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  1. fourboys4now

    This video made me sick to my stomach

    I just watched the video of poor Angel the baby bird. I almost threw up when I saw that pitiful baby starving and in so much pain. Why did they not at least euthanize that poor baby. Any human being could see that poor baby was in agony. I'm in tears over that video. I hope there is a special...
  2. fourboys4now

    Found tiny bunny and have questions

    It was a wild rabbit. I released it back while dogs were occupied. I was so worried her dogs would harm it. Next time I'll just distract the dogs and let them get to safety. I'm a big softy and was concerned for the babies safety.
  3. fourboys4now

    Just need some support

    I have 8 piggies in my living room in two separate c&c cages and we have never been sick because of the piggies. We just keep the cages very clean and have had no problems. I have a four year old daughter and we have the pigs and several other animals. I think a lot of times when someone thinks...
  4. fourboys4now

    Craigslist piggy (Larry) is here!

    Thank you so much for getting Larry to the wonderful foster lady. I know so many of us were worried about poor Larry. I hope your new adoptee piggy gets along with your current pigs.
  5. fourboys4now

    Meet Willow

    Congratulations on the new baby. Very pretty piggy. I'm sure she'll come around soon after plenty of loving and good veggies.
  6. fourboys4now

    Found tiny bunny and have questions

    I was watering my mom's plants this evening and while doing this 2 tiny bunnies came jumping out of her large rose box. My mom has 2 dogs and one catches chipmunks and squirrels and kill them. I caught the closest one as the dogs came running towards us. The bunny has it's eyes open and is...
  7. fourboys4now

    What about him? (Craigslist piggy)

    That's awesome. Larry wins and the little girl you adopt wins too. I'm very proud of you, that is so great you're helping both! You get extra brownie points for helping both pigs!!!
  8. fourboys4now

    LOTS of pigtures of my girls (PJ & Chestnut)

    What great pigtures. You are talented at taking great pictures of them, they seem to show their personalities. They are both beautiful!
  9. fourboys4now

    How smart is YOUR piggy? Brag time!

    When I ask Frisky to give me kisses he will lick my cheek or chin.
  10. fourboys4now

    Hello, I'm new

    Welcome, and I'm sorry to hear of 3 of your piggies passing this last year. I'm glad you are able to help the 2 piggies that their past owner wouldn't take care of. You will meet a lot of very nice people on here that love and want to help the piggies out there.
  11. fourboys4now

    Hurt Rabbit

    If you did try to pick the rabbit up, he may have had a disease or something. Even though you felt bad about the situation, I feel you going to get someone to euthanize the baby was a hard but heartfelt decision because I would not want it to suffer either. We'll hope someone else picked it up...
  12. fourboys4now

    Bottle Safety

    My daughter gives my boy Frisky mouth kisses all the time and he will lick her when he does this, so I guess the water bottle would be the same difference. I'm not going to let my daughter see this picture or she'll probably try it.
  13. fourboys4now

    What about him? (Craigslist piggy)

    Let us know if you are able to adopt Larry, I can't wait to find out if you get him. He looks like a very special little pig. We would love to see pigtures of which ever pig you adopt, even though we're all rooting for Larry*smile*.
  14. fourboys4now


    I think because of summer being so hot my fleece is starting to smell faster than in the colder months. Even with my central air running I guess there's a difference in the house. I used to change the fleece every 6th day or so with daily vacuumings, now I seem to have to change the fleece every...
  15. fourboys4now

    What about him? (Craigslist piggy)

    I vote adopt Larry, so you can get him out of that small cage and be able to throw away the exercise ball. I've adopted from a shelter, a rescue, and from individuals and either way you will be giving a piggy a wonderful home and an opportunity at a much better life! No matter which place you...
  16. fourboys4now

    Thinking of finding harvey a new friend(and a couple pics)

    For some reason my abby haired boys always look much bigger than my smoothe coat boys. To me it seems they are more *squishy* and seem to have less muscle tone than smoothe coats. He is very handsome.
  17. fourboys4now

    I want to save him!

    I'm glad he's okay with the new piggy. My husband says the same thing about not being overflowed with pigs. Every time I adopt I always say this is the last one. *fingers crossed behind back*
  18. fourboys4now

    I want to save him!

    My husband was quite upset when I drove to Mississippi 2 1/2 hours away to adopt our Brewster from a shelter there. He kept asking why I needed another pig and how come my current 7 were not enough. I just told him I had room for one more pig and he needed to be loved. I drove there anyway and...
  19. fourboys4now

    New Pig Mom

    Welcome and we would love to see pigtures of your little boys. I'm so excited you were able to be a hero to Bert and Ernie and adopt them!
  20. fourboys4now

    We have a 2 pounder!

    Just wait until they are all 2-3 pounds! When I take my boys out for grass eating time, I put them in a laundry basket. I take the 5 from one cage and then the 3 from the other cage. The 5 in one basket feel so heavy. I always laugh and tell my husband I have 12-15 pounds of piggy love in my basket.