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  1. Sabriel

    Europe BulgariA!!!

    If you could PM it to me that would be great! :)
  2. Sabriel

    Never heard of this one before...

    Feedback portions of websites are a tricky thing. You have to be able to see how many people voted. If only 4 people took the time to vote then it wouldn't be a very accurate result. I've had this problem with a lot of books that get positive feed back and then I turn around buy them and they...
  3. Sabriel

    Veg*n Mars confectionery no longer suitable for vegetarians.

    I can't believe Twix bars aren't veg. :( I like those better then Mars bars. I guess I'll have to stick with Maltesers and Cadbury's stuff.
  4. Sabriel

    Bing is dead

    Oh my. I don't know what to say. Bing was such a special pig. My husband will be heartbroken. He loved Bings videos. :(
  5. Sabriel

    Veg*n Don't wear animals- vegan clothing/etc.

    Well at least at Payless you can avoid the shoe envy by not walking past the size 5-8 part of the store. I just bee line it to the 9-10 area so I don't have to see all the awesome shoes everyone else has. It also means I can skip the "pick a shoe, see if they have my size" tourture I go through...
  6. Sabriel

    Veg*n Matchsticks

    Did it say what type of matches they were making? Were they saftey (you can only light them by striking them on the side of the box) light anywhere or the special water proof kind? I have the feeling it would be the water proof ones, given that oil is flammable and that oil resists water. I...
  7. Sabriel

    Veg*n Don't wear animals- vegan clothing/etc.

    I find Payless is good for vegan shoes if you are willing to look. Given that I'm a size 10 it's not like I have a lot of selection to begin with. :( I am sure in the more popular sizes finding vegan shoes there is a snap. I got a super cute pair of American Eagle running shoes there a while back.
  8. Sabriel

    Veg*n Beef Soy Meat

    I had some veg meat balls last week that were so yummy. You can buy them at the grocery store pre cooked. There are a few brands out there. You can usually find them with the soy burgers or the freezer section.
  9. Sabriel

    Virtual Games..

    Honestly I do a lot of things in games that I would never do in real life. As a vegetarian many sim games involve my character eating things I would never eat. And as I play some farming sim games that involve tasks I won't do in real life but have to do to do well in the game. Though most of...
  10. Sabriel

    Happy day turns Sad - Poor Kitty

    That is so sad. But I am sure somewhere that little cat is happy that someone cared so much about him as to make sure he was well cared for and respected in his final moments. You did a beautiful, wonderful thing and the world would be a better place if there were more people like you.
  11. Sabriel

    Happy Birthday Sabriel!

    Wow, I missed my own birthday thread. How silly of me. :crazy: Hubby went and picked up a cake and we had pizza. Unfortunatly the pigs are late getting home and I'm still waiting on them. PiggieBun is supposed to be bringing them around tonight. We're going to do more celebrating on the...
  12. Sabriel

    No Nintendo Wii for me

    I do have DDR and love it but it doesn't help one to stretch much. You need to do several types of exercises to keep in shape, not just one. :)
  13. Sabriel

    No Nintendo Wii for me

    I hope they come out with some sort of arm and leg sensors and some sort of yoga game to go with it. I want to learn proper yoga but I don't like classes since I can't go at my own, somewhat slower pace. And when it comes to exercise I'm not what you would call graceful. I'd like something to...
  14. Sabriel


    Kinda sad when you can find something in Windsor and not Detroit. Usually it's all of us Canadians having to travel for our shopping needs. ;)
  15. Sabriel

    I don't know where to put this but emergency

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Poor little guy was probably glad to have someone who cared for him so much.
  16. Sabriel


    I love Lush products but will never use the henna. Unlike hair dye which penetrates your hair then is washes off, henna coats your hair, that's how it gives it that red colour. And that coat won't come off the outside of your hair. And having your hair coated like that isn't very good for it...
  17. Sabriel

    Where to get piggies in Regina, Saskatchewan?

    I wouldn't generalize about Canada too much. Homeless pigs may not be a problem in the west, but in Ontario it's a big problem. We have quite a few kill shelters out here. And they aren't just in Toronto and the surrounding area, they also have a kill shelter back home in Windsor (a shelter...
  18. Sabriel

    some really creepy news

    Yes, but how many people actually pay attention or know how to actually decipher those facts? You'd have to know what the levels for normal meat are in the first place. I don't like the sound of not mandating what is regular meat and what is not. I think consumers need that information at their...
  19. Sabriel

    Veg*n Chitin in yarn, what do you all think?

    As many of you know I have been on my search for suitable cruelty free yarns. Now that I am attempting knitting again this search has been ramped up a bit. I have been looking around on the South West Trading Company website and have noticed a fiber called chitin. I did some research and this...
  20. Sabriel

    Veg*n Can't digest meat..

    I was always under the impression that gassy veggies cause irritation. Given that it is already a delicate balance gas doesn't help. Though some green leafy veggies cause gas not all do. That said everyone has different triggers. For some caffeine is worse then meat, for some dairy is worse...