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  1. TheQueen

    Diarrhea in a heartbroken pig?

    Thanks Jennicat, I'll keep that in mind. Personally I don't really even see why Queen necessarily needs the antibiotics. The vet said the only thing that's wrong with her was that she had a slight fever, and that she's stressed out from the loss of Lola. But I also kind of think the fever has...
  2. TheQueen

    Diarrhea in a heartbroken pig?

    Thank you Jennicat. I have an update for you guys, too. I actually just got off the phone with the vet, and she talked to me about the Cefadroxil. She said she knows that you have to be careful with guinea pigs and antibiotics, and that she's actually seen the list I showed her before. She told...
  3. TheQueen

    Diarrhea in a heartbroken pig?

    Thank you thalestral. Today my mom took the printed versions of GL's safe and dangerous medications list to the vet for our vet to look at. The receptionist, was, to say the least, a little offended, but I could honestly care less. It's my pet, my money, and I'm not going to risk anything on...
  4. TheQueen

    Diarrhea in a heartbroken pig?

    Okay, I just got home. There's good news, and bad news. My mom took Queen to the vet today, and mind you, she's still perfectly normal, save a little sad. She's eating and drinking and everything. Her poops are much more firm, still a bit soft, but not much. The vet attributed this loose...
  5. TheQueen

    Diarrhea in a heartbroken pig?

    Edit: I just went in again to check on her, and she's definitely a bit out of sorts, which is completely normal as she's grieving for Lola, I'm sure. She's just kind of sitting in her pigloo; I put some hay down on the first floor for her and she's munching it steadily. Her latest poops have...
  6. TheQueen

    Diarrhea in a heartbroken pig?

    I always wash their veggies super well, and they eat KM's timothy pellets. However, they just ran out about two weeks ago, I have ordered another batch, it should come pretty soon; but that means they haven't had any pellets (all the stores near me sell crap), just lots of hay and veggies. They...
  7. TheQueen

    Diarrhea in a heartbroken pig?

    As you might have read in the "In Memory" forums, today I lost my baby girl, Lola. Her sister, Queen, was perfectly normal earlier today, and for the most part, she still is right now. She's eating and drinking normally, and besides being a bit more quiet than normal, she's just fine...
  8. TheQueen

    Rest well my sweet Lola.

    It is through a new wave of tears that I type this. I had always thought it would be much later, at least two or three years, that I would have to make this thread. I know I haven't been here on GPC in quite awhile, and it grieves me to think that this is the topic that's made me return. Today...
  9. TheQueen

    Pics of our four choices of adoption

    My personal favourite is the white and lilac with the coronet. (Bottom left.) But I like the TSW a lot, too. They are all so darling. Can't wait to see which one(s) you pick!
  10. TheQueen


    Awesome photos Jane! They are very very nice quality! I love the second one. National Geographic has a photo contest every year; you should totally enter it! Not spring here yet. We've still got a good 8in of snow, but the weather is a bit nicer, which is nice. It's getting warmer, too...
  11. TheQueen

    Betta questions

    Yeah, they can live happily with other fish. But more than one male betta can't live together. By the way, cusun, your Cyclone looks exactly like my Woo! Is he a crowntail? Here are a few of mine. Sorry about the quality, I'm still trying to figure out how to take perfect underwater pics...
  12. TheQueen

    Betta questions

    The soda bottle is a good idea. But, I don't know, after trying a few different things with my bettas, I just like their tanks without a filter better. They're clean and healthy and happy, and I guess that's all that matters. In addition, originating in rice paddies, bettas like still water...
  13. TheQueen

    Betta questions

    That is true, and that would be my concern as well, but when I did try using the filter in my tank, I could easily see the strain it was putting on Woo when he tried to swim around, even on the lowest setting of the filter. He would hide in his plant all day. The filter also took up a lot of...
  14. TheQueen

    Betta questions

    Yes, you can use a filter, but if you have a tank that's only 2.5 or even 5 gallons, it isn't going to cycle, and it's really going to be worthless. If you do weekly water changes, you should be fine. In addition, in a tank that small, the filter really takes up space that the betta could be...
  15. TheQueen

    Betta questions

    Bettas are excellent fish, very vibrant, full of personality, and very tough! That's one of the reasons why they make great pets; they can stand a lot before one "kills them". They're also very easy to care for! I have two; both of mine are in 2.5 gallon tanks. I use Mini Bow brand, and I...
  16. TheQueen

    Red Crawling Bugs on Hands after handling Pigs

    Ick! I would be very alarmed to find out me or one of my animals had those creepy crawlers! I have never even heard of them before. Are they like mites? Poor pet store pigs. Getting eaten alive, as if their lives weren't horrible already.
  17. TheQueen


    Oh, this could be fun. A favourite quotes thread! That's definitely a great quote, 4B! I was recently doing a project for my photography class, and of course I had taken pictures of different animals. The project was to overlay a quote on top of the negative to make a photogram. Basically a...
  18. TheQueen

    Temporary Cage

    That's great to hear! I'm sure Henry is loving all the space! And I'm sure he'll love his new C&C cage as well. He'll be so much healthier and happier.
  19. TheQueen

    Ok, heres the plan . . .

    I agree with Terekins. I know that you want pigs, and taking the time to learn about their proper care and such and finding some to adopt rather than buy shows that you are very responsible and patient. But getting rid of your cats simply to "upgrade" to a new and better pet is not okay nor...
  20. TheQueen

    Piggy Dreams

    Oh sheesh. I am the queen of bizarre dreams. I'm sure I've had many a cavy dream, but there's one that always sticks out it my mind. I was outside with Lola and Queen, but their run wasn't out there and I was using my legs to keep them confined. Well all of a sudden, Queen jumped out of my...