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  1. Saylavi

    Hay Can guinea pigs eat hay dust?

    For the hay dust: throw it in a blender with some bell peppers and 100% vitamin c tablets (just a couple) and blend until it’s the texture of gingerbread dough. Make them onto tiny cookies on a baking sheet and bake them at 350 until firm when they cool they will harden, and you will have...
  2. Saylavi

    Keeping Warm Is this a safe and good way to keep my piggies warm?

    Yup link leads to a page of search results, but anything “self warming” or “heated” is a no-go. If it plugs in then it isn’t safe, plus think about how will you wash it?
  3. Saylavi

    Chat These claws. Are SO. SHARP.

    It's worth it to nip off just the tippy tip.
  4. Saylavi

    General Minimum supplies for evacuation?

    I use a pop up dog crate from wal-mart when I travel short term. It's just like a pop-up laundry hamper, but the front/top zippers shut. It pops/folds flat the size of a dinner plate and expands to 2'x3'6". I can't find the one I got on the Walmart website, but it's almost just like this vvvv...
  5. Saylavi

    Behavior New Rex guinea pig.... vibrating??

    He is either very afraid of you (possible shivers) or (more likely) he is trying to purr or rumble at you.
  6. Saylavi

    C&C Alternatives Alternative cages

    You could hook together two or more Midwest guinea habitats. Those are technically pet store cages.
  7. Saylavi

    Pregnancy My Abby is pregnant but she was bleeding the other day. still no babies

    Phew! And congrats on some (seemingly) healthy munchkins
  8. Saylavi

    General 3yr Old Pregnant Guinea Pig?!

    She is adorable! And it's a bit early to tell via the pictures but you should be able to tell in 3 weeks or so. If she is preggo you will see her begin to look less like a potato and more like a goose neck squash. You may also be able to feel some movement when you hold her for lap time. If...
  9. Saylavi

    Here we go again

    She is such a sweetly! Make sure to keep us updated
  10. Saylavi

    New piggie Momma

    Hello and welcome!
  11. Saylavi

    Is this safe? Is this safe for my piggies?

    Natural twine is considered ok. If it is brittle, smells like it's only dried jute, and has no wax or dye then it is "safe." Just don't leave long strands in the cage. You don't want them to eat it, but it's safe to chew on.
  12. Saylavi

    Is this safe? Is this safe for my piggies?

    It's safe but I'd hang it instead of placing it on the floor, so that they don't pee on it. It will last longer
  13. Saylavi

    New piggy owner!

    Hi and welcome! Guinea pigs simply do not need extra salt in their diets, unlike some other small mammals. There are many ways to acclimate your pigs to you, but the best is just spend time with them, spend time in the room near them as much as possible, and try to keep them on a schedule so...
  14. Saylavi

    General How to keep guinea pigs with a cat?

    We have 2 cats. One was raised since kittenhood indoors and gets along with the pigs just fine. He will investigate them every once in a while but never attacks them. He's just nosy. the other cat spent his kittenhood on the cold hard streetz of our suburban town, and genuinely does not care...
  15. Saylavi

    Introducing myself and my little piggy!

    Hello and welcome! Seems like you have a game plan, make sure to rescue her future friend!
  16. Saylavi

    Vision Red eyes

    My nova has pink eyes! It just means she has pink eyes. Guinea pigs only have 3 eye colors: pink/red, ruby, and dark.
  17. Saylavi

    Woke up yesterday to SIX beautiful babies!!

    I agree it's a bit early to tell but they are so precious!!!
  18. Saylavi

    Grooming Texel grooming

    My nova is a texel, in the winter I keep her hair longer in the front (around 3 inches) and shorter (1 inch or less) towards the butt. In the summer I give her a buzz cut down to 3/4 inch all over. Unfortunately she has a habit of sleeping in her waste so she gets a butt bath around once every...
  19. Saylavi

    Behavior I think my female guinea pig might be a male

    That piggy looks female to me. My pigs (4 girls) will mount and purr. Just part of their social dominance behavior
  20. Saylavi

    C&C Layered Cage - Separated by Gender?

    Agreed. If you have the resources, I have my girls on a home made "table" with bookcases as the legs and plywood under the coroplast. If you can come up with a way to make a 2 shelved "table" you could have the boys off the ground with storage underneath, and the girls a couple feet above the...