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  1. Andrea219

    C&C Adopting Mom and Daughter - C&C Cage advice please (Newbie)

    Enjoy your new additions!!
  2. Andrea219

    Baby hedgehog visitors to my garden photos

    I love the one where he's smiling up at you :) I have a hedgehog myself, she's a doll
  3. Andrea219

    New to Piggies! So excited...

    They are very cute! I love the cupcake fleece :)
  4. Andrea219

    Joy Open to Name Idea for These Two

    Gorgeous little piggies!!! That looks like the cage my two were in when I got them from my coworker. So so irritating. Thanks for researching, you lazy jerk!!! Anyway, so cute. Love them and now they are in a good place.
  5. Andrea219

    Pregnancy Heavily Pregnant

    Just caught up in this thread. Mouse is so adorable, such a cute little fuzzball!
  6. Andrea219

    Cleaning how do you guys spot clean?

    I use fleece and just use a dustpan and small broom for the poops. In my kitchen area, I use Yesterday's News and just scoop up the wet areas. I don't think a small vacuum would work well for me because my fleece is just tucked under the puppy pads I use as my absorbent layer.
  7. Andrea219

    The End of a long battle.

    I'm so sorry about Reeses. Losing a beloved pet is so very hard. You did everything you could do and gave him a wonderful last night. I'm certain he loved you very much and was lucky to have you care so much about him...
  8. Andrea219

    I came home to find my daughters little munchkin dead....

    So sorry to hear about Snow White
  9. Andrea219

    Hello everyone! :)

    Thanks everyone!
  10. Andrea219

    Hello everyone! :)

    Hi! Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Andrea and I am a new momma to Pearl and Piper, two sweet 2 year old females. My coworker was their original owner and her daughter was bored of them so I took them in. I think it's good I did. They were in a small cage, eating...