Cows" Truth about dairy industry! So disgusted

    There are some truths in that video, but also mostly it is either extreme, twisted, or false. It would be hard to tease out what from what. Really this is the sort of thing that you need to research from more objective sources, though a video like this can, I suppose, serve as a starting point...
  5. Alusdra

    Other New gerbil? Adding a gerbil?

    Gerbils do definitely like buddies, but (back when I had two) I read about how new gerbils would fight with each other. It must be possible to introduce them, otherwise you could never breed (not that you should, of course, but someone obviously is to have more gerbils)... two males? I don't...
  6. Alusdra

    Anyone get tonsil stones?

    I never heard of tonsil stones before. I'm glad I got my tonsils out as a kid! They were constantly making me sick and I couldn't swallow anything that was larger than like a grain of rice. I've been much healthier since getting them out. One grew back but it's tiny. My mother's grew back, too...
  7. Alusdra

    Beta Fish

    My roommate had a beta that was 'fine' in a pint glass for 2 years. I told her I wouldn't accept him being kept that way and put him in a spare 10 gallon tank with a heater and the difference was astounding! My roommate would stare and him zooming around and posing and say "wow, I had no idea he...
  8. Alusdra

    Other C&C cages for parrots?

    I don't think it's a good idea. It is probably toxic, and they likely can destroy and/or take a C&C cage apart. You're probably just going to have to take the hit and buy a nice powdercoated and/or stainless steel cage for >$100-300. Talk to the rescue you are thinking about getting the bird...
  9. Alusdra

    Pet tattoos...What's wrong with people?!

    I don't see why it's completely horrifying... weird and probably a bad idea, yes, but horrifying? The cat is anesthetized for the procedure and (hopefully) got pain meds afterward. So there was only the unnecessary risk of anesthesia for an elective procedure. It's not like for people where we...
  10. Alusdra

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Mineralized Lung Tissue

    Poor guy. I'm so sorry for your loss. You may want to consider a necropsy, to see if they can figure out what it was- both for your peace of mind and for the vet to know what to do if they ever see something like this again.
  11. Alusdra

    Adopting an adult American Pit Bull Terrier mix

    I read your other thread and I think you may be right- he does look like a French Mastiff or mastiff/pit mix. That's one of the many breeds that gets lumped in with 'pits'. That's still a big, strong dog though (with more slobber than a pit). If you do adopt him, you could almost certainly get...
  12. Alusdra

    Adopting an adult American Pit Bull Terrier mix

    I agree that getting an adult dog is better in order to know the temperament of the animal more definitely. Plus they tend to be less destructive and more laid back (and house-trained). Besides that, though, I don't disagree with the site. They aren't sugar-coating anything, but I've had an...
  13. Alusdra

    What should I expect personality and temperment wise from this breed mix of dog?

    Wolf-dogs require a TON of exercise and stimulation, more than most households can give, I think. Also they are illegal in some states.
  14. Alusdra

    What should I expect personality and temperment wise from this breed mix of dog?

    My uncle had a husky when he was younger that ate the inside of their car, the couch... possibly a wall... that mix sounds fairly high energy. "Shepherd" could mean a lot of breeds- most commonly German, but it could be Malinois, or a bloodhound giving the same back pattern, or any of the Asian...
  15. Alusdra

    Other Gerbils

    Dad does help with the litter- gerbils are actually pretty cute when it comes to their love of babies- I've even seen a virgin female nursing baby mice that the mothers were neglecting. BUT- in this situation, it is much more important not to have any more litters. She's probably already...
  16. Alusdra

    3 baby squirrels

    I didn't see this before- but in most if not all states, I'm pretty sure that it is illegal to have wildlife in your house unless you are a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.
  17. Alusdra

    Have you ever tried to eat pet food of any kind when you were a kid?

    Horse grain is pretty good, actually. And my friend gave out her dog's jerky treats to us guests (not bad, a bit bland). I ate some of my foster parrot's food because it was that colored stuff that isn't very good for them, and I tested it against the Harrisons- you could definitely tell. It was...
  18. Alusdra

    Pet Stores I just realised how bad pet stores are for myself!

    I was in one of the chain stores the other day as I'm thinking of maybe adopting a couple budgies off of craigslist at some point (there are always at least a couple). I just wanted to see one 'in person' as part of the decision process, plus check out a few caging options before buying online...
  19. Alusdra

    Water De-Chlorinate water?

    In some places it's necessary- where I lived in Pennsylvania for a while the tap water would literally kill house plants and made you gag if you drank it. That I Brita filtered and let sit overnight to de-chlorinate and such. But where I live now and where I grew up the water tastes great right...
  20. Alusdra

    Vet Head Tilt

    Not likely congenital if it's recent- which the post seems to suggest. What others have said on likely tests seems pretty good- though x-rays of teeth/heads can be tricky. CT is better, though expensive! That would be like step 3 after an ear infection or similar is ruled out, probably. If...