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  1. ferndalezoo

    Comment by 'ferndalezoo' in media 'Goin' Buggy with my boys!'

    Not to be gripey, but reading the photo description can help answer questions like this. As I said in the photo description, Yes, I make my own cozies, etc.
  2. ferndalezoo

    Comment by 'ferndalezoo' in media 'Close-up of the hideys and play area'

    No. I have 4 boars. 2 (the skinnies) are siblings and the the other two are unrelated. We do not use this cage set up anymore (see above) but both pairs are happy cohabitating. 2 unrelated boars can and do peacefully cohabitate all the time.
  3. ferndalezoo

    Bedding I need some adive!

    I suppose that might work, but it sounded like the OP wasn't doing the upkeep necessary to make fleece work in general. Fleece, while good for many people, is a high-maintainence bedding. You have to scoop the poops at least daily (a few times a day is better), work out the best underbeding...
  4. ferndalezoo

    Pet Stores Petsmart, Petsmart, Petsmart..

    Our local Petsmart does not sell live animals other than birds, reptiles, and fish. It's a step in the right direction, but not nearly good enough yet. I also don't believe it's a corporate-wide thing, but rather this one store wasn't selling enough of them so they "pulled" them to other stores...
  5. ferndalezoo

    Bedding I need some adive!

    I was never able to get good odor control with fleece. After much trial and error with different disposable beddings, I have finally hit upon what works best for us: Wood Pellets. You can get them cheaply at Home Depot (look where they sell stuff for woodburning stoves- just be sure to get...
  6. ferndalezoo

    GRRR!! Why does my dog do this!!

    And the solution, for either situation, especially with a dog that age, is pretty much going to be the same. Carefully controlling the situation. i.e, crate training, or confining him to a laundry room or something similar when he can't be supervised.
  7. ferndalezoo

    GRRR!! Why does my dog do this!!

    Nope. My 100% confident, not a hint of anxiety shepherd mix is a prime example of this. He marks (leg-lifting, he actually squats when he actually just needs to pee) in the house if left unattended. He does NOT do this in front of us. We do crate him when we cannot be there to supervise...
  8. ferndalezoo

    GRRR!! Why does my dog do this!!

    I hate to disagree (okay, I don't)... This isn't separation anxiety. You said he's "pretty much always done this". This is a bored dog who was never completely housebroken in the first place marking his territory. Dogs with SA will basically tear your place to shreds, pace, etc. Peeing on a...
  9. ferndalezoo

    Pet Stores hosting adoptions???

    This has come up a few times before. While I would rather that rescues do their adoptions through stores that don't sell live animals, many find that those stores simply don't get the kind of foot traffic to drive adoptions that the big chains do. It's a catch 22. The stores don't make any...
  10. ferndalezoo

    I am SO annoyed!- Bad Neighbors.

    I would find out if you have noise ordinances in your area. Apart from the "drugs" (what, exactly are you smelling?), frankly nothing you mention seems to me to be illegal, unless it's after the local laws say you have to be quiet. Hitting on your boyfriend might be annoying, but it's nothing...
  11. ferndalezoo

    Diet A good diet to stick to

    I'm not aware of a "safe diet" for a pig. My 4 boars range from a pound and a half to over 4 lbs. The 4 lbser is pretty heavy, the two smaller ones are not at all underweight. They're just smaller pigs. Be sure you're feeding a high quality pellet, and limiting it to 1/8-1/4 cup per pig per...
  12. ferndalezoo

    Shavings Aspen?

    Aspen does not need to be kiln dried. That only applies to pine. Aspen is a perfectly acceptable bedding for both GPs and Hammies.
  13. ferndalezoo

    Frustrated Nobody Understands!

    This is one of the main reasons that it's soooooo important for the WHOLE family to be onboard before acquiring a pet of any kind. I'm sure you take great care of your pigs, and I'm assuming you have a way to provide a proper diet, but as a minor living at home, you're dependent upon your...
  14. ferndalezoo

    Comment by 'ferndalezoo' in media 'Oswald in the new cozy'

    A 1?! Really?! (shakes head, walks away....)
  15. ferndalezoo

    Bedding What is the best, in your opinion, for bedding?

    I recommend trying fleece, though for me and my pigs, it didn't work out. Right now I use kiln-dried pine, but am exploring other options.
  16. ferndalezoo

    Fleece Prefer?

    I do not use fleece anymore, but when I did, I just laid the fleece flat in the cage, and set a heavy object (brick, ceramic food dish, flat metal weight from my weight set) in each corner. It held the edges down, and worked very well. The other thing I did that worked was use the grids to...
  17. ferndalezoo

    Cage Stacked cages

    In the picture that was referenced above, (guinea-pig-hi-rise), I have since added a support pole on the far right of the 2x4 component. The floor is supported by overlapping grids, as well as a long metal rod.
  18. ferndalezoo

    Bedding I need some help.

    If you're using a mattress pad as your absorbant layer instead of towels, you'll want it to have a pretty high cotton content. Polyester fluff isn't absorbant.
  19. ferndalezoo

    Shavings So yeah. Definitely ditching the fleece again.

    My skinnies are currently housed in a 2x4, so I am not comfortable cutting into their running room by use of an adequately large litter box. It would not benefit them in any way to do so, in order to keep using fleece, which is only of benefit to me (cheaper). I would still need to find the...
  20. ferndalezoo

    Diet Which is better?

    I wouldn't feed ANY of those pellets to guinea pigs. The brands generally recommended are (pretty much in this order): Kleenmama's (online only), Oxbow, Sweet Meadows, and Mazuri 5664 ( and ONLY the 5664). Kaytee hay is adequate if you get a bag that looks very green and smells very fresh...