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  1. ellisa

    Pregnancy Opinions on my Pigs? (Could they be pregnant?)

    Have a look around the forum to read up on all the best possible care you can give them. Make sure they are meeting all of their nutritional and housing requirements. This forum is a great resource for everything guinea pig related. I suggested you browse around and read up on as much as you can.
  2. ellisa

    Pregnancy Opinions on my Pigs? (Could they be pregnant?)

    No I wouldn't separate the females. It will probably cause them more stress than needed and they're fine to be together if they're both pregnant as long as they get along well.
  3. ellisa

    Pregnancy Opinions on my Pigs? (Could they be pregnant?)

    First of all, are you sure of the sexes? If the little one is in fact a male you will want to separate it right away. http://www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm It is a definite possibility that they're pregnant. http://www.guinealynx.info/reproduction.html
  4. ellisa

    Eyes/Non-crusty Sheldon's Eyes - ulcerated cornea

    It's still pretty sad and angry today. He's pretty mopey right now, too. I find it bizarre that it hasn't really been responding to any of the eye drops. I maybe need to give it more time. Here are some pics. Pre eye wipe and drops: Post:
  5. ellisa

    Eyes/Non-crusty Sheldon's Eyes - ulcerated cornea

    Never mind, I spoke too soon. Just went in there to check on him and it's very red and angry looking. Cornea is pretty cloudy too, more so than this morning. Not really sure what to do now as I can't consult with the vet until Monday.
  6. ellisa

    Eyes/Non-crusty Sheldon's Eyes - ulcerated cornea

    Ok, thanks bp. I wasn't sure about that. I went ahead and did another dose after I initially started this thread. I'm going to do another one before bed. I just hope it helps and that it finally starts to clear up!
  7. ellisa

    General 4-h for guinea pigs

    No one is trying to make you feel bad. If you have a look around this site and over at guinealynx you will have many reasons to hate breeding.
  8. ellisa

    Eyes/Non-crusty Sheldon's Eyes - ulcerated cornea

    It's a bit more red, not a lot. I don't think it's more swollen. I think because it's a bit more red that it looks worse than it actually is. He hasn't been rubbing/scratching, but it must have been sore before the Metacam. He would make very unhappy sounds when I would wipe it. The Metacam has...
  9. ellisa

    Eyes/Non-crusty Sheldon's Eyes - ulcerated cornea

    Hey guys! I haven't been on in quite some time, hope everyone is well! So, for the first time in quite a while Sheldon's eye is acting up again. This time it started while I was away on vacation and he was in the care of my family. They took awesome care of him, but I hated not being there...
  10. ellisa

    Parasites Lice! HELP!

    I used Revolution to treat Sheldon's lice. It worked very quickly and I was able to give him a bath the next day to wash the dead lice out of his long locks. BP is correct, it does require a prescription. Two treatments took care of Shell's problem. I wouldn't use spray on treatments, especially...
  11. ellisa

    Behavior Can guinea pigs be ticklish?

    Is she kicking when you touch her lower back? She very well might not like to be touched there. What makes you think she's ticklish and not just annoyed?
  12. ellisa

    My Little Ball of Joy

    I am very sorry for your loss. :love:
  13. ellisa


    Penelope - Penny, Pen, Cloud, Cloud Poof, Penelpoe Sheldon - Shelly, Shell, Shelbee, Beefalo I'm sure I have more but I can't think of any more at the moment. Oh, and together they are Penn & Sheller! Get it? lol
  14. ellisa

    hamsters and holidays

    I would definitely make some sort of "to do" or check list for your cousin to go through. Hopefully this will ensure that everything that your hammy needs will be taken care of. I think it's a good idea that your cousin knows the brands of products that your hammy is used to just in case...
  15. ellisa

    Photo of the Wheek! Contest: Photoshopped/Edited Pictures!

    Penny & Sheldon Except Penny's saying "bazinga" instead of Sheldon! :p
  16. ellisa

    Photo of the Wheek! Contest: Photoshopped/Edited Pictures!

    This week's theme is Photoshopped/Edited Pictures! Please share your one best edited picture. Use the "Thanks" button to vote. :D
  17. ellisa

    Winner: 2013-06-17 RodentsRus!

    The winner of this week's video contest is @RodentsRus ! Congrats! Here's Cupcake & Muffin popcorning! lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ppU4T6R7_Bc
  18. ellisa

    VIDEO of the Wheek! Contest: Popcorning Pig(s)!

    We are currently at a tie! Let's get voting so we can name this week's winner!! :cool:
  19. ellisa

    Other Anyone have dogs?

    I have 2 bichon x shih tzu mixes. Here's Archie and Bosley! They turn 5 in July but they act like puppies. They're my cuddle munchkins. Archie is the bigger boy with the black face, Bos is the wittle boy. :love:
  20. ellisa

    Nails/Nail Trimming Trouble with Nail Trimming!

    Can you get someone to assist you? Nail trimming is always a 2 person job here. I do the trimming while someone else holds and feeds veggies. It works for us. Just make sure to have corn starch or something on hand in case you get the quick.