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  1. sophistacavy

    You know what never fails to amaze me? Marketing.

    I had an "epiphany" of sorts a couple of years ago. While I was learning about domesticated ducks in preparation to care for one, I figured out that chickens are also omnivores (as are ducks). Now this is common sense in my opinion, but let me put it this way: Chickens are omnivores by nature...
  2. sophistacavy

    Lexie (dog) has skin allergies, I need some suggestions for management.

    Hello there everyone, hope all is well for you guys. Lexie, my Shih Tzu has skin allergies. We have not been to the vet about this, but I do have reason to believe that she does have them. I was wondering if you know of any supplements that can help a dog with skin allergies? I am going to...
  3. sophistacavy

    Where could I get an African Clawed Frog from and not support breeders?

    Ok, thank you so much, and thanks to JDInVan for the info about the ACF breeders. I'll have to be on the look out for some around me now. Now that I've got that settled, I was wondering what minimum size of fish would be safe in with a full grown ACF? I know they get biiiiig mouths and will...
  4. sophistacavy

    Where could I get an African Clawed Frog from and not support breeders?

    lol I can't wait till I get to move to South Africa! Sounds like too much fun and awesome wildlife to boot.
  5. sophistacavy

    Where could I get an African Clawed Frog from and not support breeders?

    I know about Craigslist, and I haven't put an ad up yet because I just wanted to have some input. If you have an african clawed frog, where did you get him/her from? I looked on Petfinder, and there actually are frogs! But not any African Clawed ones. I also understand the situation with...
  6. sophistacavy

    Veg*n If there is one vegetable that you really can't stand, is it worth conquering it?

    This may sound silly, but my least favorite vegetable of all time is definetely brussel sprouts. Brussel sprouts also happen to be a particularly healthy little bugger of a veggie, and they have anti-carcinogenic properties, yada yada. Baseline is that I wish I could enjoy them more. I...
  7. sophistacavy

    I am so confused......does the HSUS support BSL?

    BSL is Breed Specific Legislation for those who didn't know. I found this link googling: ChipIn: Stop-BSL.com I googled: "hsus bsl" after a discussion on the PetForum on Craigslist led to me voicing my opinion of the HSUS versus PETA, and someone disagreeing with me, and then someone...
  8. sophistacavy

    Reliable, accurate corn snake info?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew a non-breeding affiliated website that had accurate, up to date information on corn snakes? I did just google "corn snake" before I came here, and many of the sites were breeder/breeding related, so I didn't want to trust that information. I just want to...
  9. sophistacavy

    Hay Buying hay from a farm?

    I learned in college last week that you might want to consider buying out of state hay if your area has been known to have fescue growing. If fescue grows anywhere in your area, and you get hay from your area, and it is labeled as not containing fescue, then that is simply not accurate. If...
  10. sophistacavy

    Pit Bulls and Parolees

    http://animal.discovery.com/tv/pitbulls-and-parolees/ Hello everybody, I hope you are all good and in good health, and same with all of your animals. I wanted to let everyone know about an astoundingly terrific new mini series TV show on Animal Planet, called Pit Bulls and Parolees. You can...
  11. sophistacavy

    Hay Alfalfa hay

    It is generally reccomended to stop giving a guinea pig alfalfa hay at 6 months of age. This is to prevent urinary issues from the extra calcium in the alfalfa, and to prevent overweight/obesity issues (which are very uncommon in guinea pigs, but the extra calories from protein in the alfalfa...
  12. sophistacavy

    How Many? The last guinea pig - opinions

    So, since Lilly is all alone now, I should just rehome her? She is under 1 year old but over 6 months. However, she probably doesn't remember, but I adopted her from the local humane society (animal control shelter), and I would feel terribly about having her go through a traumatic change of...
  13. sophistacavy

    Skin Problems what are these? with picture from cavyspirit

    Hey there. About the picture, did you provide that for us to let us know what gender your piggies are? I'm just asking because the guinea pig's genital area and abdomen in that photo appears to be perfectly healthy/normal to me. Here is a thread from Guinealynx about follicular cysts...
  14. sophistacavy

    Pellets Does Oxbow ever have any promotions or coupons?

    What about KM's? One of the pet store's near me, a mom-and-pop type store (no animal sales btw) sometimes has the big size bag of Oxbow, which you'd think would save money since it would be like buying in bulk, but.....it's like $20. Pet Supplies Plus and the mom-and-pop store both also...
  15. sophistacavy

    Conditions I have no idea what happened...please help.

    Before you read further, I just want to forewarn that this is a bit graphic. I have been in shock all day.. I woke up this morning to find two of my guinea pigs, Opal and Noel, deceased. My third little porker, Lily, was just fine. When I looked closer at Opal & Noel, I found some very very...
  16. sophistacavy

    Is there a low-protein cat food that isn't prescription?

    Hey there everybody. I was wondering if any of you know of a specialty cat food that is purposely made to be especially low protein, but isn't a prescription cat food. My 9 year old ragdoll cat, Charlie was diagnosed with kidney disease (CRF), and he does have the typical waxing and waning...
  17. sophistacavy

    Pet Stores Is getting a pig from a petstore alright?

    AutumnGuineaPig and RebelPiggy: Please also watch this YouTube video about shelter animals and euthanasia. Turn the volume up! YouTube - Dr. Death - Euthanizing animals, dogs, cats ^^That video makes me cry every time. I watched it one time early in the day, and I felt depressed for almost...
  18. sophistacavy

    Vet Finding cavy-savvy vet in New Haven, CT?

    You might be better off posting this in his/her Pets section of craigslist, and/or in the pet forums there. I googled and came up with these options: Home (picture on homepage shows macaws, so I would assume that they do exotics like guinea pigs too) Home That one openly states that it...
  19. sophistacavy

    Nutrition Whats this food like?

    Cornish Cavies, didn't you read what Angiekay wrote?? It is really quite simple. All you have to do is go to the link that crazywiggy provided, and put in all your information, as if you were going to buy it, and see what kind of total you come up with. Pellets are such a minimal...
  20. sophistacavy

    Diarrhea Should I be worried?

    That sounds like it is from her laying in her pee/poo spots. Guinea pigs also like to just sit there go to the bathroom whilst eating/grazing on hay/drinking/you name it lol, so if they're gonna be there awhile (like with eating hay), then they could be sitting in their stuff. Some guinea pigs...