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  1. JessicaS

    Is This Shelter Right?

    I've adopted (and foster for) the rescue you are talking about (I figured out which one you are talking about from your location, the spay/neuter thing, and the 6 hour old - which just the pic is 6 hours, the pig is older now that he's adoptable). They absolutely spay/neuter ALL of their pigs...
  2. JessicaS

    SWAT raid breaks into home to kill 2 dogs

    I used to work in law enforcement (not as a sworn officer) and I will tell you, they are quick to shoot dogs. Some will shoot a dog just for being there, whether or not it's aggressive. I've had several officers say they will shoot a dog no matter what. Even a little one. These officers could...
  3. JessicaS

    Behavior 3-Legged Piggy

    I have a 3 legged piggy and he gets along just fine. Believe me, you really can't tell he is missing a leg by the way he runs around. He is housed with a regular boar and they both popcorn and zoomie around like normal. He can even lean up both front legs on the grids of the cage to ask for...
  4. JessicaS

    Home-made hideys

    The best hideys (I think) are cardboard boxes. When I go to Sam's club (a warehouse grocery store) they put out free extra boxes to carry your stuff in and so they don't have to throw them out, I always pick up a bunch. The piggies love them, and they are free! Most of the boxes there have...
  5. JessicaS

    Media Does piggies have certificate?

    And here is my baby Hershey's (the pedigreed one with the ear tag). He is my favorite, although I know we are not supposed to play favorites. He just purrs like crazy when you pick him up. This was after I had the ear tag removed.
  6. JessicaS

    Media Does piggies have certificate?

    I found a pic that was taken a little while ago of my Texel when we were syringe feeding him some Critical Care (which we will probably have to do for the rest of his life). It's kind of out of focus because it's really hard to get a photo of him as he is always moving and will NOT hold still...
  7. JessicaS

    Media Does piggies have certificate?

    Yes, the breeders put them in when they are young. I find it really cruel (I've always hated seeing cows with them in too). 1 of the pigs I had purchased (the 1 with the pedigree) had one in his ear. I had the vet take it out when he had stitches removed (amputation unfortunately), he made...
  8. JessicaS

    Media Does piggies have certificate?

    GizzyandMe - LOL, That's good :) Yes, the certificate/pedigrees are made by the breeders. I did a little more research into it and you can buy blank pedigree forms from ACBA to use for your breeding program, or you can make your own. The breeders are not required to use pedigrees. And the...
  9. JessicaS

    Breeding BREEDER trying to sell a Male Skinny Pig in Connecticut

    What a shame. I was duped as well. I thought it odd that a skinny, and even 2, were in a rescue. As far as I've seen, skinnies are bred as a specialized breed and most are in the hands of the breeders (and they charge a lot for them). I feel for those 2 sows having to go thru those huge...
  10. JessicaS

    Media Does piggies have certificate?

    As far as I understand it, there is not a place to "register" pigs. The American Cavy Breeder's Association (an offshoot of the American Rabbit Breeder's Association) does not have such a registry although they "require" all pigs being shown to have ear tags with numbers which is cruel in my...
  11. JessicaS

    Pregnant Skinny any help appreciated LONG

    Ugh! I keep checking multiple times a day and keep hoping that they delivered. I can't wait to see those cute baby pics. I have never seen a pic of a baby skinny. I hope all is well and it's an easy and happy healthy delivery.
  12. JessicaS

    Pregnant Skinny any help appreciated LONG

    Crazyaboutpigs - where are you located? If I can convince my husband to let me take on another pig, I would be interested in adopting at least 1 when they are ready (most likely a female as I could integrate it better into my herd) and if he's really nice to me maybe 2. I am located in...
  13. JessicaS


    I am in the same boat. For the past couple of years I've had imsomnia. I've tried many things. For about the last year and a half my doctor has had me on Ambien CR. At first, it worked. The first night using it was wonderful! But now, not so much. The side effects - Amnesia really bad. At...
  14. JessicaS

    Ugh some people should not get piggies-we can only hope!

    I don't think I would be able to contact her hubby. But I asked her today if she was going to get that piggy and she said her husband said absolutely not and it seemed like that would be the final word. Thank God!!!!
  15. JessicaS

    Wood Pellets/Chips Eagle Valley Pine Pellets?

    This bedding was mentioned in an older thread without much info on it and I tried to quote and reply but it said it was too old to reply to it. Anyway, the local feed store recommended this "Eagle Valley" pine pellets for the piggies. They said they have regular customers who swear by it (I...
  16. JessicaS

    Ugh some people should not get piggies-we can only hope!

    I have a friend at work, well more of an acquaintance actually. She and I talk about piggies a lot. She had a pig when she was a child. She says she loves them. I often talk about the proper care, i.e. proper size C&C cage, proper food, vet care, and such. I have even tried talking her out...
  17. JessicaS

    Allergies Air Purifier

    Just looked, it's a Honeywell. But I couldn't find the model or make # on it. I will try to find the manual, I know I keep those things around here somewhere...
  18. JessicaS

    Allergies Air Purifier

    I have been having stuffiness and itchiness issues as well. I'm positive it's from the hay. I have switched from Oxbow to a local hay (really only for the monetary benefits, the local seems to be much less dusty) but it seems to have worked a bit. I'm also taking a lot of Clariton. We...
  19. JessicaS

    Weight Loss Guinea pig sitting in corner of cage, not moving

    Whoops! I could have sworn it said Aby! :)
  20. JessicaS

    Size Question regarding space..

    One of my piggies came with a small pet store cage. I thought about getting rid of it before because I was using the C&Cs. But, because of sicknesses and quarantines it has been really helpful. Plus, I've seen some really great cages that people have made on here that utilize their smaller...