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  1. emcronc

    C&C Question about hay racks in cage store

    I'm looking for some feedback on any of the bay racks that are sold in the cage store. I'm considering the small wire one, the large wire one, or one of the coroplast ones. I have a 2x4 cage and for now am using a ferret litter box at one end with a wooden hay rack hanging at the back of it...
  2. emcronc

    Brands My girls LOVE their Small Pet Select hay & pellets!!

    Just introduced our girls to Small Pet Select pellets and orchard grass last night and they are in heaven!! When we first got them, we were feeding them Kaytee pellets because that's what they were used to eating at the time, and they had Carefresh timothy hay. After realizing that my son is...
  3. emcronc

    Hay Question about Auto-Delivery with Small Pet Select

    I made my first order of SPS hay and pellets yesterday and signed up for the auto-delivery to save the extra 20%. But I also was able to enter a coupon code at purchase that got me additional $$ off the order. With auto-delivery, does that mean I'll never have the option of entering a coupon...
  4. emcronc

    Hay Get $10 off Hay/Pellets at Small Pet Select

    I just made my first hay and pellet order from Small Pet Select and got an email with a link you can use to get $10 off any hay/pellet order. I'm excited to get my first shipment and stop buying small bags of mediocre hay from the pet store. Feel free to order through the link below if you...
  5. emcronc

    Hay Allergic Reaction to Timothy Hay

    My son developed eczema on the backs of his hands and wrists not long a week or so after we got our guinea pigs. He went to spend a week with his grandparents and the eczema went away! Then he came back and the eczema returned immediately. I was so worried he was allergic to the pigs given...
  6. emcronc

    Allergies Is my son allregic to the pigs or the hay (eczema on hands)?

    Thanks for the replies so far. We haven't changed our hand soap or shampoo, so I don't think that's the culprit. He's having allergy testing done sometime soon for other reasons, so I'll ask if they can test for guinea pigs and hay!
  7. emcronc

    Crusty Eyes Fungal Infection? Treatment time?

    Final update on the Stella situation - she's home! She was at Petco for 2 days short of a month! Picked her up on Saturday morning and she's doing great. She and Bella were reacquainted fairly quickly after about an hour of Bella mounting Stella nonstop and chasing her in circles. :) They...
  8. emcronc

    Allergies Is my son allregic to the pigs or the hay (eczema on hands)?

    We've had our guinea pigs for about 5 weeks now. A few weeks ago, I realized that my 10 year old son had very red, scaly, dry skin on the backs of his hands and wrists. I treated them with lotions and creams and they improved somewhat. Then the kids spent a full week last week visiting their...
  9. emcronc

    Vet Help me find a vet?

    Thanks, just checked both sites and found a couple listed. If anyone here has any personal experience with any vets in my area, I would love to hear. Thank you!
  10. emcronc

    Vet Help me find a vet?

    Can you help me find a good vet? I'm in Durham, NC. Thanks so much!
  11. emcronc

    Wood Pellets/Chips Are these pine pellets ok?

    Are these pine pellets from Tractor Supply ok to use? http://www.tractorsupply.com/en/store/tractor-supply-coreg%3B-pine-pellet-stall-bedding-40-lb They're all that I can find! Unless there's some place I haven't thought to look yet. I've looked at 3 different Tractor Supply stores and both...
  12. emcronc

    C&C Are 4 inch coro sides tall enough?

    Oh wow! Well I won't have that problem regardless. I have a cat so will have a lid. In fact, I'm quite proud of it! I've built a close replica of the lid sold on this site. :)
  13. emcronc

    C&C Are 4 inch coro sides tall enough?

    I just meant the coro would be 4 inches high. The coro base would still be sitting in a cage made of 14 inch high grids, so no climbing out!
  14. emcronc

    C&C Started my 1st C&C - ?s re: Coro height, fleece, and wood pellets!

    No! I didn't know that. How do I do that?
  15. emcronc

    C&C Are 4 inch coro sides tall enough?

    I'm building a 2x4... the sheets or coro I can get at Home Depot are only big enough to have 4 inch sides. Is that going to be tall enough to keep everything contained? Planning to use wood pellets and fleece. But will probably have to use carefresh or something similar on occasion when we...
  16. emcronc

    C&C Started my 1st C&C - ?s re: Coro height, fleece, and wood pellets!

    I actually just meant putting someone's name in, like you did mine. Thanks for the helpful feedback on the cage, too!
  17. emcronc

    C&C Started my 1st C&C - ?s re: Coro height, fleece, and wood pellets!

    I built my grids yesterday, but keep going back and forth between a 2x3 and 2x4. I have two sows (still babies now). The 2x3 works better in the space I have, but a 2x4 would work, too. Should I just go for big? I was thinking I could start 2x3 and then expand when the pigs are bigger and...
  18. emcronc


    This is such a good reminder. Friends of ours have two indoor dogs - a huge black lab and a huge boxer. They had a new baby guinea pig not long ago. The guinea pig was in a store bought cage with a latched top and they kept the cage on the floor in one of their bedrooms with the door closed...
  19. emcronc

    Pet Stores Please tell me this is not happening

    I'll speak only for myself, but when I purchased two pet store pigs recently, I honestly and truly had no idea about any of this. Perhaps that's just naive because I really had never stopped to ask myself where the pigs come from, etc. I wish I had known what I know now and I can assure you...
  20. emcronc

    Bonding Re-introducing after a few weeks apart?

    I updated in the other treads, too, but in case you didn't see it - Bella is home! And we saw Stella and she's looking great! Thank you so much for your support and for thinking about us. :)