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  1. Feeorin215

    No choice but to do this... Two unbonded males in Colorado Springs

    Some of you may recall that I posted a few months ago about what to do about my mother in law (of who i reside with) and how she won't stop feeding them through the day to the point of where I had to lock up their food. I found a bag of their food in her bathroom and had to lock my guinea pigs...
  2. Feeorin215

    Behavior Helping an anxious and scared pig

    My Jasper is the same way and I've had him a little over a year. I also adopted him from a shelter where he was abused by a 6 year old. He has just gotten to the point of where I can pet him on his back. It used to only be the chin, then the top of the head, and now the back. But when I get...
  3. Feeorin215

    To my sweet shy angel

    I'm so sorry. Words can't make you feel better, but time will. :sad:
  4. Feeorin215

    Kitten and Jenny Say Hi from Colorado Springs, CO.

    Ronin and Jasper say hi back from Colorado Springs, Colorado! lol Welcome to the site. I am looking forward to reading more of your postings!
  5. Feeorin215

    Blog 2010 was the toughest year EVER

    Thank you everyone! Those are very uplifting words. Eveyone at work was like "You need a vacation really bad. You are going through some of the toughest stuff!" But I pushed through. I forgot to mention that we are fostering 4 dogs for a local no-kill shelter. It's so exciting! 2 girls and 2...
  6. Feeorin215

    Blog 2010 was the toughest year EVER

    Yeah, so I'm not dead. I didn't drop off the earth doing heroic manuvers and I sure as heck didn't get hit by a mac truck while doing cartwheels in my underwear in the street. I have just been so busy, it's now time to catch my breath and catch you guys up on this past year (or few months) that...
  7. Feeorin215

    Nutrition Whats YOUR piggies fave food?

    Ronin: Green pepper. He runs around with it in his mouth like a puppy. Jasper: Anything leafy and green. He likes to flip his head around when he eats so it smacks him in the face and on top of the head. I have no idea why lol
  8. Feeorin215

    Goodbye Rosalie

    :weepy: Thanks everyone. We laid her to rest yesterday in a nice cedar box, wrapped in a small blanket under an aspen tree. She looked peaceful and happy. I still have her cage up and I can not bear to take it down. I can't even look at it without sobbing. My friend Alicia was there for the...
  9. Feeorin215

    Goodbye Rosalie

    My rat Rosalie died today at the young age of 9 months. She was stiff on the bottom of her cage. I don't know what happened. I can't stop crying. She was the only rat I've ever had that didn't bite and would help me with the dishes. RIP baby Rosalie. You will be so very missed.:weepy:
  10. Feeorin215

    Blog omg! O.O new camera!!!! **PICS**

    Wow. those are awesome!
  11. Feeorin215

    Blog Please please please read!!!

    I added some comments to your stuff. :)
  12. Feeorin215

    New to the forum- hi!

    Wow! That was a great story. Glad all went well. Welcome to the site!
  13. Feeorin215

    General Abuse or Cruelty

    I would go to my local humane society and talk with them. You could also call. They would know what steps you could take against this pet store.
  14. Feeorin215

    Blog A Little Bit of Grace...

    I don't blame you. I used to be the same way too. I hated singing in front of anyone. And now..they can't get me to shut up. lol
  15. Feeorin215

    Blog A Little Bit of Grace...

    Well, I have professional training in singing. I would say go with the one that you are most comfortable with and the one that makes you sound the best. Maybe you should try singing all of the above to a friend or your mom/dad and see what they have to say. Its always good to hear what others...
  16. Feeorin215

    Rest In Peace, Sir Guinea

    Aww, man. I'm so sorry. What a cutie!
  17. Feeorin215

    Blog Popcorning and sprinting piggies!

    By the way, I live in colorado too! :)
  18. Feeorin215

    Blog Popcorning and sprinting piggies!

    Isn't it great to see the happiness? Everytime I wake up in the morning, Jasper is wheeking and popcorning all around his cage. I just adopted him at the beginning af July. He was in a little petstore cage prior to me adopting him. I think he's happy.
  19. Feeorin215

    Blog A new cage for fightin' boys.

    I finally found the time to redo their cage. In a previous blog post, I went on and on about how Ronin and Jasper got into a fight and how blood was on Jasper's side. He's fine now..almost healed and doing well. BUT it's not like they could live together for at least a while. I broke down...
  20. Ronin and Jasper

    Ronin and Jasper

    Doing what they do best..eatin' hay!