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  1. mbator

    Comment by 'mbator' in media 'Revised Cage'

  2. mbator

    Guinea pig heartbroken?

    Does anyone know this answer, I had two male guinea pigs whom I gave to a friend for her classroom, the children are not allowed to handle them, they only feed them and all was fine, however, yesterday they found one of them dead, he was upside down. I was told they always had water and plenty...
  3. mbator

    I Haven't been on for a while. Just wanted to inform you all of a loss...

    I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my Copper today, he was only about 16 months old had a breathing problem but it was not URI so I don't know what it was, the vet thought maybe cancer. I cleaned cages today too and put mine outside for a while. In shade, hay and so forth, I live in Northern AZ...
  4. mbator

    My Pig Murphy

    So sorry for your loss. I lost my Copper today, he had breathing problems although it was not URI so I don't know what it was. I have only had him since Oct. he was about a little over a year old only like about 16 months. Buried him by a tree today, he was a cute little guy, friendly. His...
  5. IMG_2744


    Lost Copper today ):
  6. mbator

    Scared of losing my pigs - please help

    Boy that just burns me. Really its none of anyone's business, but since you are in this situation now, I would just make sure your home is clean make that a priority along with taking care of your children. Having piggies in the home is no different than people with caged birds, dogs, cats and...
  7. mbator

    Help Please - I have a "boy" that may in fact be a girl

    Looks like a girl. I hope that mother did something to that kid that squeezed the life out of a piggy. Some people have no brains...
  8. mbator

    On his last legs

    How old was your guinea pig? Your regular vet I guess does handle guinea pigs? If not, it is a good idea to have someone lined up in case of something like this, sudden illness. So sorry for your lost.
  9. mbator

    Help My Guinea Pigs Are Being Attacked!!!!! Help!!!

    Bring them in, you are taking a big chance keeping them outside. Find a place where you don't have them in your bedroom for your allergies. Even the garage if you have one would be better than outdoors to cats and whatever else may come by. I know everyone on here means well in helping you, it...
  10. mbator


    Well nice story, but losing a child to a dog is horrifying no matter what the breed but it does tend to be these pittbulls and there is research out there that proves it.
  11. mbator


    This does not surprise me, it's awful.
  12. mbator

    How to Make a Cuddle Cup (requires sewing)

    I am going to make some of these as I have seven piggies. Thanks, looks so cute!
  13. mbator

    Give me some feedback

    Beautiful, can you come to AZ and build me one? Ha, anyway just be sure they do not get too hot with those lights and that there is enough ventilation.
  14. mbator

    Sad Tale of a Guinea Pig

    This makes me cry, thank goodness for people like you, you will be blessed for your kindness.
  15. mbator

    Water My piggy won't Drink!

    I think when you wet their veggies they do get water in their system, maybe she drinks more at night when you are not aware of it and maybe she just does not need as much water as you may think she needs. I would keep an eye on her and weigh her too each day.
  16. mbator

    Water My piggy won't Drink!

    Are you using a bottle type? Also, make sure there is no vitamin C drops in there. Try giving her some in a bowl and see if she drinks from it just to check it out and then maybe show her the bottle, put her mouth on it and dab water on her if you get what I mean, I hope this helps, maybe...
  17. mbator


    Hi! My sister tells me the same thing about the tax, she lives in Switzerland, I think if we did that here in the US perhaps we would have more responsible owners. Good day..
  18. mbator


    There is no reason for anyone to get an attitude over this. Until you have lost a child to a pitbull you do not have any idea what damage they can cause. Yes, all dogs are a potential problem if they are not treated right, in fact most animals are not going to be wonderful if they are...
  19. mbator


    I don't like them, they are unpreditable like rottweilers and I would never suggest having one with young children. I suppose they are great for protecting property, but not to be used as a family pet. I know of people who have had serious mishaps from these type of animals.
  20. mbator

    Comment by 'mbator' in media 'Bagel'

    What an adorable name, very cute picture...