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  1. minnie<3

    Comment by 'minnie&lt;3' in media 'christmas decor cage'

    it looks very very nice and simple. i love it! please comment on my cage:)
  2. minnie<3

    Comment by 'minnie&lt;3' in media 'O&amp;O's Cages Addition'

    i see a lot of poops in the cage with bedding. you should pick those up...
  3. minnie<3

    Comment by 'minnie&lt;3' in media 'My Cage'

  4. minnie<3

    Comment by 'minnie&lt;3' in media 'cage and the first bday of my girl'

    I love the fruit arrangement! Haha! Maybe take out the stuffed animals to make it look like it has more space! Check out my friend and mine's website! GuineaPigSpa.webs.com. Your cage is very pretty though!
  5. minnie<3

    Comment by 'minnie&lt;3' in media 'My Cage'

    This cage is excellent! It has a lot of room for your piggies to popcorn in! I love how the bedding is purple! You may need a bigger water bottle though, and some more toys, but besides that I love the cage!
  6. My Cage

    My Cage

    This is my cage for my two guinea pigs. Okay, I know the bag is not a good idea; but I am getting an igloo thing for them soon. I'll update this photo soon! Comment please!