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  1. kgplucker

    Comment by 'kgplucker' in media 'New Fleece'

    I use puppy pads under the fleece.
  2. kgplucker

    Comment by 'kgplucker' in media 'The boys' cage'

    Looks great! I like how you molded it to the hearth. Do you have something between the garbage bags and the fleece? If not, you might want to consider puppy pads or something absorbent.
  3. kgplucker

    Comment by 'kgplucker' in media 'New Hay Rack (Front)'

    It's not hard at all to clean. I just pop out the whole panel, it's attached at the top with just connectors.
  4. kgplucker

    Comment by 'kgplucker' in media 'OLD C & C cage #2'

    Very nice. Looks like fun for them!
  5. kgplucker

    Comment by 'kgplucker' in media 'New Fleece'

    The flower thing is a mirror. I got it from the Dollar Store. I actually get most of their toys and stuff from there.
  6. kgplucker

    Small Baby - Curved Spine?

    I had a litter of 3 boys on 10/10. One of them is considerably smaller than the other 2. His weight is 7 oz while the other 2 are sitting at 13 oz. The other thing is that he always sits in a "curved" position. Hunched over. The base of his spine (tail end) feels very noticeable when you...
  7. kgplucker

    Injured Leg?

    I noticed this evening that one of my girls, Caramel, is holding her right rear leg up and not using it at all. She is running around a bit and doesn't seem to be in too much pain. Is there anything to be done about a leg injury? I'm not sure what she could have done, maybe twisted it jumping...
  8. Me too!!

    Me too!!

    Once one of the babies figured out how to get in - they're all trying it!
  9. It tastes much better from the inside!

    It tastes much better from the inside!

    The babies are still small enough that they can fit through the holes. And they just figured out how to do that and get inside the hay!
  10. New Hay Rack (Back)

    New Hay Rack (Back)

    This is the back side so you can see that they have access from the back also.
  11. New Hay Rack (Front)

    New Hay Rack (Front)

    I put this together tonight. It's in the center of the cage and can be accessed from both sides. It's also easy to fill from the top and serves as support for the top of the cage. I just put the piggies in and they are all climbing all over it!
  12. kgplucker

    Comment by 'kgplucker' in media 'Smokey & Jr.'

    They are nursing but they eat everything else as well. Veggies, pellets, and hay. I suppose they will nurse until I seperate them at 21 days.
  13. kgplucker

    Pregnancy Question

    I just couldn't give them up! I thought I could - but truth be told - I love them more than the kids do! They're personalities are starting to really come out too. I just so amazed at how active and "grown up" they are at only a week old.
  14. kgplucker

    Comment by 'kgplucker' in media 'Smokey & Jr.'

    Everyone that comes by says the same thing. We are really enjoying their antics - I was so nervous about having babies and now I love watching them run and jump all around!
  15. kgplucker

    Comment by 'kgplucker' in media 'Wayne Newton'

    I wish I knew... My 15 year old son named him. He's wanted to name one that since our first GP and we've always had girls up til now. So I told him since now we have boys, he can name one Wayne Newton. The rest of us just call him Newton.
  16. Smokey & Jr.

    Smokey & Jr.

    9 Days Old
  17. Wayne Newton

    Wayne Newton

    9 Days Old.
  18. kgplucker

    Pregnancy Question

    I wanted to give everyone an update. All babies are doing GREAT! They are all eating everything in site and driving both Momma and Auntie crazy! We have determined that all three are boys. So instead of keeping the girls and giving away the boys - we are keeping all 3 of them. I already have the...
  19. kgplucker

    fleece bedding

    I use puppy pads under my fleece. I watch out for sales and stock up when I can, but full price I pay around $6 for a package of 32 at Wal-Mart. They hold moisture very well and I never have any odor. My piggies tend to pee only along the back of the cage - so back there I also put a mattress...
  20. kgplucker

    Are sides really necessary?

    Thanks so much everyone for your experiences. I did just redo the cage last night, I know I have to change it again in a couple of weeks, and then again 2 months later when I move (long story). So I got a huge tarp and pinned the sides up. We'll see how it works. It's not the prettiest to...