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  1. Raine59

    Guinea pig T-shirt

    My daughter found this and I thought it was so cute I wanted to share. Fab.com | Guinea Pig Face T-Shirt Adult
  2. Raine59

    C&C Alternatives Two New Cages

    I love your hay rack. But the grids on the sides look like they are only 5 squares wide but they have the thick edges like they haven't been cut. How did you do them?
  3. Raine59

    Diet Swapping food - help!

    What do you mean by "mixed food"?
  4. Raine59

    Grids I cannot find any grids anywhere. Help!

    I've gotten them at Sears and at Bed, Bath and Beyond (in Texas).
  5. Raine59

    How Much? Do you spend on veggies a week?

    2 bunches of lettuce normally last a week although the ones I got this past weekend were a little smaller than usual so I needed a third.
  6. Raine59

    How Much? Do you spend on veggies a week?

    Wow, that's a lot. I have six pigs and I usually buy 2 bunches of lettuce at $1.58 each, a cucumber or maybe two that are about 60 cents each, a bunch of parsley at 50 cents, 2 bunches of cilantro at 28 cents each, a bag of carrots for a dollar or so and maybe a dollar or two more for...
  7. Raine59

    Adopting would you pay a rehoming fee?

    If you don't want whatever cage or supplies they are offering, you might ask how much they would want for just the pig. Maybe if you showed them pics of your current cage and other piggies, they would realize you are a serious owner. I understand the rehoming fee to try to keep them from being...
  8. Raine59

    C&C Pic of my CC cage + HOW TO CHANGE IT UP?? In need of feedback

    Mr. Pig Why would your velcro not work after getting wet? I wash things with Velcro all the time and it doesn't hurt it. I would also recommend a fleece forest. All 6 of my pigs love them. and you could easily put a 1 x 2 loft (or bigger even) over where the green pigloo is or else over...
  9. Raine59

    General Who has the biggest C&C cage on here?

    I wonder how people with really wide cages get hold of their pigs to take them out. I have a 3 x 5 and it's hard enough catching my boys.
  10. Raine59

    Mounting Help me understand my boys

    About 6 weeks ago I adopted 3 boys (who I think are all about a year and a half or so) from a rescue. The foster mom had them in a very small cage (not even big enough for 1 pig) and said that one of them displayed "dominance behaviors" (she did not get specific) but she thought they just...
  11. Raine59

    Bedding Fleece Bedding for seven piggies?

    Yes, u-haul pads are definitely washable, though they do shrink the first few times they are washed. Certainly if yours aren't washable you would have to find something else.
  12. Raine59

    Bedding Fleece Bedding for seven piggies?

    @Jennylein U-Haul is a company here that rents trucks for people moving their furniture to a new home and so they sell and rent all sorts of things people would need to move. The uhaul pads/blankets you hear people talk about here are sold or rented for people to wrap around their furniture...
  13. Raine59

    Pellets how much? am i not feeding him enough? :(

  14. Raine59

    Bedding Fleece Bedding for seven piggies?

    Jennylein Your fleece looks great and it looks like your pigs are happy. I have LOTS of poop/pee pads and change them often as they get dirty very quickly. My pads are just a square of fleece sewed to a layer of U-haul padding. If you think sweeping poops is relaxing, you are welcome to come...
  15. Raine59

    C&C Alternatives Two New Cages

    Wow, what a nice cage. What are the floors made of and are the grids attached to the frame or just sitting up against it?
  16. Raine59

    Comment by 'Raine59' in media 'Thief & Bandit's Cage'

    Why don't you just use the top row of grids and use them to make a stand?
  17. Raine59

    Coroplast Alternatives ?

    I think trying to cut up plastic bins and tape them together would be way more work than coroplast to get it the right size. On one of my cages I use a plastic tarp and it works pretty well. It's a little less attractive, in my opinion, but it's cheaper and easier to clean and work with.
  18. Raine59

    Hi from Germany!

    What a gorgeous cage!! And your piggies are all adorable. I have a little girl that looks a lot like Rosalie. Where did you get all those cute little houses? If you don't mind my asking, are you German or an American living in Germany? Just wondered since your English is perfect.
  19. Raine59

    Bedding Fleece Bedding for seven piggies?

    Jennylein I would think 2 layers of towels would be adequate but would recommend only one layer of fleece. The point of the fleece is that the liquid passes through the fleece to the towels (or whatever) below and it would have a harder time passing through two layers of fleece.
  20. Raine59

    Bedding Fleece Bedding for seven piggies?

    That's really a big cage. I'd love to see pictures. Fleece should work no matter what the size of your cage but with a cage that big, I would suggest using several smaller pieces of fleece instead of one big one and that way, if certain parts of it get dirtier quickly, you could just change...