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  1. Earl&Flash

    Comment by 'Earl&Flash' in media 'The piggy palace'

    Great cage! Where did you get the bins underneath. They are the perfect size.
  2. Earl&Flash

    10 gal aquarium

    Get gerbils! They are great pets!
  3. Earl&Flash

    Questions about "Buddy Bath"

    One of my three guinea pigs, Flash, is an outcast. The other two, Earl and Jack Bower hang out in the same area of the cage. Earl picks on Flash and I hear him screaming for help all of the time!! Earl is mean. There hasn't been blood drawn unless I just haven't seen it happen but Flash's...
  4. Earl&Flash

    Questions about "Buddy Bath"

    :?: I have heard a lot of people talk about giving a "buddy bath" to help their gp's bond. Can anyone tell me a little bit more about this. I thought that it is best not to bathe the gp's. Also, would you bathe all of them (I have 3) at once or just the two that don't get along? I am having...
  5. Earl&Flash

    Three's a crowd?

    Thanks for the advice! I will increase the size of the cage and make another kitchen area. That should help tremendously!
  6. Earl&Flash

    Three's a crowd?

    Earl and Flash are the same age. They are about a year and a few months old. Jack Bower is about a year old. I just don't want Flash to spend the rest of his life without being bonded with another piggie.
  7. Earl&Flash

    Three's a crowd?

    I have three guinea pigs (all boars): Earl, Flash & Jack Bower. I am a little concerned about Flash. He is a loner. Earl and Jack have bonded more and actually hang out in the same part of the cage. Flash on the other hand stays right in the kitchen area (a 1X3 loft area that has their food...
  8. Earl&Flash

    Sarcoptic Mites? Help?

    Thank you so much! I will get them all treated for mites by a vet. There are people who say that you can treat them yourself, but I don't want to treat them with the wrong amount of dosage. How can you tell if the mites are gone? Aren't a lot of these things microscopic?
  9. Earl&Flash

    Sarcoptic Mites? Help?

    I think that one of my guinea pigs has mites. I went by the vet to get some medicine for him. I know that ivermectin? is used to treat mites. She told me that he might have what is called sarcoptic mange. Is this just a fancy name for mites? She also said that humans can catch it from...
  10. Earl&Flash

    Hi everyone

    I would love to see pics of all your piggies!!
  11. Earl&Flash

    Mattress Pads

    I currently use fleece with 2 layers of towels underneath and then one layer of puppy pads on the bottom. I also have a kitchen area that has aspen pellets where their hay, water, and food are located. I have noticed that there is a smell within a few days. I have heard that people really...
  12. Earl&Flash

    Cage resting on floor?

    I have seen a lot of cages that sit on the floor. I thought that I had read somewhere that it is best to elevate the cage because gp are frightened by the vibrations of people walking. If this isn't true I would like to know because I could have a 3 story cage for my gps if it is ok for them...
  13. Earl&Flash


    Well, I have a different system of using the fleece in a C&C Cage. I made flat coroplast floors with no sides. I wrap the fleece around the coroplast (with towels and puppy pads underneath) and tape it down on the other side. This makes it so much easier to clean. Also, because there are no...
  14. Earl&Flash

    New additions: Coco & Not-Yet-Named

    I like cocoa and mocha or nestle
  15. Earl&Flash

    Puppy Pee Pads???

    The best thing I have found to do with the puppy pads is put them under towels and fleece. I change mine once a week when I change out the towels and fleece.
  16. Earl&Flash

    Impossible To Sex! Ack!

    I think that the darker colored one is a male and the lighter colored on is a female.
  17. Earl&Flash

    Comment by 'Earl&Flash' in media 'Corner connector'

    Where did you get this corner connector?
  18. Earl&Flash

    Maya passed away tonight

    How old was she?
  19. Earl&Flash

    Should I?

    I love using fleece. If you have any questions let me know. I have tried several different setups and have found one that works for me.
  20. Earl&Flash

    plastic igloo house OK?

    I love the plastic igloos because you can clean and disinfect them. I do have some wood in my cage but I have always wondered if it is sanitary. Does anybody have any advice?