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  1. utsarah

    Asthma+Guinea Pigs=?

    I like the fostering idea too. My 3 year old daughter and I both have asthma. We've had two guinea pigs for over a year now without any issues. I think our allergies more act up over the hay. My daughter is allergic to cats and dogs but hasn't had a reaction to the pigs. Our asthma/allergy...
  2. utsarah

    Pellets Oxbow or Sweet Meadow?

    Where do you all get your Sweet Meadow pellets? I just order from Drs Foster and Smith because I can also get the pellets my cockatiel eats and just get one big shipment of food for the pigs, bird and hay.
  3. utsarah

    New here, & to guinea pigs

    Welcome! Your pigs are precious!!!!
  4. utsarah

    Conditions My boys are dieing!

    Pretty tacky that you would repost something from another forum on here and trash that person's advice. You are free to disagree, but what you did is in bad taste.
  5. utsarah

    Pet Stores Pet Store Piggies - so sad

    There aren't any pet stores around us that don't sell animals. So I just buy our food and supplies online. Easier for me because I don't even have to leave the house. We got our first 2 pigs from the pet store, but didn't know any better. One of our boys recently passed away. We knew we...
  6. utsarah

    Pellets Oxbow or Sweet Meadow?

    If your pigs like the Oxbow I wouldn't switch. We recently adopted a new pig and converted him quickly from whatever he was eating to Oxbow. I say if it isn't broken, don't try to fix it.
  7. utsarah

    proud owner of two girls

    They are adorable! Welcome.
  8. utsarah

    Introductions Sebastian's got a new cagemate.

    How precious!I am in a similar situation.  Our little Gizmo had to be put to sleep on Tuesday.  Our remaining pig, Pickles, hasn't even been wheeking for his vegetables.  It has been a long, stressful week.  I think I found another male to adopt so Pickles can have a cagemate.  Your two look...
  9. utsarah

    Pellets Kleenmama's or Oxbow?

    I'm pretty far as shipping for KM as well. I get my Oxbow from Dr Fosters and Smith. I like that I can also get our cockatiel's pellets through them, so I can get all the pet food in one order and only pay once for shipping. My boys are on Oxbow Cavy Cuisine and the Oxbow orchard grass. They...
  10. utsarah

    Hello Everyone! I'm new!

    Welcome! I really love the C&C cage we built. Lots of good info here on cage building as well as diet.
  11. utsarah

    Introductions proud new owner

    Welcome. One of our guinea pigs, Pickles, wheeks like crazy whenever he hears me rustling any kind of plastic bag in the kitchen. Doesn't matter if it is grocery bags or produce bags, he thinks if he hears a plastic bag he is SUPPOSED to get his veggies! lol It is so cute and very hard to...
  12. utsarah

    Pellets Always hungry for pellets

    My two boys do the same thing. They gobble the pellets up. Just make sure you're giving the right amount of fresh veggies and unlimited hay.
  13. utsarah

    Pellets I'm very confused.

    We fed unlimited Oxbox Cavy Performance until our two guinea pigs were about 8 months old, a little older than the recommended 6 months. Now they get 1/8 cup each per day of Oxbow Cavy Cuisine, unlimited hay and at least 1 cup a day each of fresh greens mixed with veggies or fruits.
  14. utsarah

    Pet Stores Pet Store Guinea Pigs

    I definitely don't like that. I honestly didn't realize that there were mills like that when we got our two. I can hardly imagine what kind of life those animals live. It is atrocious. I knew about puppy mills, but not about the mills for other animals. At the same time I'm glad that our...
  15. utsarah

    Pet Stores Pet Store Guinea Pigs

    Our two boys came from the a pet store. The conditions weren't horrible or anything, we really just didn't know better. I don't really feel guilty about getting them at a store. I think this is because we love them SO much. These two boys have far surpassed our expectations of what it would...
  16. utsarah

    Hay Is Oxbow better than Kaytee

    It is nice, isn't it. I use the Orchard Grass for our two boys and they love it. We've used Kaytee before and it is not as soft as Oxbow. We just switched our pigs from Cavy Performance to Cavy Cuisine. We've not had any problems with the Oxbow food or hay.
  17. utsarah

    Photos Tails butt, yeah you know you love it!

    lol Tails does look like a miniature bear!!! Adorable.
  18. utsarah

    Diet Chew toys or treats?

    You will see that your pigs will love hay. My two will popcorn when they hear me get the bag out of the kitchen and bring it to the cage. Guinea pigs (or at least our two) are very laid back and easy to please. It still tickles me every day when they wheek for their veggies.
  19. utsarah

    Hay Check your local Petsmart!

    I use Oxbow hay and pellets for our boys. I order through Dr Fosters and Smith's website. They have flat rate shipping and I always receive my order quickly. We also have a pet bird so I like that I can get his pellets and the guinea pig food all on one site.
  20. utsarah

    Joy The piggies are home!

    So cute! You probably already know but the rind of the watermelon is also edible for the pigs. Mine actually prefer it to the red part. They will flip the rind over and munch on the green side first. :) Congratulations on the new piggies.