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  1. NMPiggyMom

    Baby Had A Good Life

    Thank you all for your support. It means a lot.
  2. NMPiggyMom

    Baby Had A Good Life

    I don't post often so don't know everyone on the forum very well, but this is the only place I could think to go to share my heartache and know everyone would understand. My little "Baby" died sometime in the early hours of this morning. He's the white one in my avatar. He fought a valiant fight...
  3. NMPiggyMom

    Babies are finally here

    Congratulations! Are both babies close by so you can get in lots of snuggles?
  4. NMPiggyMom

    I have a sorta silly question:Is there a way too know if your piggy is cold?

    My piggies' hair "puffs" out when they are cold. I know that's a strange description, but they sit in one place and seem to double in size because they have their hair all puffed out to give extra insulation. It's the same thing you see birds do when they are just sitting around on a chilly...
  5. NMPiggyMom

    Bored Pigs

    My piggies get the most enjoyment out of piles of hay. They can play the most creative games peeking at each other through the hay, pushing the pile of hay around the cage, and then squashing it flat by buldozing through it. Hay seems to be the thing they play with most.
  6. NMPiggyMom

    New to pigs and need help please! (one preggers)

    Congratulations! How exciting for you. Now you have a whole new experience to research.....how to take care of new babies. I know there is tons of info on this site and plenty of folks who will give you lots of help. I've never had piggy babies to take care of, so I'm no help there. Just...
  7. NMPiggyMom

    Male Pig in Michigan

    He's just wonderful! What a handsome guy! He's lucky, too, having people who care as much as you apparently do.
  8. NMPiggyMom

    RIP Snuggles

    I'm sorry to hear of your loss. My heart goes out to you.
  9. NMPiggyMom

    Concerned - Guinea Pigs Fighting???

    I have two male pigs who take turns with the "who is dominant now" routine. They do exactly what you have described, keep it up for most of an evening and then get back to regular behavior in the next day or so. No one seems to get hurt....just annoyed. It's probably more distressing for us...
  10. NMPiggyMom

    I have a new rabbit.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your losses recently. My heart goes out to you.
  11. NMPiggyMom

    First off Thank You!

    Welcome! I'm glad you've already found the wealth of knowledge this site provides. It's amazing what the members of this forum know. Glad to have you aboard!
  12. NMPiggyMom

    Foot Tag on Piggy

    One of my piggies has the occasional "spur" on his feet. He had one during a vet visit and I asked what to do about it. The vet said to clip it close to the skin....being careful not to clip the skin. It will probably grow back or may move to another part of the foot. The "spurs" or "tags"...
  13. NMPiggyMom

    Aggressive Americans?

    I have one Abby and one American and they seem to take turns being "the boss". Neither one seems more assertive than the other.
  14. NMPiggyMom

    WANTED: Boar Stories

    We had our first boar for over a year before we added the second, younger boar. They are now 2 years 6 months and 1 year 3 months. We worried about adding the second boar because we had the first one for so long by himself and we had heard the warnings that "boars will fight". We decided to...
  15. NMPiggyMom

    What brand of pellet do you feed.

    We use Kleenmamma's Timothy pellets. They are available online at kmshayloft.com. I have also used Oxbow pellets and they are excellent. But our piggies prefer Kleenmamma's pellets (her hay is the best, too).
  16. NMPiggyMom

    Happy Birthday to me!

    Happy Birthday! Hope it has been wonderful so far!
  17. NMPiggyMom

    Happy Birthday Voodojoint!

    Hope you have a TERRIFIC Birthday Voodojoint! Make time for yourself today.
  18. NMPiggyMom

    Hello all :3

    Welcome to the forum! Your little Checkers is a sweetie. This forum is the place to learn everything you ever wanted to know about piggies. Welcome again.
  19. NMPiggyMom

    Interesting thing about pellets

    I feed my two piggies KMs pellets, too, and they don't eat as many as with the other brands we've used in the past. I fill their bowl once a day (sometimes it isn't quite empty) and it holds a little less than 1/2 cup. I feel KMs pellets have so much more "useful" nutrients that the piggies...
  20. NMPiggyMom

    The weather

    And......here I am sitting in the desert southwest with 12 inches of snow in the front yard.....that has melted down from the 24 inches we got a week ago. Another small storm came through last night giving us 2 new inches. The temperture is 30 degrees at mid-morning. It seems the weather trends...