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  1. Little One

    General The babies are here!!! Cuteness overload! Pigtures included!

    Awh such cuties! Congrats :)
  2. Little One

    First time

    Oh my goodness they're so cute!!
  3. Little One

    Hey, There!

    Welcome to the forum! Unless your girls are drawing blood there is no need to serparate them. Each time you do they have to restablish who is the dominant one, which really stresses pigs out, and will make things even worse. A little squabbling, rumblestrutting, and teeth chattering is...
  4. Little One

    Veg*n Trials and Errors. And Help.

    And don't beat yourself up when you get off course! Its a lifestyle change, so it isn't going to happen over night. Reward yourself when you've done well, and just carry on when you slip up. Eventually it won't be as hard to say no to it. :)
  5. Little One

    Hello everyone!

    I love all the progress you've made here! Keep up the great work! And yes we always want to see pigtures :)
  6. Little One

    Fleece Helpppppp!! Any ideas??! Need help with fleece patterns

    Re: Helpppppp!! Any ideas??! I also have 2 boys. My fleece varies to whatever I can get my hands on. I have rudder duckies, plain lime green, dark and light blue, and one with a wolf head on it, which seems to be their favourite (go figure) lol. I also use monster truck patterned pillow cases...
  7. Little One

    Diet Diet Menu ideas, What does your piggies diet consist of?

    It took a long time for my boys to come around to peppers for some reason. Its one of their favourite things now so be persistant! lol Also Paver - I would never give my pigs any grains of any kind. Grains are not digested properly, and it is just empty calories that will make your pig gain...
  8. Little One

    Ferrets Bedding: How to make covers for the Ferret/Critter Nation.

    Awesome! Thanks for posting this! I have chins that live in a ferret nation, so I will be trying this for sure. I love how neat and tidy everything looks in the after picture.
  9. Little One

    Fresh Food How Often?

    Guinea pigs need 1 cup of veggies per day per pig. https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/22156-READ-ME-Cavy-Nutrition-Charts-amp-Poisonous-Plants-List <- This is a great handy dandy chart that lists which veggies you can feed and how often. I fed lettuce everyday (red leaf or green leaf...
  10. Little One

    Behavior Guinea pig won't eat veggies?

    I suggest you get rid of the mini cakes, and change your pellets. Most pet store "treats" are not good for any animal. If they're the ones with yogurt frosting then its espically good to get rid of them. Guinea pigs are herbivores and were not made to digest dairy. Guinea pigs need to be...
  11. Little One

    Diet Diet Menu ideas, What does your piggies diet consist of?

    My boys go crazy for cherry tomatos. They hunt through their dish of veggies until they find it lol. (btw romaine is not higher in calcium than any other lettuce, it just seems to make some pigs excrete more calcium in their urine).
  12. Little One

    Behavior Do your guinea pigs like to cuddle with each other?

    My 2 boys only cuddle together after they've had a bath. Once they realize the trauma is over and I wasn't infact trying to drown them, they go back to chattering at one another.
  13. Little One

    Rumblestrutting Rumblestrutting Too Loud?!

    I'm assuming they're in your room since you couldn't sleep last night? Is there anywhere else you can put them until they sort this out? They are probably just trying to establish who's boss in their new enviroment, so be patient. It will take time for them to get used to their new...
  14. Little One

    Diet HELP alternative hay staple?? Severe Allergy problem.

    Firstly I'd just like to say that I'm sorry you are in this situation. But I do find it odd that you got this allergy all of a sudden. You've never had any reaction to hay before? I was just curious if you have switched your hay brand or farmer lately? Or maybe even the bedding your pigs are...
  15. Little One

    Post your mouse pictures!

    MochaAndMoo Thanks! She's my little darling. Marvel is super cute too! I love how he poses for pictures. Cashew does not like getting her picture taken. She hardly sits still lol!
  16. Little One

    1st time Cavy owner, made mistakes. Now dealing with ringworm. HELP!

    2 weeks is usually a pretty good length as long as both pigs are healthy. If you're nervous 3 weeks is plenty. And a warm welcome to the forum from me and my 2 boys!! :)
  17. Little One

    Rabbits My old girl Penny is home!!

    I can't help with rabbit care, sadly when I had one I was very misinformed :(, but I just wanted to say that Penny and Kenny are gorgeous rabbits! (Love the names too!)
  18. Little One

    Post your mouse pictures!

    Last two I swear! lol All grown up. She'll be a year in October :'). She's very tidy, only poops in one corner of her cage, and stackes all her food. She begs for her veggies every night, and has tons of energy!
  19. Little One

    Post your mouse pictures!

    Awh everyone's mice are super cute! This is Cashew. I found her laying in my laundry room as a tiny little thing. Her eyes weren't even open yet. I have no idea where she came from, and I really didn't want my cat to eat her, so I took her in and hand raised her. I fed her every 2 hours around...
  20. Little One

    What do you do for enrichment?

    I love the videos! The black and white one seems more excited about the balls than the pellets lol. I've trained my boys to "twirl" for a treat, and to stand "up" on their hind legs. Currently I'm working on "come", which my one social pig is good with, but my shyer one is still a little...