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  1. maybesomeday

    Comment by 'maybesomeday' in media 'New Addition!'

    What a pretty piggy!
  2. maybesomeday

    Comment by 'maybesomeday' in media 'Parker's sweet ride.'

    What a great picture & a beautiful piggy. Love his colors.
  3. maybesomeday

    The official name change request thread

    I used my generic forum name when I joined but would love it if you'd change it to MamaLuvsPiggys. I really want something piggy related. Thank you.
  4. maybesomeday

    Comment by 'maybesomeday' in media 'Milo Sneezes!'

    How cute! He looks like he's singing. Haha.
  5. maybesomeday

    C&C Is my cage large enough if I take in one more?

    The problem is everything was just recently made for a 2x4 so to redo it all now is not a possibility unless I somehow could make a ramp over the 6" side and make the extra space the kitchen on the bottom. Either way, if the kitchen is up or on the bottom, the main "running area" will still be 2x4.
  6. maybesomeday

    C&C Is my cage large enough if I take in one more?

    I have 2 girls currently (approximately 4 months old) and am upgrading from a 2x3 C&C to a 2x4 with a loft off the end (so the floor space of a 2x5 essentially) this week as a matter of fact. I just had the bedspreads made for a 2x4 and they are being delivered tomorrow. There is a lone girl...
  7. maybesomeday

    Coroplast Does everybody already know about this tool?

    Coro-Claw™ Corplast Knife - Sign Supplies and Equipment One of our local sign shops showed me this tool and how easy it makes scoring and/or cutting the coroplast. I ordered it from the above-website because he wanted to charge too much to order it for me :confused: It's supposed to be...
  8. maybesomeday

    Nails/Nail Trimming Nail trimming, new owner!

    I still have a hard time trimming our girls' nails. One has a few black ones which scare me to death. But I use baby nail trimmers. It works pretty good. They don't like it and I always just do a tiny bit at a time, a couple times in a few days if I have to.
  9. maybesomeday

    Comment by 'maybesomeday' in media 'Snug and Happy'

    I totally want to crawl in there and take a nap myself :) Hahaha Love it.
  10. maybesomeday

    Comment by 'maybesomeday' in media 'open wide'

    Looks like a mid air catch :) What a great pic.
  11. maybesomeday

    Comment by 'maybesomeday' in media 'princess loves tv'

    That is so sweet! What a pretty piggy. I can't wait until our girls get that used to being held.
  12. maybesomeday

    Comment by 'maybesomeday' in media '100_0854'

    I love your fleece!
  13. maybesomeday

    Diet You know its good for them when...

    their cage doesn't stink anymore:p Well, not that they were very stinky before, but I noticed a difference within about a week once we switched from the store bought hay & pellets to KMs 3rd cut Timothy and Alfalfa pellets (they're both under 6 mos). The smell is...for lack of a better...
  14. maybesomeday

    Grids Mesh type grids?

    I saw some here: Mesh Cubes LD01-769 (Silver) - Meritline.com
  15. maybesomeday

    Fleece How much fleece for a 2x4?

    Okay, sorry I thought you meant fold over the sides of the Coroplast and tuck underneath. If it only needs to be inside, tucked under the towels, etc., I would just add maybe 5-6 inches to each side or basically the size of the coroplast before cutting&folding so that it stayed under if tugged...
  16. maybesomeday

    Fleece How much fleece for a 2x4?

    No, one yard wouldn't be enough to fold over the sides on a 2x4 I'm sure. I currently have a 2x3 and have 2 yards with plenty to fold over & tuck under the sides. I'm waiting on the new Coroplast to make my 2x4 but I would think that my 2 yards would at least be enough to get over the sides but...
  17. maybesomeday

    Cage Help with new cage

    For a basic 2x4 you'll need 12 grid & 24 connectors or zip ties. So then it would just depend on how you want to position your loft/kitchen as to how many more you'd need. The coroplast you have should be fine because to make 6" sides you'd need a piece that measures 39x68. Look here and it...
  18. maybesomeday

    Hay Kleenmama's hay!- First order!

    I live in the same state (WA). I ordered late last Tuesday and it was in my hands by Friday, so basically 2 days. As for quality, all I can say is WOW! My piggies barely touched hay before. Seriously, they hardly seem interested it in at all. But once I put the 3rd cut Timothy in there...
  19. maybesomeday

    C&C Alternatives can we build CxC cage with caster wheels?

    I haven't come across the exact one I was thinking of, but here's a couple examples. 2 Level Cage for our New Piggies - Guinea Pig Cage Photos The structure of my cage. - Guinea Pig Cage Photos
  20. maybesomeday

    C&C Alternatives can we build CxC cage with caster wheels?

    I know they sell them at places like Home Depot and Lowes. I would just make sure that you buy the locking ones to keep it stable. I vaguely remember somebody posting in the photo album that they put wheels on theirs. I'll go look for it...