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  1. GeorgieLolaLove

    Comment by 'GeorgieLolaLove' in media 'Outdoor play'

    Soooo CUTE!!! They love to be in a symmetric position so it seems!
  2. GeorgieLolaLove

    Comment by 'GeorgieLolaLove' in media 'the first floor'

    Aaah, your cage is absolutely beautiful! It's so lovely and really stylish! I love the purple, and your piggie is sooo cute. The ramp looks a bit too steep though.
  3. GeorgieLolaLove

    Comment by 'GeorgieLolaLove' in media 'Lower level (2)'

    Very neat and colourful! Your avatar picture is sooo cute, especially the piggy on the left! I love him!
  4. GeorgieLolaLove

    Comment by 'GeorgieLolaLove' in media 'New cage pic 4'

    Amazing! Such a beautiful cage, and very different from everything I've seen on this website! Is that your bed on top? That would make it even more special! And did you put a light in the cage? How many piggies do you have? They are very lucky! I think the cat's just jealous!
  5. GeorgieLolaLove

    Hiding under Fleece!

    Wow, those are smart ideas, thanx all! The thing is though, that I don't have a C&C cage, but an alternative cage. So I can't attach the fleece to the coroplast. But I will try to build a C&C cage in the future (I can't find cubes and coroplast in Holland now, but maybe one day I will!). And I...
  6. GeorgieLolaLove

    Do your pigs "ponder life?"

    That's very normal! Mine do that too now and then, I think they just want to sit very still to listen carefully to something they heard, like they would do in the wild. When they discover it's a preditor, they will hide, when they think it was nothing special, they will continue with their...
  7. GeorgieLolaLove

    Can't convince parents

    The excuse: "it will cost more", is not a good one, because two piggies cost only a little more than one, but you have double the fun! Try to tell that to your parents. And don't give up, your parents should be happy that you are a responsible person who wants the best for your pig, but I do...
  8. GeorgieLolaLove

    When Can I?

    Not pig-related, but are you an Ajax fan? I'm dutch so that would be funny!
  9. GeorgieLolaLove

    Why are they so psychotic?

    I know your problem: my pigs are not free-rangers, but they do hide under the fleece in their cage (see thread: Hiding under fleece!) and under everything else, during laptime they sneak under my arms, in my sleeves, or any other dark corner. But my pigs are a bit shy, so I don't know where this...
  10. GeorgieLolaLove

    Hiding under Fleece!

    Hi everyone, I have two cute guinea pigs who like to hide under the fleece which I put in their cage! I have tried everything: putting heavy things in the corners, taping the fleece to the bottom of the cage, providing them with lots of hiding possibilities so they have lots of other options...
  11. GeorgieLolaLove

    Comment by 'GeorgieLolaLove' in media 'Making Room for Baby'

    Wow! This will make a good home for three guinea pigs, I bet they'll love it! And the hamster in his ball is hilarious!
  12. GeorgieLolaLove

    Comment by 'GeorgieLolaLove' in media 'Hay zone'

    Very cute! How many piggies do you have? 'Cause I see a lot in this picture but on the other pictures I see even more! Looks like a big happy family!
  13. GeorgieLolaLove

    Comment by 'GeorgieLolaLove' in media 'My new lionhead bunny "Bob's" new cage'

    Looks very neat and nice! Do you have pictures from your bunny? I have two guinea pigs and a bunny, but since cubes and coroplast are unavailable in the Netherlands, I can't make a cage for him. My guinea pigs do have a big cage though, which I built myself from other material.
  14. GeorgieLolaLove

    Comment by 'GeorgieLolaLove' in media 'Luna and Pepper's cube pen'

    Hi! Is this where your pigs live, or is it only a floortime area? I was wondering because I'm not sure if it's good to let your pigs run on stones for long periods, because they get sick very easily when it's cold and windy you know, and a stone floor is not really good for guinea pigs...
  15. GeorgieLolaLove

    Comment by 'GeorgieLolaLove' in media 'Lola's Cozie bed'

    Lola is SO CUTE! I have a guinea pig named Lola too! I love her colours, and I love the little pink cozie bed! Do you have only one guinea pig?
  16. GeorgieLolaLove

    Comment by 'GeorgieLolaLove' in media 'Hammock in use'

    AAAH, I adore Charlie! He is so cute!
  17. GeorgieLolaLove

    Comment by 'GeorgieLolaLove' in media 'Stainless Steel!'

    Your pigs are very cute, and the cage looks nice! I think a 2x3 is fine for now, but maybe you can expand it in the future! You could also make a second level: it gives the pigs a bit more space but it doesn't take up the room!
  18. GeorgieLolaLove

    Comment by 'GeorgieLolaLove' in media 'Alternative cage'

    Looks great! I like how you used the top of the old cage! Such a difference in space! Cute fleece too, and the long haired piggy is just absolutely beautiful!
  19. GeorgieLolaLove

    Comment by 'GeorgieLolaLove' in media 'new loft..I ran out of cloroplast!'

    I can't say enough how much I love this picture! That second level is the cutest, cosiest second level I've ever seen! It looks so soft and cuddly with the fleece and the cuddle cup. Minty must love to go up there! Well done!
  20. GeorgieLolaLove

    Comment by 'GeorgieLolaLove' in media 'Boys' cage'

    I love it! I LOVE the turqoois or light blue coroplast and the pink Igloo! I bet your piggies are having a wonderful time in there! And on the floor!